Hot Springs

…So fun to catch up on news from home and tales of my adventure with Keith on our drive to the Hot Springs. Feels like I have been away forever. Once we got settled in our cabin the sex was hot and sweaty. I so needed that!

The old mining town became a ghost town and eventually a Resort. There are 13 cabins and it is open year round. Very unique in that you can stay in an original cabin from the 1800’s that has been renovated with modern amenities like power and plumbing. Not a cheap stay but no question a VIP experience. The staff were incredible in ever way., Several hot springs are on the property and flow into a Bath House and a cabin with an old tub you can enjoy a hot springs bath.

Butch Cassidy
Well House

A Romantic Sleigh Ride as the sun set and dinner in the Old Farm House. A beautiful evening by candlelight. After dinner went to the Bath House and enjoyed the relaxing hot spring waters. You have no idea how good I slept. Sex, Sleigh Ride, Hot Springs. It does not get any better.

Bath House

Breakfast & Tour Wednesday morning. Loved seeing the cabins. At least the ones we were able to see. An immersion in history as our guide had some incredible stories about every building and cabin. In the Summer months there is a River Camp open as well. During both the Summer and Winter seasons there is a wide range of free and paid experiences. For our afternoon we narrowed down our choice between ice climbing and dog sledding. The dogs won out! You can really get going fast on those sleds. They were a lot of fun and you can pay them in treats 😂.

Breakfast & Spa Experience Thursday morning. Keith went out on the snowmobiles to sightsee with a few of the staff and I stayed behind for a massage. Work. Keith gets to go play and I sacrifice. 😇 Mineral Salt Stone Massage was how I spent my 75 minutes. Spent 20 minutes in the hot spring pool prior and OMG I feel great.

The Chef made these 5 cheese grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Yummy. I like to dip mine in ketchup. Not sure why everyone was grossed out?! 😂 Anyway said our goodbyes and on the road for Telluride. I don’t have any thoughts to share just a grateful heart for Keith. Time could have stopped here and I would have welcomed it. I will check in on Sunday…

The Lodge

…After leaving Aspen Snowmass the drive was a bit insane. First couple hours the roads were bad. Snowplows were out on the stretch from Aspen to Carbondale. About halfway to Ridgway the sun came out and the roads improved. A trip that takes 3 1/2 hours took us a little over 5 hours. Driving in bad weather is draining. So happy to make it safely.

Arrived in Ridgway while it was still light. The Lodge was built in 1993 from reclaimed logs from the Yellowstone fire in 1988. Not often you get to see a 40,000 sq ft Lodge. There was the formal tour then the exploration tour. Jen and I were like little kids. Unlike the hotels, we had the place all to ourselves, which was cool.

Chef had prepared Elk Stew for dinner. DELICIOUS! Called home and talked to Keith and the kids after dinner while sitting by the fire. I counted eleven fireplaces by the way. Chef served us warm cookies and hot chocolate before he left at 8:30. A place this big is a bit intimidating when you are alone. Jen and I ended up sharing a bed lol. No nothing naughty, but it was fun to have a sleepover.

Up early Monday morning. Chef had prepared a breakfast of eggs, hash-browns, juice, bacon and sausage. The GM picked us up at 8:30 to see the Ranch. Very pretty in every direction. The weather was incredible, mid 40s and sunny. Had lunch with Cowboys, saw the cows, rode the horses. Happy girls! The Cowboys kept calling me ma’am. Made me laugh.

After lunch an unexpected surprise. A helicopter ride for an aerial tour and WOW! Helicopter rides are just cool. Unlike an airplane you can see almost everything. One of the best sights today was a huge herd of Elk. Epic way of seeing the Ranch and wrapping up the tour. It has been a day when you get to see Cows and Elk. I so wish I had my Canon with me for better pics.

A guide guide took us out for a couple hours before dinner on a snowmobile ride. I love warm days on the snow. There is a lot of ground to cover 15,000 acres. Didn’t see it all, but a fair amount. I enjoyed seeing the Ranch by truck, horse, helicopter and snowmobile. A unique experience. The GM and four of the guys and their wives joined us for dinner. T-bone steaks and I was hungry. Apple pie for dessert. Played some Pool and enjoyed the company. I like this place. It was the property I was most excited to see.

I have always been an extrovert. One of the things I truly love is being around people. You can learn a lot about someone when they talk about their family. A revelation of their true self. I believe it is because despite our imperfections, love is easy to see. People can hide behind a lot of things, but family is the real deal. I saw a lot of love tonight.

Tomorrow Jen heads back to Phoenix and Keith joins me for five days. I can’t wait to see him. The drive to Telluride is about an hour so plan on leaving at 10. Jen’s flight leaves at 1 and Keith arrives at 12:15. Next stop, a romantic getaway for two at a Hot Springs Retreat. See you on Thursday…

Aspen Snowmass

Snowmass Village

…Arrived and checked in at the Hotel here at Snowmass. Another upgrade offered so we could all be together which was extremely generous. Had a Tour and lunch then spent the afternoon on the Mountain. The Village is really cool. Shops, restaurants, ice skating and more! Limited right now due to COVID but this place is busy year round. I am learning quickly all four ski resorts are gems. Yesterday was a boarding day so today back on the skis. Girls quickly made friends, but they didn’t abandon me which was nice. After dinner tonight watched the Semi-final basketball game via stream and another win. Next up the Championship on Saturday. I am so excited for Keith and the boys!

