Secret of Time

Chatting with a peep tonight and the topic of goals came up. Often goals are never realized because they are easy to set, easy to break. Failure happens due to distraction and boredom. Lack of patience is the culprit. Time is the ultimate ally in getting what we want. The secret to goals is to harness time. Time is empowering in the hands of the disciplined. Harness Time and everything is possible.

BYU vs. Troy

Arrived back home around 2 in the afternoon. Today is Keith’s birthday. As is our tradition we have been celebrating all week. Anna planned a surprise party for him. So much easier to surprise him by removing me from the equation. Lol I know nothing, he can’t figure it out. I promised to make him some Scotcharoos for his birthday which I did do. Assumed it was just a family night. Wrong! 😂

Guests started to arrive about 7. Catered Game Day spread of buffalo chicken wings, bacon wrapped chicken sliders, chicken strip lollipops and chips and salsa. She even had the caterer make Cougar Tails! It was so very cool! Salted cashews mixed with white & royal M&Ms in BYU bowls around the Bar. I loved 💙 it all!

Final Score 48-7. Thirty Three guests. Barn lit up in royal blue at the conclusion of the game and best of all Keith said my Scotcharoos were his favorite. 💙

Flying High in the First Quarter
Getting it done on the Ground
Love 💙 This

San Diego – Del Mar

Sunset in Del Mar

Saturday we got rain, thunder & lighting and hail. It was enough to clear the air thank goodness! My sanity needed the break. Far too much smoke with the fires in California and Oregon. Watched Christopher Robin under the stars wrapped up in blankets and wearing sweatshirts. S’mores and a fire made it a very nice evening. God’s Grace comes in a twinkling star and a blue sky.

Soooo very cute!

Early morning sex to start the Sabbath 😂. Made some breakfast and finished packing. Church at home this week and a follow up interview with the Stake President from months ago during the pre-COVID days. Thought he had forgotten about us until the Executive Secretary called a couple weeks ago to schedule. Was not expecting that! Going to take a bit to get our minds to grasp the new callings.

Arrived Sunday evening at Keith’s parents for a late dinner. Caught them up on the news and they shared some good thoughts. Stayed the night in Provo with the kids at the Condo. Made some changes this week as Keith wants to be home Sunday. It is Keith’s Birthday Week so I’m just rolling with it. Excited for time in San Diego.

Monday morning on the road after the kids left for classes at BYU. Stayed the night in St. George to break up the drive. First time staying at the property there. Always thought it funny they call this area Snow Canyon. Rarely have seen snow here. Unsurprisingly it was 95 this afternoon and so we enjoyed time in the Pool until a flash lighting & thunder storm came through. It was so sudden it was crazy. Enjoyed a nice bubble bath in the tub and the kids watched a movie the theater.

Not particularly a fan of California but San Diego is cool. Staying in Del Mar and it is beautiful. Torrey Pines to the South, Coronado close by. Resort is stunning and the Del Mar Village will be fun. Yes things are not normal with COVID. The Spa was not offering full services, restaurants and shops were not as busy and they only had maybe a third of the guests. Found out today the BYU vs Troy game Saturday has decided no fans will attend. Another blow to the week. This girl was not happy as Saturday is Keith’s birthday and attending the game was a BIG deal. Spent the evening relaxing. Had a salad then some grilled fish tacos for dinner. It felt really good to sleep after the drive. Bed was amazing.

Up early Wednesday to try out the Fitness Center. Breakfast with our hosts followed by the Resort Tour. Kids had schoolwork but got some pool time with Keith in the afternoon. I enjoyed a couple hours in the Spa. Dinner with our hosts again but very informal. Nice to make connections and get to know each other. New York Strip was delicious. Surprised Keith with a night of fun behind closed doors after the boys were asleep. There was a lot of tongue, some pink lingerie he hadn’t seen in awhile and I was very, very wet. He slept well!

Keith was up before me Thursday morning. They had an early tee time at Torrey Pines Golf Course. I was told it’s home to the 2021 US Open and a pretty awesome course. Two courses from what Keith said. A North and a South. They played the North one. The less challenging one 😂.

Torrey Pines North Course 16

The boys and I booked tennis 🎾 lessons. They play a fair amount of racquetball and it was fun learning some new skills for Tennis. Very different games. Burgers and Rootbeer Floats for lunch then spent a couple hours on the Beach. Wrapped up at the Del Mar Village for some shopping. Souvenirs!

Del Mar Beach

Exit meeting over breakfast Friday and on the road soon after. Decided to drive all day back to Provo. Looooong drive. I had planned a surprise birthday party with Keith’s family in Utah on Saturday morning. Thankfully everyone was able to make Friday night. His mother called him as we were passing Payson and asked if we were in Provo yet, he says close. She then tells him that his father wasn’t feeling well and asked if he would mind coming by to give him a blessing. Now you have to understand his mother cannot lie. I was amazed she pulled it off. Truly! Everyone had parked around the corner so he was totally unsuspecting. Priceless to surprise him, never easy. Enjoyed some of his favorite chocolate cake with cold milk. Precious time seeing everyone.

