Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas arrived early with kids up at 6 am. Why can’t they be up this early on a regular morning?! Gifts were opened one at a time. The person opening their gift selects the next gift. Learned a trick a few years ago. Each kid has their own wrapping paper, but they don’t know which is theirs. I know, cruel 😂

7500 pieces. Insane
iPhone 11 to me from Keith! Unexpected

After the unwrapping enjoyed a breakfast casserole, OJ and hot chocolate. A few highlights of gifts. New jammies for everyone from Old Navy. A Millennium Falcon Lego. Donkey Kong Country for the Switch, Coat, Beef Jerky, Lightsaber, Allbirds and an iPhone 📱. I was as excited for the iPhone 11 as the boys were for the Lego Millennium Falcon 😂. Nothing compared to the geek level of Keith getting his Darth Maul double blade lightsaber. That is a pretty high level of surprise and Joy.

A simple tradition started a few years back was making a donation to a charity of the kid’s choice. It is wonderful to see them do some research and make their selections each year. Our youngest picked Ronald McDonald House Charities. The other three I was familiar with but as we learned more about his selection this year I was so impressed. Here is a link if you would like to learn more and a direct link to make a donation to a great non-profit

Spent the afternoon playing games and watched the movies It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Dinner of Ham, fresh rolls, funeral potatoes and peas! The Power of Christmas still can pause the World for a few hours. A memorable Christmas Season. 🎁

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