Friday began with an early breakfast followed by a visit to the Spa. Couple hours of pampering for us before Jen arrived. I had the 90 minute Chakra Balancing Massage with the Warm Oil Scalp Treatment. Oh yes there is such a thing. I was feeling very balanced. Quick trip to the airport at 11, dropped her stuff off at the Suite. After lunch back out on the mountain the rest of the afternoon. Ice skating after dinner and s’mores mixed with a little sight seeing and window shopping.

Ice Skating at the Limelight Hotel
Snowmass Village
Fresh Powder!

Early breakfast and snowboarding to start our Saturday morning. Today is shockingly beautiful at 43 degrees and sunshine. Hard to believe a storm is coming in a few hours. At 11 went up the Elk Camp Gondola for tubing and the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster. It was very, very COOL! One of the things they have here every Friday is Ullr Nights named after the Norse God of Snow. Sadly this event is currently cancelled. Want to come back sometime for the experience as I hear it is a very fun event. Here is a link with some details

Breathtaker Alpine Coaster

Grabbed some lunch at 1 and watched the Championship 🏀 game while the others were tubing. Weather was so nice I just sipped my virgin daiquiri and watched the game on the Mountain. Sadly our boys fell to the team that beat them earlier this season. Losing is never easy. Great lessons are forged in disappointment. Failure is a constant companion in life. The defining moment for us is the choices we make after the experience. What did we learn? How can we use that? What next? Embrace our failures and grow from them and success follows. I have no doubt that our 7th grader will be back next year after an offseason of work and they will compete for another 🏀 Championship.

Jen and I had dinner with the Leadership Team last night. Good people and hope to spend more time with them on future visits. Had planned on leaving this morning, but with a severe storm rolling in last night with 8 inches of snow, plans changed. Jen wanted to see the Spa here anyway so I booked 90 minute massages for us. This round was the Earth and Air Hot Stone Ritual with the Warm Oil Scalp Treatment. I really liked that. Just finished lunch and we are going to head out. Sun is out and it has warmed up. Wish us luck! Next up a Lodge in the Mountains. See you on Tuesday…

& Mmmmmmm!!

Aspen Mountain

Our daughter and a couple of her friends at BYU joined me this week for an adventure to Colorado. First stop Aspen. Flew out of Idaho Falls on a direct flight to Aspen Tuesday morning. After getting our SUV rental, arrived at the Hotel in Downtown. Checked in and they upgraded us to a three bedroom suite so we could all be together. Took a Tour and met quite a few team members of the Hotel. The highlights of the day included the girl’s excitement, a couple hours in the Spa, a little sightseeing, a fabulous dinner and Keith was able to arrange their basketball to be streamed. So awesome seeing the boys play and advance to Thursday’s semi-final Tournament game. A long day and I fell to sleep early. Did not expect with three college girls having “the trip of a lifetime” that I would not hear anything lol.

Loved the heated pool, deck and towels

Started the day with Bob. He definitely knows how to make me orgasm. One advantage of not having to check the bags at the airport lol. After breakfast Wednesday it was ski day at Aspen Mountain. There are four ski resorts here. Aspen, Buttermilk, Highlands and Snowmass. Several days of fresh snow, along with a sunny day, made for a great day on the mountain. Made some friends while here from Colorado who spent the day skiing and snowboarding with us. Definitely need to come back as there is so much more to experience.

My favorite thing about these trips is meeting new people. On the Tour my daughter commented I stop and talk to everyone. From the Chef to the Bell Cowboy. The most important person is the one you are speaking with. A lesson I often remember and share. A second thing I love is seeing cool things. This Hotel was built in 1889. Both Aspen and the Hotel survived the mining years and became a very popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Some famous celebrities that have stayed here include John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz and Bill Murray.

The girls had breakfast together while I met with the Leadership Team. Said our goodbyes and packed up the SUV. Next stop Snowmass. See you in a couple of days…

A Winter Adventure

Next Adventure is to Colorado. Leaving tomorrow for 16 days. Our daughter and two of her friends are coming up from BYU today. Tomorrow the four of us will fly to Aspen. Saturday they will fly back to Utah. Jen arrives Friday and stays through Tuesday. Keith will come out during the second week on Tuesday and stay until Saturday. Mandy and Sara arrive Friday and will return with me to Idaho on March 3rd. A little overlap and everyone will get to see two properties while they are in Colorado. Keith may have an adventure of his own Friday 😂

The Tours include a visit an old historic hotel in Aspen. A ski-in/ski-out hotel at Snowmass Ski Resort. A lodge on 15,000 acres near Aspen. Two ski-in/ski-out hotels in Telluride. An old mining town resort with hot springs and ghosts near Telluride. So lots of skiing and snowboarding for sure. Ghosts I am not too sure about, but maybe they are social. I think the Lodge is what I am most excited to see. I will see what makes sense to share after this trip, but it may be a little different. Wish me luck!