Winter Adventure in Jackson Hole

Alabama crushed Ohio State 52-24 on Monday night for the National Championship. Roll Tide!

Pups and Puss to see the Vet Tuesday. Keith in hot water. He started in with “Who wants to go see Doc?” The poor little guys don’t like Doc and I had to deal with anxious fur babies. Essential oils for the dogs to calm them down. Not sure we will see Cat for a month. No sex for Keith. He was very bad.

Claimed a “Me Day” on Wednesday. Looking ahead at 2021 feels a bit intimidating. Got up and made some blueberry muffins and hot chocolate. Went to the Barn and spent the majority of my time there. Couple miles on the elliptical, afterwards the dry sauna to relax. Listened to music and made a Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch. Had a massage in the afternoon, nap and went for a ride on my horse. Dinner at Olive Garden with my friend Ashley then crashed pretty early. Keith earned back some Grace by taking care of the kids and giving me some space. Still an intimidating year ahead but found some focus.

Made a big breakfast this morning. Keith and the boys loaded up the SUV and then off for Jackson Hole. I took the boys skiing on Thursday afternoon while Keith had some biz meetings. Thursday evening friends of ours arrived with their three kids. After dinner gave them a quick tour of Teton Village. Soooooo much snow! Link to Resort

After breakfast Friday a visit to the Spa and a 90 minute massage. Our son and daughter at BYU arrived with friends in time for lunch. Spent the afternoon skiing until it got dark. Steak dinner at the Mangy Moose Steak House with our group. Finished the evening at the rooftop hot tub. Holds 22 peeps and we had 17. Kids thought that was the coolest thing and stayed king after the adults bowed out. Views were spectacular.

Final Day the morning was spent snowshoeing and after a long lunch the afternoon snowboarding. Italian for dinner and OMG ate way too much. Our entire group was on the same floor and rooms were grouped together. With social distancing and masks enforced in the lobby and other areas, I enjoyed being able to visit late into the night in the suites.

Up early today to drive home. Keith has to be in meetings at 10. Kids are all coming back after they have breakfast. Church is at 1 again this year, which honestly works for us giving us a little more flexibility. Never thought I would say that about late Church lol. Packing today and leaving for Lake Tahoe tomorrow. ♥️

Red Mountain Resort

Tuesday morning our Partners flew in from Boston to pick us up enroute to Rossland, British Columbia. A Winter adventure in Canada 🇨🇦 to kickoff 2021.

Corner Room with a View
Chair Lifts in the Lobby ♥️
Loved our Corner Suite

Arrived at West Kootenay Airport in Castlegar. Shuttle transported us to the Hotel at Red Mountain Resort. Couple of runs down Red Mountain was a great way to start the trip. A little history of the area. Red Mountain is one of the oldest ski resorts in North America. Rossland was settled in 1892 as a mining town for Gold. Early settlers included some immigrants from Scandinavia who brought there love and skill for skiing. There are five mountains. Red, Granite and Grey all have ski lifts. Roberts and Kirkup are back country and access for Cat-Skiing and Heli-Skiing. Epic beauty. Here is a link

Red Mountain Resort Trail Map
View from Granite Mountain
Paradise Lodge
Red Mountain Base Lodge

Highlights of our stay included a strategic planning meeting that only lasted two hours. A couple of Spa visits. The FOOD! Shopping and dinner in Rossland after Cat-Skiing. The guys waiting for us at the local brewery. Informal strategy discussions late into the night. A few of our expert level skiers telling of their grand adventure Heli-Skiing. Nope it wasn’t me! Not being rushed. The meeting with the Resort peeps and it being so open and transparent. I absolutely loved this trip!

Here are links to Rossland Beer Company and Idgie’s in case you visit.

Rossland, British Columbia
Idgie’s Restaurant

Saturday returned home mid-day. The pups and kids were excited to see us. Our youngest and Coach Keith had a basketball 🏀 game. A win to start a new season. Grabbed dinner and crashed early Saturday evening as the cat purred me to sleep. ♥️

What’s coming? A lot of travel. Upcoming trips this month include Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City to finish off January. Yes the Festival is still happening. Scaled way down and a big part of it is virtual. Hoping post COVID the Festival recovers and peeps come back.

