2020 Finale

Day after Christmas. Saturday snowmobiling in Swan Valley. Snow was falling like crazy! Planned to stay the night, but decided to leave early to avoid getting snowed in. I love when it snows all day.

Kids had a blast!

Tuesday Eye Doctor visit. He blinded me! Could not see anything until later in the day. Never let them dilate your eyes. It’s a trick! Made for an interesting Volunteer Ski Day at Kelly Canyon. I was the official blind Greeter as guests arrived. First Elf of the Season Award and swag bags for everyone. So much fun and eventually I was able to get a few runs in.

Wednesday Dentist visit. No cavities for this girl! No cavities for anyone, so it was a good day. Lava Hot Springs Day for the Volunteers. Friends from Utah arrived and we hung out in the Hot Springs. Had a lot of fun taking pics and playing host.

New Year’s Eve Snowmobiling in Island Park and adult sleepover. Older kids entertained for the Youngling’s Sleepover at the Homestead. An expensive negotiation 😂.

Meanwhile in Island Park. Five couples. Snowmobiles. Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll! Took the sleds for a ride after we got there. BBQ Ribs for dinner. Yummy! Fundraising Event today, Sex for Charity. You could buy sexual favors for $20. If someone disappeared, don’t ask. If the door was closed, don’t disturb. However, no one said anything about not listening at the door. The cash pile grew despite the looks of innocence. I was not fooled by their decadence 😇. Left for the night ride about 10 pm. Fun to share some kisses to welcum the New Year with everyone. May 2021 be memorable in all the right ways. From 1-3 am same room fun in the dark. Love the sounds of sex. Crashed after that.

New Year’s Day. Awake at 7 am then asleep again lol. Definitely going to need a nap. Happy New Year! After breakfast headed home to hang with everyone. Streamed WW84 and yes I liked it. Chill day with some games, college football and food!

Saturday started early with cleaning the Church. As is tradition homemade doughnuts 🍩 afterwards. Us girls and some of the kids went to Kelly Canyon to ski and snowboard. The guys stayed back and watched College Football Bowl Games. Ended the day with Karaoke and it was wild. I swear sometimes it’s really good to laugh. Best way to start the year is with Karaoke and friends!

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