Three Nights of Halloween

Three Events, Three Nights, Three Costumes.

Thursday got a second massage to work this kink in my lower back from yesterday. Not the massages you enjoy. Hurt! Made the trek to Salt Lake for Jordyn’s Adult Halloween Party. Arrived in South Jordan around 3 and hung around Mandy’s house for a few hours. Fun to see the family and relax. Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at 6. Dessert was decadent as was the night. Halloween Party started at 8 in Sandy. Not a huge party but 22 makes for some fun interaction. A few pics shared with permission below. Spin the Bottle to get things warmed up. If the bottle chose you, you drew a favor from the Witches Hat. Some of these favors were public and some private. You might be off to a room for 7 minutes of Heaven or masturbating for the group. A favor might be picking someone to have oral sex with in front of the group or to do everything but sexual intercourse for 15 minutes then rejoin the game or smoke a joint. It was an insane night of fun and orgasms. I got “dicked” by 5 guys.

Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae
Let’s Play!

Friday morning slept in. Late night. Crashed sometime after 3 in the morning. I remember because I was excited to play Matchbox Twenty 3 AM. I was well passed tired, but finally fell asleep after that song. Woken up sometime around 9 for my turn in the shower. Breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Sandy before heading home. Had Belgian waffles with bacon and OJ. Made it back to Idaho Falls early afternoon and after a nap and third massage got ready for the Trunk or Treat at the Church. The kids were adorable. Had a Hot Chocolate Stand by our SUV and we got to see everyone. The YW served hot chocolate and we had the spooky playlist of music going. Watched the premier of the Mandalorian Season 2 after the Trunk or Treat.

Season Two Premiered Friday
Awesome Food!

Saturday a fourth massage, still trying to work the kink out. Getting better slowly. I have avoided running since Wednesday, but getting a couple miles walking in helped loosen me up. Ice, ice and ice. Got the rest of the set-up done for the event. Don’t worry this year things have been scaled back significantly so I did not kill myself.

The Hallowed Eve Witches Party officially started at 8 but moved the Witches Hour to 6 for those that wanted to come early and were uncomfortable around a larger group or had younger children. Photographer here again this year for our photoshoot and she stayed through the event taking pics. Always so fun for spooky peeps.

Love, Love, Love!

As guests arrived they could opt to take the boat across the River Styx. Charon the Ferryman was accepting payment for the crossing. If you bought a coin to pay for the ride he imparted a valuable clue as a reward. Other things we did this year included a photo booth, Pet Cemetery and the Haunted Forest. You had to find clues on the tombstones to solve a riddle. The riddle led to a treasure if you survived the fright of the forest. The Crypt Keeper turned away all that did not solve the riddle. If you had given the Ferryman a coin, your passage was guaranteed. I so loved that! The Runway in the Event Hall, where peeps crossed the stage to be judged and possibly executed for their costumes. Some really fun prizes again this year, thanks to our Sponsors! Witches Dance was during Half Time of the BYU Game around the bonfire. No witches were burned on the stake this night. The Witches Cauldron was popular with Keith’s famous and delicious Witches Brew. The Haunted Arcade kept the kids busy. I so love Halloween! Even with a smaller event we saw about 300 on the night. Raised approximately $3200 for the Foundation. Lit the Barn orange to wrap up the Night.

BYU vs. W Kentucky 41-10

A side note BYU won again and are at 7-0. Boom! Had screens on throughout the Barn so was able to follow the game most of the night. Practiced good social distancing except Thursday night 😂. Broke a few rules at Jordyn’s Party. I did confess to my Bishop. Monday off to Boston.

Be Still

Yesterday started a bit rough. Dentist visit to fill the first cavity I have had in years. It did get better with tacos for dinner. Always a win with our family on Tuesdays. Keith went to his meetings, our 16 year old went to a haunted house with friends and my little guy and I watched Monsters Inc. in the theater with treats for us. Hadn’t seen this movie in a few years. It’s very cute.

Slowly adjusting to some new patterns. I have a feeling Tuesday nights are going to be quiet nights with the kids for awhile. Right now Keith has meetings with the Stake President on Tuesdays and we have Mutual on Wednesdays.

Saturday night slept in a hospital room recliner. Monday night for FHE we had two rounds of bowling. This morning Bungee Workout. Ended up with a kinked back. After icing all afternoon I had a massage and my masseuse offered some advice to take a day or two and give the crazy a chance to pass me up. Love that advice!

I accept that it has been chaotic. I will give my body permission to heal tonight. Halloween 🎃 is one of my favorite holidays and I am going to find Joy in this. I ♥️ my husband and his willingness to do hard things. Life is good and I am a grateful.

Stress is like a mirage. It plays tricks on us and wants our undivided attention. Change can be beautiful and I will discover it as I always do. This time feels a bit different in one significant way. Conquering the World is much easier than taking the time to smell the roses and Being Still. I will get there.


Monday worked on scaling down the Halloween 🎃 Event. Still going to be a Monster Bash just a smaller one. Ward is doing a Trunk or Treat on Friday evening as well so that should fill the void.

