Madness and Leadership

Over the weekend got a call that there were two properties we needed to see in Utah. Park City has been off our radar as prices have become too steep but decided to make a quick trip. Toured the two properties Monday afternoon. Most impressive.

Contemporary Mountain Retreat
The whole wall opens up
Getaway to 160 Acres
Perfect Corporate Retreat

Kids came up with friends from BYU and got some skiing in at Park City Mountain Resort Tuesday. Beautiful start to the day but ended up getting rained out in the afternoon. Spring in Utah changes in a blink of the eye. Unplanned time with family is precious.

Mandy and her family joined us for dinner at Billy Blanco’s. A very cool Mexican restaurant near Park City. A very fun Mexican restaurant with a cool vibe. Absolutely recommended. Check out the menu here

Wednesday after breakfast and goodbyes signed contracts and headed back to Idaho. dōTERRA Leadership and First Four of March Madness made for a busy Thursday. The game I am most interested in is Michigan State vs. UCLA to see who BYU plays in the first round Saturday. Around 40 dōTERRA peeps during Leadership coming and going. Catered meals for us and friends that came to watch March Madness with Keith. It was pretty chaotic with two events running simultaneously but so much fun. As usual a few surprises and upsets in the Tournament.

I will never pick BYU again, they just don’t show up. Ever. Done. Seriously. UCLA did show up and WOW were they hungry to advance. That is how you win on the Tournament.

I won’t bore you with details but my bracket is busted. Not going to earn bragging rights this year. Taken my beatdown most of today. Always enjoy this event despite the heartbreak. Special shout-out to the VCU basketball 🏀 team. I didn’t have you picked but my heart ♥️ hurts for you and not getting to compete. I hope to see you back next year.

Sunday I followed the games after Church. No guests today. Keith wrapped up his meetings by 3 so it is nice having him home. Chicken Enchiladas for dinner soon. Monday will be Open Barn for friends that want to come watch March Madness. Grateful to have it back even with my busted bracket! I am cheering for Baylor to take down Gonzaga!

Go Baylor Bears!

Winter Escape

This week was spent down at Basecamp in Irwin. Highlight of the week has been the FOOD! I guess after so much travel I was in the cooking and baking mood. A yummy week! Takes about an hour from our place to drive down. Left after the funeral Monday. Dinner was a little later than normal but the BYU vs. Pepperdine game was late as well so it worked out. Pork chops, mashed potatoes and peas. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at halftime during the 🏀 game. The cookies were warm, the milk was cold and BYU won so it was a perfect night.

Tuesday spent the morning snowshoeing and the afternoon snowmobiling. Some fresh snow, sleet and rain. Braved it all out there on a cold 🥶 day. Taco Tuesday with crushed pineapple and for dessert cherry jello. BYU vs Gonzaga tonight in the conference championship. Thought the Cougars were going to pull off the upset but Gonzaga finished strong. I hope our Cougars do well in the Tournament. March Madness Baby!

Wednesday cold but the weather has been nice. Snowshoeing and several hours of a new show on AppleTV+ called For All Mankind. Ron Moore who produced The reimagined Battlestar Galactica is the guy behind this show as well. A fun twist on the space race. I don’t want to give it away but I highly recommend it. Great story telling with a historical background. Tonight homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls. Scotcharoos for dessert.

Thursday another day out on the sleds and after a nap read for a couple hours before dinner. T-bones, baked potato, corn on the cob and apple pie. Keith was in charge tonight I just helped prepare. The Grill Jedi did a great job. The corn on the cob had butter, garlic salt, Mrs. Dash seasoning and pepper wrapped in tinfoil. Just insanely delicious. Tonight the game of Risk. Played the fast version of World Domination. I did not win.

Friday another beautiful sunny day and the weather is warming up a bit. Cross country skiing after lunch. I am a little sore. 😂. Homemade personal pan pizzas and chicken wings for dinner and watching the Jazz game. Haven’t watched them this year but caught a game. Those uniforms were really bad! Glad they beat Houston.

Saturday slept in till 7:30 and stayed in bed till 8. No sexy just being lazy. Friends came down from Idaho Falls for a day in the outdoors. Keith played guide and took them out snowmobiling. Pancakes, sausage, bacon and OJ for breakfast. Magnolia chili to warm up for lunch. Ribs for dinner. Hot chocolate all day long. Went snowshoeing with my friend to show her around after lunch. Played Spades ♠️ this afternoon before dinner. Hit 45 today and it was perfect out there. Cleaned up and currently headed back to Idaho Falls.

Time to cook and bake is sometimes a luxury. I really enjoyed myself this week. Glad for a lot of activity to balance the eating cause there was a lot of food. Sometimes you just need a break to slow down, reflect, meditate, nap, talk. Took advantage of that time every day this week. Bubble baths every night. Both with Keith and without Keith. I am a happy girl.

