Thanksgiving 2020

Monday and Tuesday worked. DōTERRA end of month. A very good month due to the BOGO Box. Grateful the month was mostly wrapped before Thanksgiving. Our son arrived from BYU around 9 Tuesday night. Always good to have everyone home. Plus he brought my SUV back with him. I was very happy!

Wednesday Thanksgiving prep. Family arriving throughout the afternoon. Two kitchens in the Barn and lots of running back and forth. Just my daughter and I until reinforcements arrived. First Thanksgiving at home in years. Tonight’s activities in addition to baking included laser tag and indoor rock climbing. Good way to shake off the traveling in The Grid and Silo.

Thanksgiving Day. Seven Turkeys, three deep fried. Three Hams with pineapple. More desserts than I can count. All the trimmings. Total guests 38. Annual Turkey Run, Walk or Crawl followed by the BYU vs. New Orleans basketball 🏀 game. The men and boys cleaned up the Feast. Priceless.

Post Thanksgiving. Bungee Workout. Keith took his brother, BIL, and our oldest with four of the horses to Basecamp. The rest of us joined them in the afternoon for a tour and dinner. Guys night to cook. They made BBQ ribs and chicken. Headed back to the Homestead at 8 and watched a late night movie in the theater. Miracle. Kids had never seen it. Wtf?!

Saturday morning the kids made us breakfast. Cool of them to get up early and surprise us. College football and basketball games, video games, cards and board games. Chill day for the 18 of us. Watched the BYU vs UVU basketball 🏀 game followed by late night Karaoke. Always gets a little crazy with family. Laughter is definitely good medicine. Love our Tribe. Played hard, Ate much, Happy.


Loved having everyone at Church today. Keith had to stay after for Tithing Settlement. Goodbyes are never easy. Fed everyone leftovers before they left for Utah. I hope you enjoyed family and friends for Thanksgiving. The year has been a bit different, but one thing endures. Love.

A Scare

Spent some time earlier this past week at Basecamp. Huge storm hit Sunday evening and it took us about two hours to drive down. Snow was falling hard and it was dark! Crazy thing by mid-day Monday it was mostly gone. Snow was beautiful while it lasted. Read, baked, naps, set-up Christmas, snowshoeing. The warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk were delicious. I got kissed under the Mistletoe!

Double Chocolate Chop Cookies
Kiss Me!

Wednesday night received one of those calls you just don’t want to get. Our daughter was in a pretty serious accident down at BYU. Fortunately her Mazda 3’s safety features did their job. Can you say crumple zones? Car was totaled and she was pretty upset, cause she really loved that car. The girls are all a bit sore, but any accident you walk away from is a blessing. No ambulance rides required.

After getting back to the Homestead, I left immediately for Provo. Wanted to make sure she was okay and to deal with the insurance, etc. After getting into town went to get her stuff out of the car. It’s a sobering realization seeing the damage in the light. Wasn’t that long ago Keith was in a severe accident. It is an emotional exercise. After Mandy and Sara arrived went to Chom Burger for take-out. Such good food if you haven’t been…go!

Yummy in Provo!

Friday started with a doctors visit. I was waiting in the passenger seat. She came out and had this stunned look on her face like “wait, what, I don’t want to drive!” She ended up driving. Kneaders for breakfast. All you can eat French toast, sides of sausage and Mexican spice hot chocolate and OJ. Following breakfast off to Mazda.

Called ahead and asked for the young new guy they had working for them. Said I couldn’t recall his name, she asked “Cole?” I’m like “yes Cole!” So had an appointment with Cole.

She test drove another Mazda 3 and the CX-5. She loves the 6-speed manual of the 3 but after the accident a little more protection and AWD is important. Ski season will be a lot easier with the CX-5. This is what we left with two hours later.

2020 Mazda CX-5

Friday afternoon she was taking friends for rides. I ordered Pizza Factory for the group. Finally settled down to watch Jo Jo Rabbit. I think it was midnight when everyone was out the door.

Saturday the BYU football game. The girls got word they wouldn’t be able to perform this week. Pretty disappointing. It was still a fun game to attend. BYU wins big 66-14 over North Alabama. Glad they didn’t revoke the tickets.

After the game headed to Idaho. Our son will drive my SUV home Tuesday so I could go with our daughter. Made it home around 9:30. Good times catching up. Amazing how fast the fear of driving fades when you get back on 250 horses lol. Really looking forward to Thanksgiving this coming week. My advice this week is slow down and relax. Make this Thanksgiving a blessed one.

A Season to Celebrate

Flew out of Idaho Falls at 7 am arrived in Boston just before 2 pm. The weather Monday and Tuesday were insane at 75 degrees. A mix of blue skies and clouds, but pretty amazing for this time of year. Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Had fajitas, strawberry Basil lemonade and a hot fudge brownie. After got a quick drive-by tour around Boston then came back and played this awesome new game called Nertz. What a crazy night.

Beverly Regional Airport Boston
Hard Rock Boston
Fajitas for Dinner
Charles River view from Beacon Street

Started Tuesday with a run around Boston Common and the Beacon Hill area. No way I would believe it was early November here if I didn’t know it. DōTERRA class over Brunch. Sold some big kits. The afternoon was spent at Boston College. Our biz partners are Alumni and WOW what an incredible campus. Toured Gasson Hall, Fulton Hall, Bapst Library, St. Mary’s Cathedral and Alumni Stadium. Stopped at the Bookstore for souvenirs. FYI the Bookstore had apparel 25% off! The Joint Venture Celebration Event was held in Gasson Hall. The COVID Year has brought disruption and challenges but you innovate and figure things out.

