Christmas Project

BYU will be playing UCF in the Boca Raton Bowl on December 22nd. I wasn’t going to go, but have been talked into it. Very blessed to have a good team that has things under control and are persistent. Staying in South Palm Beach about 30 minutes away from the Stadium.

Up late Monday trying to meet the deadline for the Boston shipment Tuesday afternoon. Hard to imagine this truck has more gifts in a single shipment than we did total our first year. A Commemorative Coin was given to all the volunteers. This is a very big milestone, especially as questionable as the Project was this year with COVID. The departure of the truck was live streamed to the Boston Team. Some things you must celebrate.

Tuesday evening met with the Stake President. Informed I would be released on Sunday as YW President. Hard reality even though I knew was coming, still painful. Discussed the new calling and those I selected as counselors. Will hit 2021 running.

Wednesday night Ward Christmas Party. A virtual event this year. The Youth delivered three gifts to every home in the Ward. Symbolic of the three gifts of the Wise Men. A cartoonized narrator took us on a journey as the gifts were opened, testimony shared and stories told by word and music. The party was quite creative and hopefully others found the experience uplifting.

Thursday afternoon the second truck left for Utah. Last year was our first delivery outside of the area. Such a learning experience figuring out the logistics of making these things happen. Fortunate to have very smart Elves. Egg Nog Surprise to celebrate. Pretty much cleared out all available Egg Nog in the Idaho Falls area 😂. An Elf has to do what an Elf has to do.

Friday morning Keith and I served hot chocolate. In my opinion the butterscotch shot is the best flavor with hot chocolate. Made some scones for the morning snack as well.

Slipped away for the BYU basketball game. A bit too exciting of a finish. Leading San Diego State by 17 at the half they tied the game with less than 2 minutes to go. BYU rallied late with 10. That three was clutch and a dagger to the heart. The Aztecs just couldn’t recover.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale was insane. Watched while eating pizza and wings and OMG! Seriously OMG!!! You will not believe it. MIND BLOWN! Surprised the Elves with smoothies tonight to wrap up the day.

Saturday morning trip to Costco. Daughter came along to buy steaks for the Elves BBQ. Fortunately beat the shopping crowd, but I guess it’s not common to see two women dressed as Elves pushing a cart with 60 steaks through Costco. I see the humor in it now. Explains the WTF stares. Another milestone this year, the interest the Foundation operates off of for the first time has a surplus. This year Santa showed up personally and every Elf got a gift. I am grateful after four years we were able to give back. Great things happen because of the goodness of people.

Sunday I was released and also spoke in Church. That is hard. Not recommended. Spoke on Faith, Hope and Charity from Moroni 7. Guess being the new Bishop’s wife I was an easy target for the Christmas message. A thought I shared Change the way a man sees the world, you change his World. I guess ultimately the way I see the Pure Love of Christ is being aware. This gift of Charity cannot operate from a place of selfishness. Like the Priesthood you cannot bless yourself with this Love it must be given. As we do so it changes us. This is the process of Sanctification.

Wrapping up our service this Season the Miracles have been ever present. A few include 22 job placements, a donation surprise, not a single volunteer came down with COVID. The Light is shining a little brighter as Hope may have been discovered anew by a few. It is not so important in what we do, just that we do something. May Peace and Joy be with you this Christmas!

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