Homestead Summit

Our first dōTERRA Summit in what feels like a very long time. None in 2020. Guests started arriving around 11:30. Everyone got a gift bag with a surprise dōTERRA item, a tee, a Kneaders gift card, a scarf with an embroidered dōTERRA drop logo, Homestead bottled water and a nice pen with an engraved dōTERRA logo. I think someone did a great job on the swag. It wasn’t me, but she knows what I like.

Easy Recipes for Diffusing

Costa Vida catered our lunch and I welcomed our 80 attendees. Three speakers with Name that Oil rounds in between. Some really fun prizes for the contestants. I was the third speaker before the breakout sessions and my presentation was centered on the dōTERRA Path to Success which set up the breakout sessions. These 20 minute sessions focused on doing dōTERRA as a business. Covered how to use the back office, using our software & other tools and strategy for the month. A breakdown of recruiting, education, mentoring and incentives. There is a method to our madness. 😇 Usually these events aren’t so business driven but this is what peeps have asked for in our surveys.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements

Catered Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and Mandy wrapped up the night as our final speaker. I love how she pulls peeps up to talk about their successes. Her highlights were inspiring and the recognition deserved. It wasn’t an easy year for most people but many elevated their game and experienced rank advancements and significant growth personally and in their business. I Believe the team hit a home run this Summit.

Gel Cap Supplements

I literally crashed last night. Up early today to take my friends to the airport. Keith and I came home, had sleepy sex and fell back to sleep for a few hours. I have done very little today and it’s been good. Best part of today was the cat laying down next to me and purring me to sleep. An awesome nap!

Unexpected Goodbye

Flight left Telluride yesterday at 11 for Idaho Falls. During the flight I received a text message from Keith that a friend of ours had passed away unexpectedly. Sadly he was only 68 years old. Not even an hour later Keith let me know a sister in the Ward had also had a heart attack. She had been rushed to the hospital and was stable fortunately.

Keith was able to break away and pick us up. He looked very somber. Could feel the weight of all this the moment I saw him. He was dressed in his suit and had been with the family ministering to them. Today marked the first death of a Ward member since Keith became Bishop. As a counselor you are shielded a bit from the really hard things. Keith has shared it is a very different experience as Bishop.

Last night a candlelight vigil was held. Hot chocolate and treats were served in the Barn. Ward members and friends stopped by and many recorded short video messages for the family. I had the chance to watch some of the unedited messages with Keith. Steve was loved. I hope the family will enjoy the gift. Death is never kind. There may be no time to say goodbyes. Cherish the time you have and live a life of Peace with yourself and others. Steve was a perfect example.

Telluride Mountain Resort

View of Telluride from the Mountain

…Checked in early at the Hotel over at the Mountain Village. Snowshoeing in the morning, ice skating in the afternoon and skiing in the evening. Was very nice to warm up by heat lamps and fires throughout the day. I was able to take a break during the day and watch Church via Zoom. Kind of cool to do that up on the mountain. Some fun pics of Telluride Ski Resort. I did not have the courage to ski Confidence 😂 but the views were epic!

Confidence Ski Run.
Telluride and Mountain Village by Night.

Monday the Hotel Tour. Beautiful property. Ski-in/Ski-out, 137 rooms, Spa, Starbucks, two restaurants, ice rink, beautiful. Snowboarding after lunch and some play time after dinner. A lot three girls can do with no interruptions. Tribbing was the sexual flavor of the night. A great work out and some intense orgasms.

Tuesday booked the half day ice climbing adventure. At $165 each a private guide was included. Totally insane experience at Ames Falls. Scared at times, didn’t give up. No one died so there is that. Here is their website They have great activities for any season. Tell them Angie says hi!

Awesome Guides
Ames Falls 9 miles from Mountain Village

Wrapped up the day at the Spa. Sore everywhere after the last few days. The ice climbing really did me in. Chose the Gemstone Healing Ritual followed by a Hands & Feet Therapy and a Scalp Treatment. So worth the money. The gemstone massage was pretty cool. Wrapped up the day with a big dinner, virgin margaritas and dessert. Sleeping alone tonight. Pretty sure I couldn’t move enough to have an orgasm 😂.

What I learned over the last 16 days. Colorado is more beautiful than I previously believed. Seeing it by Helicopter was a unique experience I will never forget. The San Juan Mountains are massive, rugged and some of the best skiing I have ever experienced. Impressed beyond my wildest imagination. Ready to return to the Homestead and my family. Fly out of Telluride at 11 tomorrow. Breakfast at 8 with the Leadership Team and the adventure is over.