The Chosen

Mother Nature has sent everything from rain, snow, sleet, wind and sunshine this week. Invited a couple of friends for a run down at the River Walk and breakfast after. I enjoyed catching up on our lives. I have missed them.

Last year we ordered a 5th Wheel RV. Finally came in this week after 9 months. The dealer told us it might take awhile but didn’t expect that long. Sleep out included watching Avengers Age of Ultron and popcorn. 🍿 I got to break in the bed with Keith! Nice having the kids at the back and us in the bedroom at the front. This Summer is going to be an adventure.

Friday kids arrived home from Provo. Our daughter is traveling with me to New England for ten days. So excited for this trip and the Summit. Unexpected and our first in awhile. Took some planning and begging but figured it out.

Saturday after a hot night of sex slept in until after 8. Got two loads of cum last night. Pulled ourselves out of bed and made some homemade donuts for breakfast. Deep fried with cinnamon sugar. Sooooo good! Both the donuts and the sex. 😂

Saturday evening invited eight families over for dinner and a night of Karaoke. 🎤 Keith grilled burgers and the weather was nice enough to eat outside. Keith and I had new songs to debut. Mine was Matchbox 20 She’s So Mean and Keith sang Bryan Adams Heaven. Such a fun night I couldn’t stop laughing. Oh and Keith brought it. I melted. He got laid so good. I love that song!

I think one of the reasons I love Matchbox 20 is they make some fun videos. Here is the She’s So Mean video

This was a good week. A little bit of work and a chance to decompress. Tonight I am here in Connecticut with my daughter after a five hour flight and almost three hour drive. I wanted to finish this up as it is already Monday and falling behind makes it hard to catch up.

I wanted to share a final thought. Yesterday finished Season 1 of The Chosen. To say I have been blown away would be an understatement. This was an incredible inspired show from the producers, the writers and the actors. It will change you. Download The Chosen App and prepare for a beautiful experience. Watch, pay it forward and tell others. ♥️

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