Memorial Day 21

This year we kept things lite. The weather hasn’t been great so the Pool is without water. It snowed in Irwin last week and has rained off and on all month in Idaho Falls. First year since we put the Pool in we haven’t had it ready by Memorial Day Weekend. Fingers crossed for this week. The Open House Saturday was fun, but a quiet day with family felt like the thing to do.

Started the day with a 5 mile run. The kids made a big Brunch of waffles, bacon and OJ. I made a fruit salad. Edwards Theater opened back up so a few of us went to see A Quiet Place Part Two. Excellent sequel to an excellent movie! This afternoon had an indoor climbing competition in the Silo and Are bowling now. Keith has been preparing ribs all day so excited for dinner.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day no matter how you celebrated. Grateful to our Military and those who have served both in uniform and in support of their loved ones. We celebrate your goodness. May you be blessed forever.


I come home from my run this morning and Keith is in the bathroom listening to Cheryl Crowe Real Gone. He walks out and with a totally straight face says Ka-Chow! Made me laugh 😂

This is why I love him. The goofy side of him that is so spontaneous it surprises you. Unexpected moments like those that can’t be rehearsed.

Who knew a Ka-Chow could get you a blowjob. He started his day with a smile. I can still surprise as well. Ka-Chow!

Forty Years in the Wilderness

Land of Enchantment

Keith often jokes with my parents that they have wandered in the wilderness of New Mexico for over forty years. My mother doesn’t think it is funny, but tolerates him and his sense of humor.

Spent the week with all the kids and the dogs helping my parents. A few things I wanted to share. Getting a maid cleaning service was next to impossible. A few I spoke with were short handed and only cleaning for their clients. No one-time cleaning or new clients. How sad is that in missed opportunity? Ended up cleaning before and after the movers arrived on Wednesday.

Mostly my daughter and I were in charge of keeping my mother busy. Intentionally made sure there was no food left in the house. Gave us the excuse to go for lunch and bring something back for the boys and movers. My father was directing traffic and the man in charge. It was awesome to see!

A last meal at my parents on Tuesday evening. Keith and Daddy grilled some T-bones and chicken plus baked potatoes and peas. Homemade vanilla ice cream with butterscotch and apple pie for dessert around the fire pit. Not much has changed in 40 years ♥️

Took the kids up the mountain one last time. Hoping to have a painting done for my parents new home of their mountain in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed! The last two nights my parents stayed with us at the Resort. Loved Thursday night most of all. Watched the movie Interstellar under the stars which was EPIC. Evenings were fun after the hard work. Spa time with a massage and time by the Pool and virgin margaritas and some other creations. Bartender amused me. 😂

A nice getaway for something not really easy to do. Hard to leave a home after 40+ years. Many good memories in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The San Juan Mountains truly are enchanted. Santa Fe is all that!

Jason Bourne

I have a week off! Time off has been a rare luxury lately. Monday afternoon drove to Basecamp in Irwin. Keith had an unexpected surprise waiting for me. The MasterCraft X26 arrived back in March, but the scoundrel didn’t tell me. I noticed it immediately even though he was trying to distract me. Anyway super excited for Summer!

Tuesday up early for a 3 1/2 hour trek to Wyoming. His parents and brother and his wife met us there for the funeral. Friends of Keith’s family for over 40 years. A nice service followed by a graveside 21-gun salute and his wife was presented the flag. Good people. Hard Day. After the lunch a 3 1/2 hour trek back to Basecamp.

Wednesday started with Brunch at 10 then headed to Palisades Reservoir for the maiden voyage of the Cougarette, that is what we named her. Yes our boat is a her. 😂 Water is still too cold to play in, but the tour around the reservoir was beautiful. Definitely greater range than on jet skis.

Thursday woke up with a headache. Keith took the boys out four-wheeling, I hung with the dogs and prayed the headache would go away. Had chicken wings for dinner with tater tots. Thank you Keith! ♥️ Watched Bourne Identity to wrap up the evening. I loved the Bourne movies and tried to watch the streaming series Treadstone but could never get into it. The series was much darker and more violent. One of those series I had to abandon which I wanted to watch.