Tuesday dōTERRA end of month begins. This year aggressively throwing incentives out to finish early. October 31st and December 31st along with any Sunday as the last day of the month are just tough. So fingers crossed. Our youngest had a flag football game. Had the game won, but the other team scored on the last play. Victory stolen is never a good finish. After the game grabbed a quick dinner and Keith had church meetings until late. I enjoyed a night with my boys. Played some Mario Kart.

Wednesday Bungee workout, sauna and lunch with girlfriends. Long days this week. Late Zoom calls with Hawaii.

Thursday planned to go hike to Lower Mesa Falls but just too cold. Windy and cold 🥶 makes for a miserable time outside. Dogs did not want to go outside. Massage for 90 minutes late afternoon. So happy she was able to come over. Keith went get a bucket of KFC for dinner and late night Racquetball with some friends. I get so close to winning sometimes. Working on my kill shot.

Friday worked a long day. Big news from East Coast Partners. Celebration dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with some peeps. Great way to finish the week. My work is done on that project but others are going to have a full year ahead. Cheers to 2021!

Saturday-Sunday disrupted. Plans were afternoon college football. Boise State followed by BYU. Ended up in the ER after our son has a seizure. I’m all for a good scare during the Halloween season but this was not. Panic and fear are suffocating. Keith and friends got him settled down and gave him a blessing then a very quick trip to the hospital. Riding in the back holding my son crying was not the way I envisioned this day going. Grateful for a calm husband and good doctors. Only I was able to go into the ER with our son. COVID rules. Keith was the calm one but I needed to be busy. Would never have survived a waiting room. IV, blood work, EKG, Admitted, a very long night, a second EKG. Stabile is my new favorite word. Keith came by this morning to see us before his meetings. Planning on being released soon. I’m exhausted, grateful and angry. Guess you work through a lot of emotions when traumatized. Best thought I have heard today. “It’s always a win to wake up the next day.” I agree.

Ready or Not

Tuesday drove down to Palisades to meet with our contractor and project manager on the Basecamp build. Move in date November 5th unless weather goes south. Five more days of actual work. Sooooo close!

Basecamp, a glimpse!

Wednesday up early. Our day to feed the horses, clean the stalls and got a nice ride in too. Love getting hugs from the horses. Had some catch up this afternoon and a call with a business partner in Oahu. Hawaii is looking really good right now, especially Maui and Kauai. Honestly surprised they are reopening to tourism. The pain must be real. Weather warning of freezing here tonight. Garden Club members have been by for a final harvest. Glad we had the chance. Dinner tonight of French toast, bacon, OJ and milk. Exhausted!

Thursday 9+ hours of sleep! Some girlfriends came over for smoothies and a Bungee workout. Keith had two more bungees put in so I can have a small group workout of six now. Post workout wet sauna and made salads for lunch. Choose your own salad adventure! After an afternoon nap had a massage to wrap up my day. Chilling tonight with a movie 🍿 Gemini Man. Dogs, cat and hubby makes for a good time.

Friday ran five miles this morning, grocery shopping. lunch with a girlfriend and yes a few orgasms. Ashley is so fun. She is working from home and took a long lunch break. I love tribbing and she is so good at it. I’ll bet we get more cardio than 30 minutes on an elliptical 😂. #SHEEN.

Family arrived around 6 pm. Keith’s parents, our two down at BYU and Keith’s brother and his tribe. Kickoff with BYU vs Houston at 7:30. BYU Love One Another shirts arrived and it was fun to wear them for Game Day. Chicken wings, chips & salsa, Cougar Tails. Epic rollercoaster of a night, would have loved to have been in Houston for this game. Post game late night, Moaning Five Ohhhhh! Keith loved the celebration sex.

BYU Bookstore has the Game Day Gear
Zach Wilson was on Fire. 400 yards & 4 TDs
So wish we had been there!

Saturday Keith took all the boys and some horses to Palisades. Girls are cooking and baking for the feast tonight. Chicken Enchiladas, Enchilada Soup and hot homemade bread for dinner. Scotcharoos, Apple Pie and homemade ice cream for dessert. Was able to get a nap in before they got back. Karaoke Night here at the Homestead. I was laughing so hard it hurt.

Sunday BYU ranked 12th this week! A few of us had a big breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon prepared. It is a big day and I did well until Keith left at 11 am for his meeting. Then it was like OMG this is getting real.

Church is now at 1 and 2 pm for our Ward. Found out when we arrived this week is combined. Felt a lot like Stake Conference with rows all the way back. Social distancing is a thing. The Stake President welcomed everyone, always quite the buzz when a Bishop is being released. The new Bishopric joined Keith on the stand after the sustaining vote. The Bishop, First Counselor and Keith were asked to share a few thoughts then the Stake President asked me to speak. Not an easy thing to do with emotions so close to the surface. Never prepared for moments like these, I simply asked for patience and Grace for my husband. I love him and he is a good Soul. Shared that we both had a great deal of Love for our Ward Tribe. A tender mercy having family present even though not everyone was able to attend. I feel blessed, humble, and a bit overwhelmed by the love and kindness showed to us today. Asked earlier how I felt about all of this I choose to have Faith.

