Mind Blowing Sex 

Question today was asked what is the difference between normal sex and mind blowing sex?  Here is my take.  It is pretty easy to make a guy happy sexually.  If they cum they are pretty much satisfied.  But to give them mind blowing sex you take them to the edge and bring them back.  Several times.  You tease them you give them head and you make sure it lasts more than 60 minutes.  Swallow and he will be worshipping you.  Blow his mind by giving him oral after you fuck.  Wear something sexy, whisper something naughty, and gasp.  Mind blowing sex is about stimulating his desire and his mind as much as his cock.  Initiate it and make sure he knows you need it.  You want it.  Cum on his cock.  Even if you have to masterbate to get there.  He better do it or you may take care of it yourself.  Either way works but guys love to experience your orgasm.  Wanting is not a terrible thing to elevate sex to mind blowing.  If you can get him up a couple of times and leave him completely spent you score high marks.  If your still wanting sex and he is done you both win.  Nothing like you wanting him that much to carry over.  So sleep naked and wake him up nicely and do it again.  

Yes Yes Yes

You know that feeling you get when your orgasm is building and you start going over the edge?   Your crying out yes yes yes and it finally breaks.  That build up is the sweetest journey.  Sometimes you don’t quite get there but it still feels so good.  But when you do OMG!  Definitely easier to get there when I’m in control but I think it’s the most pleasurable when he gets me there.  More rare but aren’t those the most precious?


I guess we soft swing with a couple of my close friends and their hubbies, but as I understand the definition of swingers, they have sexual intercourse with other couples.  I think we are more into extracurricular sexual play.  I bring this up today only because I was asked on Kik how we became swingers?  Even he was like I know that isn’t the right term.  I kind of wish we had a term that made sense.  Maybe extracurricular sexual players or ESP.  Soft swingers or naughty Mormons may work.  Who knows?  Follow up question was how did we get into our lifestyle and relationships?  One thing I have noticed from years of being married and my experiences in chatting and seeing others in their lifestyle choices is this.  The woman in almost all scenerios controls the situation.  The husband or boyfriend may convince her to try, but whether they continue or not is solely her decision sometimes even at the guys regret.  So word of warning be careful what you wish for she may like it more than you expect.  

As for us I had already started having some fun with my close friends Mandy and Sara.  We had even had some threesome makeouts with guys and swapped guys for making out even before I started dating Keith.  The threesome make outs were hot and inevitably we got more into the girl girl fun which started happening without guys around.  After Keith and I started dating he got some play with me and my friends.  He LOVED it!  Keith and I were the first to get married and for awhile I got some fun make outs with a couple of guys my friends were dating including their future hubbies.  For us we just kind of evolved into our particular situation rather than making a course change later.  It works and we all like each other a lot.  We have never gone all the way with each other’s spouses which I know seems crazy after all these years but its just so ingrained in our rules with each other we won’t do that.  Not that there haven’t been times all of us have wanted more.  I think the temptation and want sometimes is as good as the real thing.  It’s kind of good in my mind to just leave things at desire.  I know for myself I am very faithful to my husband.  I would not do anything sexual behind his back for anyone.  In our 21 years of marriage a couple of times we have called timeout on play with others.  You sometimes just need the security and intimacy of only each other.  Jealousy does rise up at times and can become a more powerful thing than Lust. Since he doesn’t play with others without me involved he has been the one that I have to try and keep the Jealousy at bay.  Even though me playing turns him on, I have to manage my own passions.  Getting too into a guy, or too eager, tends to tip the scales.  Keith and I have talked a lot about this together.  Definitely finding that right mix of Jealousy and Lust is what makes it work.  I think balance has to happen on many levels in marriage or a relationship anyway.  For us we have figured out something that works for us.  Now many of you that might think you want this. I can honestly say there is nothing wrong with monogamy.  Just be cautious in what you want. Even though we have played off and on in our marriage and have had so much fun, if I never did again I would be totally fine.  ❤

Horny in Idaho

Keith was in Utah since Monday.  I was so excited to have him home.  With the YW Winter Retreat where the Bishopric slept in bunkbeds  I didn’t get any from Keith and then him gone for 3 days.  I was so wanting sex, so so so bad.  We finally got to bed around 10 and I rode the Cock last night.  I rode it slow.  I rode it hard.  I rode it until he couldn’t get it up anymore.  I rode it with the lamp on.  I rode it in the dark.  I even rode it by mobile phone light.  Sex after 3 days, although not a thing I like often, is definitely fun.  Your just all over each other.  I want to get plenty the next few days because I’ll be gone next week Monday through Saturday.  I am wondering when is a good time to wake him up?  What is fair?  I mean do you let a guy sleep in or does he prefer to be woke up?  Faced with a real dilemma. 

Signed Horny and Wanting in Idaho 

Sexual Voodoo 

Hubby says I practice it.  I really have no idea what he means by Sexual Voodoo.  I guess maybe my love for sex?  Yes I do love sex and I am not ashamed to admit that.  I had 5 orgasms yesterday by noon before he left.  Two with him and three by myself.  He did enjoy watching.  An Irony I have noticed.  Men talking intellectually about sex is often a contradiction from one thought to another.  Usually ending with an erection and just a cluster of words.  It makes no sense other than I guess men are most happy having sex.  I keep Keith happy.  As his girlfriend and spouse that means a lot to me.  If after 21 years I can still get him excited I think maybe that is this Sexual Voodoo that he thinks is so rare.  Maybe in the days of the Puritans I would have been burned as a Sexual Witch.  Ladies get your Voodoo on and make your men incoherent,  it’s good for both of you.  We certainly are capable of all kinds of naughtiness when we are in the mood.  😇