I loved the Marvel movies but couldn’t get into WandaVision either. Didn’t make it past the first episode, it was sooooo bad. Watched The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but OMG it was so preachy. I won’t be back for season two. Hopeful Loki won’t suck! Anyway lol. Haven’t had much luck with movies to television. Except for 12 Monkeys. But that was a reimagined version and it was the best series ever!

Friday the rains began and I am thinking an Ark might have been a good idea. Who could afford the lumber currently though?! Drove back to the Homestead and spent some time getting ready for next week. Flying down to spend some time with my parents. Our older kids will be home this morning in time for Church, a whole week earlier than expected. June is going to be awesome!

Napa Valley Getaway

Our Partner’s wives joined the adventure this week. Flew in from Boston on the Gulfstream to pick us up. Left Idaho Falls at 10 am. Stop in Provo to drop off our older two kids and to pick up four more friends for our Napa Getaway.

Forty years ago a French Chef came to Napa and opened up a high end restaurant. At the time the area was just the vineyards. Five years later he opened the first Resort we visited. The Resort has a total of 50 rooms split up between Maisons, Suites and Deluxe Rooms. A Maison is French for house in case you were curious. 😇 The Resort sits in an area of hills and the Restaurant and main building of the Resort overlook the valley and pool below. There is 33 acres here and it is fabulous. Some great trails to run or hike along a very nice spa.

Napa Valley loves their wine. You are constantly being offered wine. Go to the spa and you are asked “may I get you some wine?” Lunch or dinner you are asked “may I get you some wine?” Chilling by the pool you are asked “may I get you some wine?” Five of us don’t drink so our three friends that do got a lot of extra wine. They had the time of their lives. 😂 I very much enjoyed the spa!

Wednesday was our excursion to the Castle. Castello di Amorosa sits on 171 acres purchased in 1993 near Calistoga where one of California’s first vineyards had been planted. Construction on the Castle began in 1995 and took 12 years and $40M to complete. Dario Sattui’s great grandfather immigrated to Napa Valley in 1885 and established his first winery. Fascinating history worth looking up. The Castle has 107 rooms including a Great Hall, Knight’s Hall, tasting rooms, a torture chamber, winery and more. The Castle has four levels below ground and four above. I recommend a private tour. In 2020 the Glass Fire claimed over 1500 buildings in Napa Valley and the winery at the Castle lost the entire 2020 store of wine. In total 120,000 bottles destroyed but the Castle was saved. A few things I found interesting is there is a Catholic Church at the Castle and they held Mass there for years until the State of California shut it down because they didn’t have the right permits. The State allows corporate events at the Castle but no weddings or receptions which is very sad. Very beautiful place. California is sadly in the wrong on this.

Castello di Amorosa
In his own words
Knight’s Hall
Unbelievably Impressive
The Great Hall
4 levels underground and over 2 acres
Incredible 13th Century Workmanship
Gargoyles were cool!

Wednesday evening arrived at the other Resort. This resort is on 22 acres with 89 Suites and Studios along with a restaurant, bar, incredible 20,000 ft Spa with a Bath House and mineral pools. Both Resorts had incredible Spas but a very unique experience here. Two days of spa time including a mud treatment.

I truly enjoyed this Girl Time. Late nights laughing and talking and even some business got done including a well deserved promotion for a a deserving friend. So fun to experience that with her.

My takeaways from this experience. The Resorts and the Napa Valley are beautiful. Tourism is alive and well. I hope California can survive another Summer as there has been major fires every year of late. Peeps really love their wine. The bottled grape juice in wine glasses made for some fun pretend. Enjoyed my private room and my vibrator. A highlight I will treasure was the bubble bath outdoors under the stars. I brought home a case of that Castello di Amorosa grape juice. Definitely recommend Napa Valley just not during fire season.