The Rest of the Story

So in regards to the vaccine and COVID. I will start by saying you may not agree with me and that is okay. I appreciate having a voice and the right to express an opinion.

I do not trust the government nor politicians at any level. They ALL lie. I do not trust the WHO (World Health Organization). I definitely don’t trust Fauci or Bill Gates who are at the forefront pushing the vaccines. Bill Gates created viruses in software to capitalize on it and is now trying to do it with human beings. He is the true definition of evil and conspiring men. Bill Gates is also posing as a scientist and is nothing short of a farce. Zero medical background unless you count being rich as the criteria for his expertise.

I believe this virus will endure for a couple years. At least into 2022. I believe the best way to protect yourself is to build your immunity. Take good supplements, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Spend time in the outdoors. Fresh air and grounding will do you good. Get sleep, more than most people are. Eat well. Cut sugar down significantly. Exercise. Novel idea. Seems everyone wants the quick fix. A pill or a shot takes away any personal responsibility. I work with thousands of people and this is what I teach. Own the responsibility for your health and wellness. Physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, financial and mental. The crisis in this county is not COVID it is how poorly we have disengaged from personal responsibility. We are a malnourished society that has become sick and dysfunctional in all of these ways.

People often ask my opinion so here it is. I will not be getting any form of the vaccine. No judgement on those that choose to. I look forward to the day we are past this Age of COVID. Saddens me we have lost loved ones and good people. I believe the origin of the virus was engineered and weaponized by evil men. They thought they could control it. How wrong they have been and the lives of innocent people will condemn them to Hell. These vaccines are another tool designed to control the population. The vaccine has about as much chance of working as you do of actually dying of the virus. So yes, it may work for some, but it’s not worth the risk. Be wise in your decisions. There are many ways to boost your immunity without the vaccine.

The virus did its job. As a Nation we have willingly forfeited our freedom, fear grips the masses, and greater government control than I have ever witnessed in my life is now being forced upon us every day. Should we be concerned? Yes, but more in what government is doing than what this virus is doing.

Final thoughts from Paul Harvey. Take a listen and be honest with yourself. If I were the Devil.

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