BYU vs. Troy

Arrived back home around 2 in the afternoon. Today is Keith’s birthday. As is our tradition we have been celebrating all week. Anna planned a surprise party for him. So much easier to surprise him by removing me from the equation. Lol I know nothing, he can’t figure it out. I promised to make him some Scotcharoos for his birthday which I did do. Assumed it was just a family night. Wrong! 😂

Guests started to arrive about 7. Catered Game Day spread of buffalo chicken wings, bacon wrapped chicken sliders, chicken strip lollipops and chips and salsa. She even had the caterer make Cougar Tails! It was so very cool! Salted cashews mixed with white & royal M&Ms in BYU bowls around the Bar. I loved 💙 it all!

Final Score 48-7. Thirty Three guests. Barn lit up in royal blue at the conclusion of the game and best of all Keith said my Scotcharoos were his favorite. 💙

Flying High in the First Quarter
Getting it done on the Ground
Love 💙 This

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