Quarantine Island

Headed to the Big Island today. Up early for our flight out of Idaho Falls at 6:50 am. The SLC airport is quite nice. Only had a short layover but WOW. Over three hours at LAX. Grabbed a smoothie when we landed then had a burger, fries and cherry coke for lunch. Airports are not as busy as I remember. Pretty chill and the flights haven’t been full. One side benefit of COVID at least. Currently about an hour from landing in Kona.

This year has been an insane! I never imagined how challenging 2020 could be when COVID started. Reality hit pretty hard in March. I had dōTERRA Leadership in Phoenix and Keith had taken the kids to Vegas for the West Coast Conference Basketball 🏀 Tournament. Suddenly the World flip flopped. Significant changes for us. Like many we had to make some pivots in business and the changing landscape was turbulent. Disruption creates opportunity. Don’t know yet if we struck out or hit a home run. Time will tell I guess. General Conference coming up this weekend is a much needed break and a big reason we decided to come to Hawaii. Odd destination choice with current circumstances, but for us a quiet paradise will be very welcomed.

Our final destination is Pauoa Bay and our plans include relaxation, reflection and recharging. After over 13 hours of travel I just want to enjoy the sunset and sleep. Less than an hour now. Should touch down at 5:07 pm. Aloha!

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