Duck, Duck, Goose

Asked some friends on Kik today if they had ever played the adult version of Duck, Duck, Goose. The kids version you are gathered in a circle and the Caller goes around the circle tapping each person on the head saying Duck, Duck and so on until they call Goose. At that point the Goose has to try and catch the Caller before they run around the circle to the open space.

The adult version is known as Cock, Cock, Fuck. Same concept but the circle is a little larger. Everyone is in bathing suits and the Caller goes around tapping each person saying Cock, Cock until they call Fuck. The Chaser pursues the Caller around the circle trying to tag them before they take the vacant spot. If the Caller gets caught the Chaser gets a quick fuck.

Some rules to the game. 1. Opposite sexes participate in the Fuck. If the Caller is a girl and she taps a girl’s head she has to pick one of the guys to her right or left as the Chaser. So you have to be paying attention. 2. The chase is twice around the circle, not once. 3. Always stakes in the Game. Each round is worth $20, if you avoid getting caught the money collected is donated to a Charity. 4. Fuck cannot last more than two minutes and you have to stay in your swimsuit. If the guy cums he donates $20. Fundraising can be so fun!

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