Aspen Mountain

Our daughter and a couple of her friends at BYU joined me this week for an adventure to Colorado. First stop Aspen. Flew out of Idaho Falls on a direct flight to Aspen Tuesday morning. After getting our SUV rental, arrived at the Hotel in Downtown. Checked in and they upgraded us to a three bedroom suite so we could all be together. Took a Tour and met quite a few team members of the Hotel. The highlights of the day included the girl’s excitement, a couple hours in the Spa, a little sightseeing, a fabulous dinner and Keith was able to arrange their basketball to be streamed. So awesome seeing the boys play and advance to Thursday’s semi-final Tournament game. A long day and I fell to sleep early. Did not expect with three college girls having “the trip of a lifetime” that I would not hear anything lol.

Loved the heated pool, deck and towels

Started the day with Bob. He definitely knows how to make me orgasm. One advantage of not having to check the bags at the airport lol. After breakfast Wednesday it was ski day at Aspen Mountain. There are four ski resorts here. Aspen, Buttermilk, Highlands and Snowmass. Several days of fresh snow, along with a sunny day, made for a great day on the mountain. Made some friends while here from Colorado who spent the day skiing and snowboarding with us. Definitely need to come back as there is so much more to experience.

My favorite thing about these trips is meeting new people. On the Tour my daughter commented I stop and talk to everyone. From the Chef to the Bell Cowboy. The most important person is the one you are speaking with. A lesson I often remember and share. A second thing I love is seeing cool things. This Hotel was built in 1889. Both Aspen and the Hotel survived the mining years and became a very popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Some famous celebrities that have stayed here include John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz and Bill Murray.

The girls had breakfast together while I met with the Leadership Team. Said our goodbyes and packed up the SUV. Next stop Snowmass. See you in a couple of days…

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