Thanksgiving 2020

Monday and Tuesday worked. DōTERRA end of month. A very good month due to the BOGO Box. Grateful the month was mostly wrapped before Thanksgiving. Our son arrived from BYU around 9 Tuesday night. Always good to have everyone home. Plus he brought my SUV back with him. I was very happy!

Wednesday Thanksgiving prep. Family arriving throughout the afternoon. Two kitchens in the Barn and lots of running back and forth. Just my daughter and I until reinforcements arrived. First Thanksgiving at home in years. Tonight’s activities in addition to baking included laser tag and indoor rock climbing. Good way to shake off the traveling in The Grid and Silo.

Thanksgiving Day. Seven Turkeys, three deep fried. Three Hams with pineapple. More desserts than I can count. All the trimmings. Total guests 38. Annual Turkey Run, Walk or Crawl followed by the BYU vs. New Orleans basketball 🏀 game. The men and boys cleaned up the Feast. Priceless.

Post Thanksgiving. Bungee Workout. Keith took his brother, BIL, and our oldest with four of the horses to Basecamp. The rest of us joined them in the afternoon for a tour and dinner. Guys night to cook. They made BBQ ribs and chicken. Headed back to the Homestead at 8 and watched a late night movie in the theater. Miracle. Kids had never seen it. Wtf?!

Saturday morning the kids made us breakfast. Cool of them to get up early and surprise us. College football and basketball games, video games, cards and board games. Chill day for the 18 of us. Watched the BYU vs UVU basketball 🏀 game followed by late night Karaoke. Always gets a little crazy with family. Laughter is definitely good medicine. Love our Tribe. Played hard, Ate much, Happy.


Loved having everyone at Church today. Keith had to stay after for Tithing Settlement. Goodbyes are never easy. Fed everyone leftovers before they left for Utah. I hope you enjoyed family and friends for Thanksgiving. The year has been a bit different, but one thing endures. Love.

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