Boston trip got pushed back a week. Concerns in major cities about civil unrest due to elections. Here I sit, writing this blog post, a great deal on my mind. I am not even going to express how I feel. So moving on, fly out in the morning. Excited for this trip, the delay was good in many ways. Enjoyed some unexpected time with family and friends we would not have had.

Sunday night made some pizzas from scratch. Watched Baptists at our Barbecue. I mentioned this to some peeps on Kik and they had never heard of this movie. It is super cute and a fun one to watch. Glad I found it in the movie vault along with 50 other movies not on the server. Keith has some catch-up to do.

Tuesday Election Day. Bought a bunch of movie tickets for an Escape the Madness Evening for 18 of us. Kneaders dinner, movie Honest Thief and back here to the Homestead for hot chocolate and Scotcharoos and for awhile, a hopeful election. Gave up and went to bed.

Wednesday went out on the horses for a long ride in the hills. Carrie and her crew arrived around lunch. Getting the empty places furnished and decorated was really nice. A long time coming, but furniture isn’t cheap. Time and patience but we finally got there. Tonight was YW and for an activity Carrie spoke to the girls about Interior Design. Shared some trends and even some simple ideas for the girls to do some decorating of their own rooms. A fun night plus treats and hot chocolate!

Thursday Move-in Day. Headed down to Palisades early. A full day of setting up. I spent a big part of the day getting the kitchen put together then made the beds. Carrie wanted pics before she left so had everything staged. Made chicken enchiladas for dinner and our older kids arrived from BYU around 7:30. Our first night at Basecamp. Still surprised this all got done before the snow flew.

Comfy Bed!

Friday home in time for BYU vs. Boise State. Pizza, chicken wings, Cougar Tails, chips & salsa and honey roasted peanuts for Game Day food and snacks. Epic game and smack talk by the Boise State fans was short lived 😂. For me personally it was a very good night. Bets were made and some Boise State fans will be sporting BYU apparel at a future Game Night. Priceless beat down of Boise State in every way possible. 😂

Saturday last flag football game which got rained out. Boys getting Christmas lights up today. They worked hard. Keith took us all out for dinner at Outback. It has been a few years. Ordered a couple platters of chicken wings and grilled shrimp for everyone to share as well. I love their filet with the sweet potato. This was a great night with the kids.

Sunday morning it is cold! Wind and snow. Weather changed pretty fast yesterday so not surprised. Will most likely be a Winter wonderland by next week. Tomorrow morning fly out to Boston for reals this time, no more delays. Much to do this upcoming week. Pivots again, but much to be grateful for. Change is the new Mantra.

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