The Land of Provo

Summer Finale. This week wrapped up the Friday Night Cinema season with Interstellar. Dinner of grilled hamburgers, corn on the cob 🌽, and chips. Homestead Rootbeer and Scotcharoos to top it off. Kids had about 30 guests and they played night games after.

Cougarettes. Saturday up early. Got a 5 mile run in and breakfast. About 10 am left for the Land of Provo. Cougarette performance at the Scera Shell. Dinner at Tucanos before. So good to see so many come out!

Scera Shell August 29, 2020

Church. Sunday in Lindon with Keith’s parents and his brother’s family. Afternoon dinner of grilled chicken & steak kabobs, corn on the cob 🌽 and baked potatoes followed by Back2School blessings for everyone. Jimmer Fireside put on by the Orem Utah Mission. Chocolate chip cookie bars for our Fireside treat!

Love these with cold milk!

Back to the Movies Private Event. Monday morning started early with a hike to the Y and post climb breakfast at Kneaders. Monday evening two premiers of TENET at Jordan Commons followed by two more on Tuesday evening at Edwards in Idaho Falls. A long day with dōTERRA end of month but finished early enough for an insane night of friends, sponsors, clients and giveaways! Here is the Trailer in case you missed it. This movie kicks ass! TENET may even rival Inception.

My review for what it’s worth: TENET is amazing, but without giving away anything I will share this. You are dropped into the story somewhere in the middle. So it feels a bit disjointed and off. Displaced is the word I would use. It is intentional to the story. The action is epic and after seeing it four times I love it and think I understand it as well lol. You need to watch this movie at least twice and you will still catch new things after more viewings. Brilliant as usual Christopher Nolan.

Double Double Premier Nights!

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