Red Mountain Resort

Tuesday morning our Partners flew in from Boston to pick us up enroute to Rossland, British Columbia. A Winter adventure in Canada 🇨🇦 to kickoff 2021.

Corner Room with a View
Chair Lifts in the Lobby ♥️
Loved our Corner Suite

Arrived at West Kootenay Airport in Castlegar. Shuttle transported us to the Hotel at Red Mountain Resort. Couple of runs down Red Mountain was a great way to start the trip. A little history of the area. Red Mountain is one of the oldest ski resorts in North America. Rossland was settled in 1892 as a mining town for Gold. Early settlers included some immigrants from Scandinavia who brought there love and skill for skiing. There are five mountains. Red, Granite and Grey all have ski lifts. Roberts and Kirkup are back country and access for Cat-Skiing and Heli-Skiing. Epic beauty. Here is a link

Red Mountain Resort Trail Map
View from Granite Mountain
Paradise Lodge
Red Mountain Base Lodge

Highlights of our stay included a strategic planning meeting that only lasted two hours. A couple of Spa visits. The FOOD! Shopping and dinner in Rossland after Cat-Skiing. The guys waiting for us at the local brewery. Informal strategy discussions late into the night. A few of our expert level skiers telling of their grand adventure Heli-Skiing. Nope it wasn’t me! Not being rushed. The meeting with the Resort peeps and it being so open and transparent. I absolutely loved this trip!

Here are links to Rossland Beer Company and Idgie’s in case you visit.

Rossland, British Columbia
Idgie’s Restaurant

Saturday returned home mid-day. The pups and kids were excited to see us. Our youngest and Coach Keith had a basketball 🏀 game. A win to start a new season. Grabbed dinner and crashed early Saturday evening as the cat purred me to sleep. ♥️

What’s coming? A lot of travel. Upcoming trips this month include Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City to finish off January. Yes the Festival is still happening. Scaled way down and a big part of it is virtual. Hoping post COVID the Festival recovers and peeps come back.

January 28th – February 3rd

A final word if you are a skier or snowboarder. Plan a trip to Red Mountain Resort in Rossland. I highly recommend it. Can’t recommend it enough! ♥️

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