January 28th – February 3rd

A final word if you are a skier or snowboarder. Plan a trip to Red Mountain Resort in Rossland. I highly recommend it. Can’t recommend it enough! ♥️

2020 Finale

Day after Christmas. Saturday snowmobiling in Swan Valley. Snow was falling like crazy! Planned to stay the night, but decided to leave early to avoid getting snowed in. I love when it snows all day.

Kids had a blast!

Tuesday Eye Doctor visit. He blinded me! Could not see anything until later in the day. Never let them dilate your eyes. It’s a trick! Made for an interesting Volunteer Ski Day at Kelly Canyon. I was the official blind Greeter as guests arrived. First Elf of the Season Award and swag bags for everyone. So much fun and eventually I was able to get a few runs in.

Wednesday Dentist visit. No cavities for this girl! No cavities for anyone, so it was a good day. Lava Hot Springs Day for the Volunteers. Friends from Utah arrived and we hung out in the Hot Springs. Had a lot of fun taking pics and playing host.

New Year’s Eve Snowmobiling in Island Park and adult sleepover. Older kids entertained for the Youngling’s Sleepover at the Homestead. An expensive negotiation 😂.

Meanwhile in Island Park. Five couples. Snowmobiles. Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll! Took the sleds for a ride after we got there. BBQ Ribs for dinner. Yummy! Fundraising Event today, Sex for Charity. You could buy sexual favors for $20. If someone disappeared, don’t ask. If the door was closed, don’t disturb. However, no one said anything about not listening at the door. The cash pile grew despite the looks of innocence. I was not fooled by their decadence 😇. Left for the night ride about 10 pm. Fun to share some kisses to welcum the New Year with everyone. May 2021 be memorable in all the right ways. From 1-3 am same room fun in the dark. Love the sounds of sex. Crashed after that.

New Year’s Day. Awake at 7 am then asleep again lol. Definitely going to need a nap. Happy New Year! After breakfast headed home to hang with everyone. Streamed WW84 and yes I liked it. Chill day with some games, college football and food!

Saturday started early with cleaning the Church. As is tradition homemade doughnuts 🍩 afterwards. Us girls and some of the kids went to Kelly Canyon to ski and snowboard. The guys stayed back and watched College Football Bowl Games. Ended the day with Karaoke and it was wild. I swear sometimes it’s really good to laugh. Best way to start the year is with Karaoke and friends!

Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas arrived early with kids up at 6 am. Why can’t they be up this early on a regular morning?! Gifts were opened one at a time. The person opening their gift selects the next gift. Learned a trick a few years ago. Each kid has their own wrapping paper, but they don’t know which is theirs. I know, cruel 😂

7500 pieces. Insane
iPhone 11 to me from Keith! Unexpected

After the unwrapping enjoyed a breakfast casserole, OJ and hot chocolate. A few highlights of gifts. New jammies for everyone from Old Navy. A Millennium Falcon Lego. Donkey Kong Country for the Switch, Coat, Beef Jerky, Lightsaber, Allbirds and an iPhone 📱. I was as excited for the iPhone 11 as the boys were for the Lego Millennium Falcon 😂. Nothing compared to the geek level of Keith getting his Darth Maul double blade lightsaber. That is a pretty high level of surprise and Joy.

A simple tradition started a few years back was making a donation to a charity of the kid’s choice. It is wonderful to see them do some research and make their selections each year. Our youngest picked Ronald McDonald House Charities. The other three I was familiar with but as we learned more about his selection this year I was so impressed. Here is a link if you would like to learn more and a direct link to make a donation to a great non-profit

Spent the afternoon playing games and watched the movies It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Dinner of Ham, fresh rolls, funeral potatoes and peas! The Power of Christmas still can pause the World for a few hours. A memorable Christmas Season. 🎁

Season of Giving

25 Days of Christmas. A magical time. A Season of Giving concludes on Christmas Eve every year. Always opportunities to give, but Christmas is precious. I love witnessing the best of people. This Project continues to evolve as more peeps join the Circle of the Phantom. The final two drops just completed ✅ The Phantom will return in 2021.