Disney’s Mistake

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars Solo







Okay I liked Star Wars Solo but like Episode 7 and Episode 8 big blunders kind of take away from the films brilliance. I give credit to the film I just think Disney needs to tighten up their story telling so as not to distract a very smart fan base. With that said they will still make bank on this film.

So here is the mistake. It has to do with a timeline. The big reveal of Darth Maul as the man behind the crime syndicate was a big surprise however this dates the movie pre Episode 1. If this is the case Han would be an old man, close in age to Obi Wan Kenobi, by Episode 4. We know that isn’t the case so although a melt your brain type of reveal, Disney traded sensationalism for story integrity. Anyway enjoy Solo, it is a fun movie. It could have been an A film, but that error cost it in my mind.

I even tried to rationalize it that this was post Episode 1 as Clone Wars and Rebels reveal Maul is still alive. His story arch however doesn’t indicate he would have been behind the crime syndicate, that I remember, so that just doesn’t fit. Anyway what do you think?


Apparently Solo falls in the Clone Wars timeline. When he and Savage were involved in the crime syndicates prior to taking over the Mandalorians. Guess my memory wasn’t right on this.


Last week Mandy, Sara and I took our hubbies on an adventure to San Francisco.  While there we went down to Santa Clara to see the U2 Joshua Tree concert.  It was the third time we have seen U2 in concert and as usual they were awesome!

Keith and I drove down to Utah Monday afternoon and stayed in Park City for the night.  We got up way too early on Tuesday, I mean we could have slept longer but he was ready to go.  Keith actually pulled the covers off of me!  I was shocked.  I mean you just don’t do that.  Especially after the fun we had a few hours earlier.  I was naked and it was cold.  Anyway it wasn’t a good start to the day.  I had to work very hard to Forgive but I will not Forget.

Keith is one of those travelers that has to get they like an hour before you need to be. I’m kind of the one that I usually makes it on time. Usually like when it really matters. Important stuff I usually make on time anyway. So I tend to be quite vexing to him when we travel.  I make it up in sexual ways but in the moment he can be…what is that word?

Frustrated!  That’s it.  I know your saying “not Angie.” I agree with you.  I totally 110% agree with you.  I will let Keith know.  So anyway we got to San Francisco and checked in at the Marriott Marquis.  Tuesday was a little cloudy and cooler but after some lunch we got a little exploring done.  It was a pretty chill day over all.  Travel days usually are.  After dinner there may have been a little swapping for some hardcore petting that ended in very hot sex with Keith back in our room.  Room service may have been slightly awkward lol.  Happens.

Wednesday we hit the Spa.  Started with a 90 minute hot rock massage and then pedis and manis.  It was a great girls morning.  The guys had been out exploring all morning so we went and had lunch there at the hotel then had a few hours to kill back in the room.  We had to get ready for the concert.  Sometimes it does take awhile.  Distractions.  The guys got back and were rewarded with head from each of us.  We took them each around the world 3 times before the teasing ended.  Then off to Levi Stadium.

We got there about 5:45.  Mumford and Sons was the opening act.  They weren’t too bad.  But I was wanting my U2.  The other concerts we had been to was the Elevation Tour in SLC November 2001 and the the 360 Tour at the University of Utah a few years later.  A U2 concert is pretty much a spiritual experience.  This night was no exception.  They started with Sunday Bloody Sunday and WOW it was over two hours of U2 Heaven.

We got back very late to the Marriott.  Slept in Thursday then ordered room service.  A friend recommended the Filbert Stairs up to the Coit Tower.  That was a lot of stairs!  Beautiful though.  Not something you experience every day.

We had been invited to look at a property while there.  It was built in 1904 in the Presidio Heights neighborhood.  They had a backyard theater and invited us back for a movie night.  We ordered pizzas and it was a lot of fun.  We watched Jason Bourne to wrap up the day and headed back.

Friday we flew back to SLC.  Went to Tucanos for lunch then headed back to Idaho Falls.  Happy to be home for a few days.  One more event this week then Summer Vacation begins.  I can’t wait!

Softball & More

I had 3 days home before getting back to Park City for another event.  We had some fun this go around.  It wasn’t all business as many are.  Everyone actually checked in on Wednesday night.  We had dinner and an opening session.  Great CEO with incredible vision.  Everyone walked away and felt really good.  He has passion for what they are doing and vision that is contagious.  It has been a pleasure watching this company grow over the years.  Thursday started with an early breakfast, a morning session of what is new for Fall and after lunch some play.  You could either go golfing or go play softball.  I decided to give softball a try.  It was crazy!  I hit the ball….twice!  First time I got on base.  Made it to second base before the inning ended.  The second time I made it to base but someone caught the ball and they said I was out.  I tried to argue.  Tried to negotiate.  But they said an out is an out. But then I got on base again with a walk.  I even struck out once.  Ha that was bad.  Oh well, I went down swinging.  The CEO and the CFO had a big bet on the game.  I was on the winning team!  We got back and had a little time before the Golfers finished to relax.  After dinner we had this Casino Royale Evening.  Everyone got starter chips to play.  Roulette is a crazy game and a very fast way to lose your chips.  I lost all of mine playing Blackjack.  I wasn’t going to buy more because I’m clearly not a good gambler.  But a few people did really well.  It was all for the auction the next night.  Friday started with a great keynote speaker after breakfast then some great break out sessions for training.  Loved the Prime Rib dinner and the Auction, it was very entertaining.  We had 25 really awesome prizes and based on who had the most chips they got to pick first.  Technically not really an auction but still pretty cool as those with no chance started throwing in their chips to those with more.  It was kinda a race for the most.  But I will say the prizes were really really good.  The money used to buy back in and the extra chips not used in the auction were donated to Charity.  I love the fact this company never forgets to do something charitable.  They kind of surprised me though.  They didn’t let me in on it this time, there was a twist and I love them for it.  I left Park City to drive home.  It was a long day but I made it home around 2 am.  Today I’m super tired but with my daughter’s first Prom and the lunch at our house there was much to do.  Being a Prom mom is a big deal after all.  So a few others joined us about 10:30 this morning to get it all ready.  The taco bar was delicious and I am very excited for tonight!  We are going to take so many pics I’m sure the kids will be late for dinner,  Good times!  Kids grow up way too fast.  

