Homestead Summit

Our first dōTERRA Summit in what feels like a very long time. None in 2020. Guests started arriving around 11:30. Everyone got a gift bag with a surprise dōTERRA item, a tee, a Kneaders gift card, a scarf with an embroidered dōTERRA drop logo, Homestead bottled water and a nice pen with an engraved dōTERRA logo. I think someone did a great job on the swag. It wasn’t me, but she knows what I like.

Easy Recipes for Diffusing

Costa Vida catered our lunch and I welcomed our 80 attendees. Three speakers with Name that Oil rounds in between. Some really fun prizes for the contestants. I was the third speaker before the breakout sessions and my presentation was centered on the dōTERRA Path to Success which set up the breakout sessions. These 20 minute sessions focused on doing dōTERRA as a business. Covered how to use the back office, using our software & other tools and strategy for the month. A breakdown of recruiting, education, mentoring and incentives. There is a method to our madness. 😇 Usually these events aren’t so business driven but this is what peeps have asked for in our surveys.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements

Catered Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and Mandy wrapped up the night as our final speaker. I love how she pulls peeps up to talk about their successes. Her highlights were inspiring and the recognition deserved. It wasn’t an easy year for most people but many elevated their game and experienced rank advancements and significant growth personally and in their business. I Believe the team hit a home run this Summit.

Gel Cap Supplements

I literally crashed last night. Up early today to take my friends to the airport. Keith and I came home, had sleepy sex and fell back to sleep for a few hours. I have done very little today and it’s been good. Best part of today was the cat laying down next to me and purring me to sleep. An awesome nap!

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