A Scare

Spent some time earlier this past week at Basecamp. Huge storm hit Sunday evening and it took us about two hours to drive down. Snow was falling hard and it was dark! Crazy thing by mid-day Monday it was mostly gone. Snow was beautiful while it lasted. Read, baked, naps, set-up Christmas, snowshoeing. The warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk were delicious. I got kissed under the Mistletoe!

Double Chocolate Chop Cookies
Kiss Me!

Wednesday night received one of those calls you just don’t want to get. Our daughter was in a pretty serious accident down at BYU. Fortunately her Mazda 3’s safety features did their job. Can you say crumple zones? Car was totaled and she was pretty upset, cause she really loved that car. The girls are all a bit sore, but any accident you walk away from is a blessing. No ambulance rides required.

After getting back to the Homestead, I left immediately for Provo. Wanted to make sure she was okay and to deal with the insurance, etc. After getting into town went to get her stuff out of the car. It’s a sobering realization seeing the damage in the light. Wasn’t that long ago Keith was in a severe accident. It is an emotional exercise. After Mandy and Sara arrived went to Chom Burger for take-out. Such good food if you haven’t been…go!

Yummy in Provo!

Friday started with a doctors visit. I was waiting in the passenger seat. She came out and had this stunned look on her face like “wait, what, I don’t want to drive!” She ended up driving. Kneaders for breakfast. All you can eat French toast, sides of sausage and Mexican spice hot chocolate and OJ. Following breakfast off to Mazda.

Called ahead and asked for the young new guy they had working for them. Said I couldn’t recall his name, she asked “Cole?” I’m like “yes Cole!” So had an appointment with Cole.

She test drove another Mazda 3 and the CX-5. She loves the 6-speed manual of the 3 but after the accident a little more protection and AWD is important. Ski season will be a lot easier with the CX-5. This is what we left with two hours later.

2020 Mazda CX-5

Friday afternoon she was taking friends for rides. I ordered Pizza Factory for the group. Finally settled down to watch Jo Jo Rabbit. I think it was midnight when everyone was out the door.

Saturday the BYU football game. The girls got word they wouldn’t be able to perform this week. Pretty disappointing. It was still a fun game to attend. BYU wins big 66-14 over North Alabama. Glad they didn’t revoke the tickets.

After the game headed to Idaho. Our son will drive my SUV home Tuesday so I could go with our daughter. Made it home around 9:30. Good times catching up. Amazing how fast the fear of driving fades when you get back on 250 horses lol. Really looking forward to Thanksgiving this coming week. My advice this week is slow down and relax. Make this Thanksgiving a blessed one.

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