The Week of Christmas

Landed in Ft Lauderdale late Sunday night. Arrived at our destination in South Palm Beach about 45 minutes later. Had some really good roast beef sandwiches for dinner. The staff at the Retreat were so good to us, but we insisted they head off to bed. Not that hard to pick a room. The warm weather feels amazing.

Monday slept in a little, but wanted to make the most of the day. Got a run in early. Enjoyed a huge breakfast. Tennis in the morning, a massage in the afternoon. Cards with Keith’s parents and our friends while the kids played in the Pool. Love this place. So relaxing and quiet.

Game Day Tuesday. BYU vs UCF. Temp was 70 degrees at 7 pm. Cougars were on fire. 21-0 end of first quarter and UCF never could get into the game. BYU dominated UCF in every way. Complete dominance. A very fun night and celebration afterwards. Players sang the fight song and a lot of fun hanging out. Watch this catch Was Katoa’s catch nasty? Love the commentary from the ESPN peep😂 Just that kind of night for BYU.

Flew home early Wednesday morning. Kids dropped us off at the Warehouse to wrap up the Christmas Project with the Lead Elves. Hearts are definitely full.

Today is Christmas Eve. As the stores close and the World pauses for a few minutes enjoy the moment. Peace is a rare gift. 🎁 I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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