Boston Common
George Washington Statue in the Gardens
Boston College Tour
Gasson Hall
Fulton Hall
The Atrium
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Bapst Library

Wednesday up early for a 5 hour road trip to Upstate New York. Arrived early afternoon and hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy were waiting for us. With the weather shifting a bit cooler and rainy lunch really hit the spot. Enjoyed an afternoon nap and our first strategy session focused on brainstorming. Did not work on any ideas just the challenges ahead and kept it to an hour.

To the Veterans I hope your day was met with appreciation. Your gift of service by you and your loved ones will never be forgotten.

Thursday the men and boys went fishing. Girls enjoyed some R&R and exploring. I got a great run 5 mile run in. Two strategy sessions today. Another round of brainstorming for an hour then a a couple hours after dinner throwing ideas at the board. It’s amazing how we have gone from identifying the obstacles to possible solutions to validation. Fresh perspective absolutely.

Last full day here. Friday the 13th. The second of the year. First was March 13th when the World shut down. Time always passes too fast and too peacefully here at the Retreat or in Cape Cod. An irony being on the East Coast that there are places of calm between the metropolises. Another run, breakfast, strategy session, yoga, dinner and Karaoke. Solidified a plan for our Christmas Projects. The final piece was presented this morning. Chef is preparing a dinner tonight of the guys catch yesterday. Fireworks over the water tonight and an insane evening of Karaoke. The staff joined in and some serious talent may have been discovered. Crashed way later than I should have.

Saturday up early to fly home. Arrived just after 11 in Idaho Falls. Grabbed Costa Vida on the way home. Sadly Boston College lost to Notre Dame this afternoon. Picked up a ton of groceries for the Homestead and Basecamp tonight. The cashier actually had fear in her eyes when we had four carts in tow. They closed the lane. Seriously though we needed to resupply. Snow is expected all day tomorrow in Swan Valley. Planning on four nights down there if we can get in. Will leave late tomorrow afternoon when Keith finishes up.

This week has been a good reminder that you can’t do it alone. I have heard the admonition to surround yourself by people smarter than you. Truly witnessed that this trip. Never realize the success or potential you have without capable and committed people sharing the journey. For those that own businesses treat your people well. Be good to them. Your loyalty and kindness are perhaps the greatest investment you can make in your Enterprise.

Angie’s Top Ten

A chat this morning sparked this blog post. Growing older has a myriad of challenges and we are not perfect in our choices. Below are my suggestions for a Healthy, Wealthy & Wise lifestyle. Balance and consistency I believe to be critical to success. So some of my Top 10 are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A healthy lifestyle has boundaries, not necessary hard rules. For example I may have a soda once in awhile or a candy bar. Sometimes you don’t get 7 hours of sleep or you may not always like your spouse. Maybe 5,000 steps is your 10,000 and that’s okay. Start where you are now and do a little better tomorrow. Enjoy a candy bar every once in awhile and what makes it all work is the Joy that comes from balance.

Angie’s Top 10 Healthy Choices

  1. Sex and intimacy
  2. Cut out soda
  3. 20 minutes of cardio daily
  4. Healthy eating choices
  5. Laugh often
  6. Play games or read
  7. Fall in love over and over
  8. Travel for pleasure
  9. 10,000 steps a day
  10. Sleep 7-8 hours a day
Choose Healthy
Live Happy as Well!


Boston trip got pushed back a week. Concerns in major cities about civil unrest due to elections. Here I sit, writing this blog post, a great deal on my mind. I am not even going to express how I feel. So moving on, fly out in the morning. Excited for this trip, the delay was good in many ways. Enjoyed some unexpected time with family and friends we would not have had.

Sunday night made some pizzas from scratch. Watched Baptists at our Barbecue. I mentioned this to some peeps on Kik and they had never heard of this movie. It is super cute and a fun one to watch. Glad I found it in the movie vault along with 50 other movies not on the server. Keith has some catch-up to do.

Tuesday Election Day. Bought a bunch of movie tickets for an Escape the Madness Evening for 18 of us. Kneaders dinner, movie Honest Thief and back here to the Homestead for hot chocolate and Scotcharoos and for awhile, a hopeful election. Gave up and went to bed.

Wednesday went out on the horses for a long ride in the hills. Carrie and her crew arrived around lunch. Getting the empty places furnished and decorated was really nice. A long time coming, but furniture isn’t cheap. Time and patience but we finally got there. Tonight was YW and for an activity Carrie spoke to the girls about Interior Design. Shared some trends and even some simple ideas for the girls to do some decorating of their own rooms. A fun night plus treats and hot chocolate!

Thursday Move-in Day. Headed down to Palisades early. A full day of setting up. I spent a big part of the day getting the kitchen put together then made the beds. Carrie wanted pics before she left so had everything staged. Made chicken enchiladas for dinner and our older kids arrived from BYU around 7:30. Our first night at Basecamp. Still surprised this all got done before the snow flew.

Comfy Bed!

Friday home in time for BYU vs. Boise State. Pizza, chicken wings, Cougar Tails, chips & salsa and honey roasted peanuts for Game Day food and snacks. Epic game and smack talk by the Boise State fans was short lived 😂. For me personally it was a very good night. Bets were made and some Boise State fans will be sporting BYU apparel at a future Game Night. Priceless beat down of Boise State in every way possible. 😂

Saturday last flag football game which got rained out. Boys getting Christmas lights up today. They worked hard. Keith took us all out for dinner at Outback. It has been a few years. Ordered a couple platters of chicken wings and grilled shrimp for everyone to share as well. I love their filet with the sweet potato. This was a great night with the kids.

Sunday morning it is cold! Wind and snow. Weather changed pretty fast yesterday so not surprised. Will most likely be a Winter wonderland by next week. Tomorrow morning fly out to Boston for reals this time, no more delays. Much to do this upcoming week. Pivots again, but much to be grateful for. Change is the new Mantra.