If we have ever had a year to be a bit more charitable, this is it. In case you are not aware, many have lost jobs, are losing homes and are struggling in many ways associated with COVID. Not easy from a mental health perspective either. Depression and anxiety are at all time highs and mixed with a Holiday Season can be overwhelming.

I invite you to adjust your habits just a little bit. If you have an extra dollar or some change drop it in the Kettle for the Salvation Army. If you are able, make an extra $10 donation on your tithing slips for Christmas or any donation where a Church can give back. Give someone homeless a McDonald’s gift card for $10. Pay for someone’s order behind you in the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant. Leave a gift on someone’s doorstep. A Christmas card with a note for your mail carrier or UPS or FedEx guys. They are working so hard this time of year with little thanks. Go sing Christmas Carols. Call someone and ask how they are doing for no reason other than “just because.” If you are able, give to the Food Bank, generously. Clean out your closets and donate to a Thrift Store. Order Pizzas and have them delivered Christmas Eve to your local fire department or ER.

We cannot change the world, but we can change the World for one person. Do a little or if you are able do a lot, but do something. I promise you it will change you for Good. Perhaps this year Christmas can be a little more for all of us.

Conway, South Carolina

This week has seen the return of the Phantom. Love the cloak and dagger experience of it all. Wednesday night took our boys to dinner at Red Robin. After a long day this was what our 16 year old asked for. Rumors are circulating about a BYU football game this weekend.

Thursday those rumors confirmed. BYU vs Coastal Carolina. Both teams 9-0 and a huge match-up Saturday. Tickets acquired. Flight scheduled. Accommodations booked. Friends arriving tonight.

Mandy, Sara and I delivered Kneaders smoothies to the volunteers tonight and helped wrap presents for awhile. I am so happy they are here and were able to drop everything. After an early morning start at the Warehouse, flight left at 11 for Myrtle Beach. An unexpected away game weekend. Arrived a little after 5, got the SUV rental and checked in at the Bed & Breakfast. South Carolina is beautiful and Conway is full of Southern Charm. Dinner at a local place called The Crooked Oak Tavern. Fantastic food. So good we went back for lunch on Saturday. Ordered almost all the appetizers and I had the Filet Mignon. For lunch Burgers and fries homemade fries. Check them out if your in the area.

One of my favorite places ever

Got a little touring done Saturday morning before lunch. The town has these giant oak trees that cover the streets and in many places they are out in the road. So the streets often narrow to a single lane or circle around them. It was crazy, but cool! Got a nice run in on the Riverwalk and around the area. Breakfast at the Inn and Gameday fun.

Cypress Inn
Streets filled with Oaks
Conway Riverwalk
Downtown Conway

As for the game. They allowed 5000 fans. Sold the game out despite the ticket prices. First possession for BYU they get a TD on a pass that unfortunately is called back for Holding. Coastal dominated time of possession. Kept the score low and the BYU defense on the field. Respect to Carolina, they controlled the game. BYU was off. Low energy. A few questionable calls. Ultimately though Carolina wanted it more. Best wishes to them in getting a New Years Bowl game. Massive disappointment for Cougar Nation. You have some unique chances in life. Failure hurts. I’m sure those kids are suffering on a very long trip home.

Brooks Stadium. Conway, South Carolina

This year of COVID has really revealed a lot in what can happen. Almost all the rules and excuses in many things have been shattered. Business still gets done, education still happens, football games can be scheduled in less than a week. Saturday night may not have ended the way I had hoped but this was a great trip. I know many are hoping to read of a sex filled adventure, but this was just precious and unexpected time with friends. It was enough. Lesson learned is to appreciate the experience of the moment.