Mother-Daughter Escape to New England

I have been so excited for this April Adventure with my daughter. Flight left Monday at 7 am. Arrived just before 2 pm and after getting our car rental drove to Washington, Connecticut. Toll roads, check in, dinner with our hosts. Chicken Caesar Salad and lots of water. S’mores before retiring to the suite for the night. Built in 1894 as a school and in 1919 sold and converted to an Inn. Sits on 58 acres, with 30 rooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant, spa and gardens. Almost all the homes in Washington were built pre-1950 and have been restored. Felt like stepping back in time.

A full day Tuesday with Breakfast, Yoga/Strength Training, Tour, Lunch. Hike, Dinner and After Hours at the Spa. A Spa treatment I loved included the description below.

Wednesday Breakfast, Spa, Tennis lessons, Lunch Archery lessons, Shopping in Town, Dinner and a relaxing evening. Did not cause any incidents with my bow 😂

What I loved about the Inn. The Spa was massive at 20,000 sq ft including everything imaginable. The Spa After Hours was a nice touch allowing for a personalized experience for guests only. Despite being early in the season the Gardens and Woods were a delight. The decor of the Inn was an immersion in history yet with modern touches blended beautifully.

Thursday morning after breakfast drove to Newport, Rhode Island. This stop was at a restored Mansion built in 1909. It includes 33 rooms an indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant, rooftop, spa, and garden. This Hotel is full of history. The owner was the son of a Railroad Tycoon and it was rumored the Mansion was being built for his mistress, an actress from NYC. He met her while she was riding her horse in Central Park in 1906 and was having some issues with the saddle. Both of their spouses divorced them in 1908 prior to the Mansion being completed. A truly beautiful property in a beautiful city.

While here we enjoyed delicious food, the Spa, shopping in Newport, the Cliff Walk at the Breakers where some incredible “Summer Cottages” are located. The Cliff Walk is 3.5 miles and so worth the time.

What I loved about the Mansion. The grand double staircase, the red brick, the Garden, the Rooftop and the Conservatory. I can imagine how much fun they had hosting parties here back in the day, but likely most of the events for the wealthy socialites took place at the Mansions at the Breakers. Still a girl can dream 😇

Saturday morning drove to Harwich, Massachusetts out on the Cape. Got the surprise of a lifetime at check-in. Mandy and Sara arrived Friday evening and had come to help with the Summit. Not sure how much help any of us were, but it was a nice surprise from Keith to arrange it.

First Summit since before COVID and the Scamdemic. The weather has been a bit schizophrenic the past few days. Today was sunny and nice fortunately. Our team here put on a great event with over 200 attendees. In March COVID restrictions relaxed so larger groups could attend events. The Resort planned well breaking up the group for breakouts and training. A resourceful and creative staff I enjoyed watching as a guest.

Those that stayed the night were up late socializing so dragging our way to breakfast around 8:30. Said goodbyes as peeps were mostly gone by 11. Our plans had to change due to the weather. Wanted to Golf but rain disrupted those plans. Also had plans to sail up to Maine for the final leg of our trip, but weather wasn’t going to make that very enjoyable. Ended up having in room massages and eating lots!

Monday morning road trip north to Kennebunk, Maine. Estimated time three hours, our time five hours. Mandy, Sara my daughter and I in a car. Quite the drive. There were stops for pics, snacks, more pics, Facebook Live, a detour or two or three. Squirrel Trip all the way. Amazing we didn’t end up in the Bahamas. 😂

A late lunch at the Inn for our hungry group followed by the Tour. More pics, questions, Facebook Live. Interviewed the General Manager. Had virgin margaritas. It was insane. This was my favorite stop. Quintessential New England! Really though it all has been, but I really love this place. Maine has always held a fascination for me and I finally experienced it.

This Inn was originally a Farm built in 1850. The Barn has been used for animals, a creamery, a bunk house, for storage, a dance hall and now a restaurant. The Inn includes the main house and several cottages. The property is on 66 wooded acres and so fun to explore. There are 27 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a spa, a beach and lots of water around. In warmer months sailing. paddle boarding and kayaking are part of daily life.

With the weather and wind most of our time was spent at the Spa and we did get a little shopping done in Kennebunk. I enjoyed this treatment and massage along with a 30 minute hand massage and 30 minute foot massage. So relaxing and peaceful here.

The main restaurant was closed until May but our hosts arranged for a special event. The concierge had invitations made for the guests that would be at the Inn Tuesday evening was invited to a Lobster 🦞 Dinner. Delicious! Angie from Idaho live stream from a Barn! It was such an epic ending to our Adventure.

What I loved about the Maine Inn. Lunch by the Pool, the Spa time with my friends, the Restaurant with the stalls converted into booths and the Bar below where the hay loft once was. Fine dining in such a rustic setting. The ambience was breathtaking. Hard to imagine it was built before the Civil War. The smaller Barn was a casual restaurant but every bit as cool. I loved the hike in a light drizzle out in the woods, it was so quiet and peaceful. So many bridges as well. They were beautiful.

It is Sunday morning. Arrived back here in Idaho Falls Wednesday afternoon. Mandy, Sara and our daughter returned to Utah Thursday. Ten days of New England.

Two weeks ago today I was packing and preparing to leave. Best work trip of the year so far. Tomorrow leave for Texas until Saturday. Fast and furious right now. A tip…Pre-season New England a lot is closed, but the peace and quiet was divine. After May would be your best time to travel.

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