Slept in Saturday morning. Dropped by to have breakfast with his parents before heading home to Idaho Falls. She made his favorite breakfast casseroles.

BYU vs Troy football game and a second surprise birthday party coming up tonight. Anna planned this one so I am excited to see what she put together. Told her I didn’t want to know when she was sharing ideas. Will be nice to be home for a few days. Wrap up end of month for dōTERRA then off to Hawaii on October 1st.


This past week has been extremely fun and a bit disappointing. Read on and I’ll explain. Sunday afternoon left for some business in Jackson Hole. Stayed up in Teton Village for two nights. I have enjoyed a few really great massages in my life but Monday afternoon I experienced one that I will never forget. Here is the description. Oh I was relaxed.

Our hosts treated us extremely well. Great food, tour, and the kids even got a VIP tour with a tram ride, treats and swimming. Tuesday after breakfast headed North to Yellowstone. Planning a longer immersive trip next Summer so this was just for the day.

So the pros and cons of our limited Yellowstone experience. Expected Yellowstone to be less busy but holy WOW lots of tourists. Even after Labor Day and kids back in school. The smoke obscured the views significantly. No where you might normally see the Tetons were they visible. Spent the majority of our time at Old Faithful. Nearly everything was closed, including the Old Faithful Inn, where we wanted to stay. Ended up walking the boardwalks to see the geysers and pools. Amazing how this is all here.

The Old Faithful geyser went off right on time at 4:08 pm. The Cafeteria let you order food but you had to take it outside to eat. The restaurant was closed to dine in. My biggest criticism, big retail store was open. Selling everything they could. Masks were required but no limits to going in, how long you stayed or how much money you spent. They were happy to take your cash, coins and plastic. Drives me a bit insane at the hypocrisy. If you are going to follow the COVID Law close it all. The logic escapes me, if you really believe COVID is as dangerous as you pretend you believe shut it all down. All bull$hit, bullish!t and more bull$h!t.

Favorite part of the Yellowstone trip was the two mile loop around the Fire Hole Canyon. The rapids were intense and it was truly beautiful scenery. The swimming area was closed but this was so with seeing.

Fire Hole Rapids

Ended up staying at the new Mack’s Inn at Island Park. Called ahead and fortunate for us they had a room or the trip would have ended early. Kids enjoyed the pool I enjoyed the hot tub. Slept in Wednesday morning, had some breakfast, then enjoyed a day on the water on the wave runners and paddle boards. Keith grilled up some steak and chicken we cut up for fajitas. After Tuesday it was nice having no crowds to contend with.

Pretty drained Thursday after getting home. Dogs were happy to see us and went to say hi to the horses. Crashed for several hours after and woke up to Cat staring at me. Watching me. He said nothing but seemed content we were home. I did not question him. 😂

A fun couple of days but this smoke is really getting to me. Need some time to meditate or something. In conclusion I will say this, our time will be focused in places others don’t dictate their agenda on us. I do not like to be controlled and limited in my freedom. I do not like things shut down selectively. Looking forward to a future positive and longer experience in Yellowstone.


I guess I had post traumatic stress from the craziness on Monday night into Tuesday. Worried about close friends in Utah dealing with fires down in Mapleton, Springville, and Hobble Creek. Add friends in the North dealing with 100+ mph winds and the damage that Hurricane season brought to Zion 😂. In all seriousness I felt their stress. Prayed for them. Waited for updates. Severe migraine on Tuesday that finally calmed down Wednesday morning. Made for a miserable time. I guess I shared in suffering vicariously. I am grateful to report that the fires spared friend’s homes and the winds did minimal damage to despite trees, gardens, fences etc taking some hits. Prayers were answered at the last moments as rain fell at 4 am Tuesday morning letting the firefighters get control of the Beast. Many grateful hearts.

BYU had the huge win Monday that was a tale of Preparation. I wasn’t expecting the ass kicking over Navy. It was a fun game to watch. Enjoyed our first BYU Game Night here at the Homestead in a long time. Cheering and high fives all evening. Special first quarter performance as well. Pure awesomeness. Seriously a Labor Day BYU game. Do it again next year! EVERY YEAR!

This week is the dōTERRA Convention. Virtual this year. Pros and Cons to this, but making the most of it. Have 40 peeps coming to watch, share ideas, do Facebook Live giveaways and updates as well as eat! Catered lunches are a good thing! One day down, two to go. I continue to be impressed by the dōTERRA culture and I am learning great things. I love that a few more peeps showed up this morning.