Silver and Gold

Conference Weekend. Friday took a couple of the horses out for a morning ride. Excited to see our kids from BYU this weekend. Fourteen college kids from Provo arrived at 2 pm. BYU doesn’t have a Spring Break so the Homestead was home away for home. Made a run Walmart and spent way too much stocking up for Easter Weekend. For dinner personal pizzas on cookie sheets. Choose your own adventure style with all the toppings you could want. Colored eggs with the kids while listening to music, dancing and just being rowdy.

Saturday slept in till 8 am. Cinnamon Roles, Marbled Eggs and grape, pineapple and orange juice. Breakfast is served! Conference today so enjoyed the spiritual feast. Took the girls to Olive Garden while the guys watched the Priesthood Session. Crazy finish to the Gonzaga vs. UCLA game. Last second shot in overtime to finish off a hungry Bruins team. Insane weekend with Conference, Final Four and Easter. Managed to carve out a little time for all of it. Keith and I were up late filling plastic Easter eggs with candy and money. The hard part was getting up at 6 am to hide the eggs.

I liked this!

Easter Sunday and the Homestead Easter Egg Hunt. Found a way a couple years ago to keep the older kids engaged. Some eggs come with cash. Nothing like a financial reward to have teens and college kids hunting eggs. Rule 1: Touch the egg, it’s yours. Not a COVID thing, just don’t want them cheating and shaking the egg to determine if it’s candy or cash. Rule 2: Only 10 eggs per player. Rule 3: everyone gets a chocolate bunny. After the great egg hunt enjoyed hard boiled painted Easter eggs for breakfast with bacon and Celestial toast. I loved General Conference this year and so happy for the people in Grand Junction, Colorado getting a Temple. Twenty new Temples announced. Karaoke after dinner where there were bonus eggs could be earned if you got cheers. I sang Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. I got an egg!

Monday evening March Madness Championship Gonzaga vs. Baylor. A Barn of guests and WOW I never expected Gonzaga to get so dominated. I was cheering for Baylor cause I just am not a Gonzaga fan. Not at all. But yeah it was a brutal beatdown. LOVED 🏀 IT!

NCAA 2021 Basketball Champions

Tuesday flew up to Coeur d’Alene to start our final week of skiing and snowboarding. Ski season ends and Resorts close on Sunday. Had never been to Schweitzer Mountain Resort. The weather was beautiful until Thursday when the rain fell. Not a lot of people or lines. Great skiing and snowboarding. There is two huge bowls on both sides of the mountain. No where near enough time to explore. This is a place you definitely need to plan a few days for. Link to their website

In addition to skiing and snowboarding took a tour of a hotel under construction at the ski resort village and a tour of a golf course and private club community at Lake Coeur d’Alene. Northern Idaho is so pretty. Late getting home Thursday evening because Idaho Falls got hit with winds in excess of 40 mph. Gulfstream jets don’t like to land with gusts like that. Had to wait a couple hours before we could depart. Arrived safely.

Thursday the beginning of Nationals in Orlando. Good luck Cougarettes! ♥️ Jazz preliminaries today, Friday Jazz finals and Hip Hop preliminaries and Saturday Hip Hop finals.

Friday drove to Sun Valley Mountain Resort to finish out the week. Enjoyed the afternoon on the Mountain and stayed for some Night Skiing. Weather has been awesome and Bald Mountain has some great runs for whatever you love. Ketchum is a cool ski town as well. Absolutely one of the best ski resorts around. Sun Valley is a great destination any season of the year. Wrapped up the day at the Ranch to some hot homemade stew and bread. Yummy!

Saturday is today. A full week of family, guests and activities. Slept in a bit, got a run in and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Will spend a couple hours at Sun Valley today before heading home. I was able to watch my daughter perform in the Hip Hop finals this morning. They nailed it! Torture waiting for the results but the BYU Cougarettes are 2021 National Champions in Hip Hop and runner up in Jazz. So very proud of her and her teammates. They have worked so hard and have had to sacrifice so much. She called. She cried. I cried. I have watched all of her performances this week and WOW they are amazing. It has been a blessed week in so many ways.

It is Time!

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