Angie’s Top Ten

A chat this morning sparked this blog post. Growing older has a myriad of challenges and we are not perfect in our choices. Below are my suggestions for a Healthy, Wealthy & Wise lifestyle. Balance and consistency I believe to be critical to success. So some of my Top 10 are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A healthy lifestyle has boundaries, not necessary hard rules. For example I may have a soda once in awhile or a candy bar. Sometimes you don’t get 7 hours of sleep or you may not always like your spouse. Maybe 5,000 steps is your 10,000 and that’s okay. Start where you are now and do a little better tomorrow. Enjoy a candy bar every once in awhile and what makes it all work is the Joy that comes from balance.

Angie’s Top 10 Healthy Choices

  1. Sex and intimacy
  2. Cut out soda
  3. 20 minutes of cardio daily
  4. Healthy eating choices
  5. Laugh often
  6. Play games or read
  7. Fall in love over and over
  8. Travel for pleasure
  9. 10,000 steps a day
  10. Sleep 7-8 hours a day
Choose Healthy
Live Happy as Well!

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