Cape Cod Girls Trip

Spring again and with it our annual Girl’s Getaway.  With busy schedules we had to really work this year to find the time.  Soooo worth it though.  Anyway early start for me catching an early flight to Salt Lake City.  We made quite the scene when we found each other.  There may have been some jumping and screaming.  A few odd looks thrown our way.  I do not apologize for being excited.  😇

We grabbed a quick breakfast and I boarded first and was able to get us a row.  I don’t mind Southwest Airlines boarding because the two free bags so is worth it.  This flight the Middle was totally ok with me.  It was fun catching up and friends make for a great place to lay your head.  We arrived in Boston at 5:25 pm and after getting the luggage and our rental car we were starving.  Mandy had made a reservation at Abe & Louie’s.  I can see why they were so highly recommended and definitely had the WOW effect.  There was so many things we wanted to try so we ordered four entrees and just split it up.  We got a Filet Mignon, a Maine Lobster, Prime Pork Chop and the Prime Rib.  No we did not finish it all.  But OMG it was unbelievably good.  Between appetizers and salad and desserts, which we also shared, it was an incredible meal.  I won’t even tell you about the desserts.  Just go the next time you are there.  Okay I will say one thing about the desserts.  A 7 layer chocolate cake that I can still taste.  It will melt your brain.  We had to order milk because it was that good.  

We got into the place we were staying pretty late.  The fog had come in and it was a little creepy, I won’t lie.  There is a carriage house that we were not going to go check out.  Kinda felt like a Stephen King novel.  We got our stuff in the main house and there we stayed lol.  I was so tired.  I think I slept most of the two hour drive out to Truro.  Truro is a little more than half way up the arm of the Cape.  

Tuesday was our big day.  We went to the store for food and supplies.  I have a friend there that agreed to put together a dōTERRA class for us.  She grew up on the Cape and knows everyone.  I had arranged for a caterer and since this place we were staying is kind of historic we had planned a tour as part of the event.  Mandy and Sara are big time in dōTERRA and we had a successful night.  My friend did a great job inviting people. 

Wednesday we slept in and since sunshine was in the forecast decided to go explore.  We spent the morning in Orleans and the afternoon west in Falmouth.  I really love the Cape.  So much history and they have lighthouses!  We had dinner in this place called the Quarterdeck.  A quant little place in Falmouth that was built from the original lumber of MacDougall’s Boatyard.  The boatyard was there in the 1600s.  It just boggles my mind.  Dinner was wonderful I had the fish and chips and they have their very own Quarterdeck Rootbeer.  We talked them into Rootbeer floats for dessert!  The stained glass art in the Quarterdeck was so beautiful.  

Wednesday night was the first night we weren’t exhausted.  It was a fun day and I think we were all feeling a bit carnal.  Is that a word I can use?  Anyway we got back around 8 pm and yeah.  It was a very pleasurable night.  You know there are actually a lot of things 3 girls can do together.  I still will never forget the look of lust on Sara’s face as she said “Oh. My. God!”  She then screamed.  I don’t recall ever seeing her cum that hard.  It was awesome!  

Thursday we had another sunny day and headed for Martha’s Vineyard.  We were able to tour a bit around Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven.  Grabbed lunch and ice cream but the highlight was a tour of an old bed and breakfast in West Tisbury.  It was built in 1790 and kind of reminded me of what maybe the Homestead in Midway was like before the golf course and all the additional buildings were added.  It was beautiful.  A very popular place for weddings.  

Friday we slept in.  Finally!  We had a follow up dōTERRA class with some that couldn’t attend Tuesday night and a couple that attended Tuesday that brought some friends back.  We had lunch brought in and had a fun couple of hours.  Friday afternoon we headed to Provincetown up the arm.  It was raining but we still went out.  We stopped for dinner at Bayside Betsy’s and had Clam Chowder soup and Ribs for dinner.  It was really good and really messy lol.  After dinner we stopped at Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream.  I had this caramel ice cream.  Unbelievable!  

Saturday we got up super early and headed back to Boston.  Flight was at 9 am but it’s a two hour drive.  Caught a couple of naps on the flight back.  Vacations wear you out afterall.  We had scored some Jazz tickets for Saturday’s game so Keith brought the kids down.  We went and had lunch at Blue Lemon and killed some time at City Creek, then almost saw the Jazz win.  I really thought they were going to do it.  The energy level was insane and the Vivint Center was rocking.  But Kevin Durrant in Beast Mode swept away our hopes.  It was fun though.  The kids had never been to a playoff game.  We stayed the night in Park City and thank goodness slept in.  We left around 10:30 stopped at Kneaders for breakfast.  Yes they are open on Sunday in Park City.  We are on the way back to Idaho now.  Was a fun week but there is no place like home.