Free Week

Monday was a chill day. I chilled. The day included a nap, sex, a bong.

Tuesday skiing at Grand Targhee. It was cold, but beautiful. Great snow and sunny until late afternoon. Limited services with COVID right now so the SUV was basecamp. Camp chairs were a thing. Stopped for a bucket of KFC and sides on the way home. I love their coleslaw.

Wednesday Girl’s Day. Bungee workout, spa, lunch and horses. Since Keith put up two more the party is now for six! All of us have a harness, can enjoy the spa, eat and have a horse to ride! Spent most of the morning playing and catching up.

Thursday racquetball with Keith and the boys. Played doubles and cut-throat games for awhile. Everyone seems to be into pickle ball nowadays but we still love racquetball.

Friday quick trip to the Land of Provo for the Cougarettes Concert. An early dinner before at La Jolla Groves. Yummy! Post Concert decided to head back to Idaho to avoid the storm. So glad we did as the worst we got was rain. Arrived home at 2 in the morning. Relieved we didn’t wait as the storm that rolled in was bad. So worth it though to see the girls perform. So much hard work and sacrifice and it was a wonderful celebration.

Saturday woke up very tired. Basketball 🏀 game at 11. Last of the season and the boys won a scrappy contest. The Tournament starts next week and sadly I won’t be home to see it. Keith has promised to stream it for me and family. A nice long nap followed by the final episode of The Stand. If you haven’t seen it WOW! Fell asleep watching the Jazz game.

Sunday Happy Valentine’s Day! Keith doesn’t have meetings today. Slept in and had Valentine Sex. Made donuts 🍩 with eggs and bacon for breakfast. A few items of candy for the kids this morning. The boys have plans for a special meal for Keith and I at 4. So I choose to be hopeful.

Valentines is a special day. No question. For many, this year isn’t what they had hoped for. Whether facing separation, divorce or being single Valentine’s Day may be lonely. You are loved. You are enough. You are on my mind. ♥️ I look forward to hearing your future stories of Love discovered and celebrating with you!

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