Sundance 2021 Edition

Wednesday packed up iPads, giveaways, glass jar, signage, brochures and everything for the swag bags. Left Idaho Falls in the middle of a snow storm for Deer Valley with a stop at Costa Vida for $6 burritos. Offer for today only! If you don’t have the Costa Vida app you are missing out. I will admit I am pretty excited for this week. Going to be awesome seeing peeps.

Kami, Mandy and Sara arrived about an hour after Anna and I did. Pretty much finished the setup for our 2021 edition of the Sundance Film Festival. Everything done except the swag bags, will be up late tonight finishing those. This year’s swag includes a cool pen, gift card to Kneaders, Deer Valley Beanie, dōTERRA Siberian Fir essential oil, Megaplex gift card and a cool pair of Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles. Hoping our guests enjoy the gifts.

Drove down to Park City Main Street for dinner. Tried a new place, the No Name Saloon. Their big thing is Buffalo Burgers and they were sooooo good. The Jazz game was on and it was fun watching with a crowd. Not the normal sized crowd but enough to make some noise. Had everyone cheering the Jazz to victory. I was laughing so hard. Good times! Bought a round of drinks for our fans. Funny thing, I guess they thought we were celebrities or something. Made me laugh as I sipped on my virgin margarita and posed for pics. 😂 Got the tee and some gift cards for giveaways on the way out. READ THE RULES in the pic below!

Loved the Rules!

Thursday Deer Valley skiing with fresh powder. Does not get better than today. This year decided to host our Sundance Events even though the Film Festival is entirely virtual. Doing our part to keep it alive. The parties had to be 100 guests or fewer. VIPs got to register early for the nights they wanted to attend. Other clients were able to use the open registration portal on a first come, first serve basis. Clients unable to attend the party were able to drop by during skiing for hot chocolate, snacks and food. It was so fun to have peeps ski off the run and stop in for a break. ♥️ Keith and a couple of our Partners arrived throughout the afternoon. Game time!

Welcome Skiers
Fresh Powder. Beautiful Day!
The Mountain
Oh yes!
Virtual in 2021

Friday after a day on the slopes and playing Hostess the party started at 7. A few things guests are enjoying has been the pool table. The games of Spaz have been epic. Movies in the Theater playing over the three nights including Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Inception, The Prestige, TENET and The Dark Knight Rises. A Christopher Nolan feast. The indoor golf driving range was a hit. Heated outdoor space with a hot tub and pool. A few brave souls including our daughter and her friends had fun out there. Mass quantities of food, a chocolate fountain with bananas, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, Oreos and marshmallows. Silent Auction with a couple of trips, iPhone 📱, snowboard and a few other cool things plus the Giveaways. All guests got a raffle ticket and they could buy an additional one with a donation to the Foundation. A Facebook Live event each night with interviews and giveaways for those not able to attend. Even came up with a way to buy virtual raffle tickets for the online followers. It was a virtual Sundance Film Festival after all. Tonight was special as one longtime client gave us a check for $10K for the Foundation. That surprise alone gave me the energy to get through the night. I do not remember going to bed though lol.


Saturday wake up, breakfast, ski, lunch, host, nap, dinner, party. Not complaining, I love it, but I crashed hard last night. EXHAUSTION. Coach Keith and our youngest left for Idaho Falls after breakfast for their basketball 🏀 game. Looking to bounce back from a loss last weekend. I got some sexy sex with Keith before he left! Slept in till after 8, but woke up hot for cock. Caught the BYU vs Pacific double overtime game before the Party. Always fun to watch a game with peeps. Loved cheering 📣 for our crowd tonight.

BYU 95 Pacific 87 2OT

Our guests, both here and online, have been very generous. This year $26K was raised for the Foundation. Grateful! Facebook Live interviews tonight with Mandy & Sara. Some great shares about how to boost immunity and some tips on staying healthy. Plus a discussion on mental health. They are joining me later this month for skiing in Aspen, Colorado. Tomorrow head home to Idaho Falls early. Church, pack and a quick turnaround as Santa Fe is up next.

A final though. Over the past 4 days I have enjoyed seeing friends I haven’t seen much this past year. I feel rejuvenated and tired. Tired for going so hard but energized from the experience. I ♥️ my Tribe. COVID has cost us dearly in Connection. Even the most introverted among us needs Connection. The isolation breaks this tie that binds what is most precious in life. Us.

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