Keith should be home by 5 and then his dad and brother are grilling up some ribs. Really interested in hearing his thoughts and feelings both with our family and in private. Life continues to evolve. Came across this scripture recently and I can’t help but believe a God that loves us so much has things under control in everything happening. There is always a purpose.

Real Gone

Hawaii Day 1 Arrival. Mauna Lani Resort. Resort is closed but have access to Pauoa Bay and the beaches because of the private residence. So sorry Hawaii, no citations for us. Rain shower as we landed and the air smells so good! After getting the kids down for bed Keith and I had sex on a lounge chair as the rain fell. So nice to be back here. Didn’t think Hawaii would happen for me this year. Kids picked a theme for this vacation. Real Gone by Sheryl Crow and the movie Cars. Actually fitting for the year and trip. Here are both versions of the video. Ka-chow!

Cars Real Gone

Sheryl Crow Real Gone

Fairmont Orchid at the Mauna Lani Resort

Day 2 Chill Day. Early morning sex, watching the sunrise and breakfast. BYU vs Louisiana Tech game at 3 Paradise Time. Another pounding and the Cougars sit at 3-0 ranked 14th in the AP and 15th in the Coaches Poll as of Sunday. A very quiet day other than the game. Started reading the Book of Mormon again today. Going to try and finish it before the vacation ends.

“Put the ball down. Let’s play.”

Day 3 General Conference Saturday. First time ever watching conference at 6 am. The experience this year has been very spiritual. Perhaps I was paying closer attention as we played Fantasy Conference. Focused more to hear the message and to win. 😂 Perhaps it is Keith’s new calling coming up. Possibly more in tune and contemplative. Whatever it is in part or whole, I feel gratitude. Keith played frisbee on the beach with the boys and splashed around in the ocean while I watched the Women’s Session. Steak kabobs for dinner. Yummy!

Day 4 General Conference Sunday. Ate and ate and ate. Up early again for the 6 am Session start. Scones and juice for a light breakfast, then brunch, lunch, early dinner and late dinner. Watched the afternoon sessions yesterday and today in my swimsuit. Another first. Looking forward to hearing and reading the messages again over the next 6 months.

Day 5 Play Day. Monday we got into a routine for the rest of the week. Keith and I up early for morning sex, breakfast with the kids, school work for them and I would read until lunch. Activities in the afternoons. Today spent most of the time on the beach or paddle boarding and kayaking.

Day 6 Pauoa Bay. DōTERRA peeps brought us a ton of fruit and enjoyed chatting over a lunch of fruits, crackers and cheese. Social distancing of course lol. Snorkeling and paddle boarding this afternoon. Sooooo enjoyed the snorkeling. Pretty sure with the lack of people all the sea life is out having fun too.

Day 7 Hump Day. Did I mention getting a lot of sex from my guy on this trip? Slipped down and had sex on the beach last night after the kids were in bed. Very hot and an oral orgasm! Definitely got me there. The sound of waves get you into it. Day was spent by the Pool reading, salad and fruit for lunch, paddle boarding and time reading and a nap on the beach. BBQ chicken quesadillas with pineapple for dinner.

Day 8 Extended Stay. Snorkeling again today and more paddle boarding plus steaks for dinner! Keith really is a Grill Jedi. Extended vacation to Sunday night due to reports from home of smoke still present. A friend in Jackson reports still can’t see the the Grand Tetons. Soooooo choice was leave Sunday or Thursday. Very tempted to stay until Thursday but really do need to get back. So took an additional 48 hours of vacation.

Day 9 Resupply. Ordered more groceries through the Property Management Company last night. Looks like we will not starve. Ordered a football 🏈 to throw around the lawn for the boys. Found a new spot to read this morning. With a couple extra days I will finish the Book of Mormon on Sunday. Not bad reading it in ten days. Always discover new things in a fast read. Enjoyed the experience of reading it here with no distractions. Today paddle boarding, swimming and kayaking.

Lemonade and a great reading spot

Day 10 College Football Game Day. BYU vs UTSA Football at 9:30 Paradise Time this morning. Some great games being played today. Upsets possible. Will probably watch several and enjoy the Pool and Beach. Need to get some paddle boarding in. I am addicted to it lol. Ka-chow!

Day 11 Departure. Red Eye flight at 8:55 pm Paradise Time tomorrow. A lazy day planned. Still in quarantine so can’t go to Church so will wrap up my reading. Planning on a brunch and early dinner. Prefer the Red Eye direct flight to SLC instead of LAX but will survive. Just makes for a brutal middle of night layover. This has been such a sweet vacation. I feel rejuvenated. Here are some pics of the private residence where we have been quarantined. Some details 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 7100+ sq ft, 1000 ft of private beach, 7.5 acres, a literal paradise. This property is a gem.

Private Residence Pauoa Bay, Big Island
Day Time View
Sunset View
Our Suite with view
View of Suite. Love reading here!
One several of the kid’s rooms