Make Out Memories

When I was in high school and college I loved to make out.  It was too risky at home, although a few times we did that to.  The best place was in the car.  The added benefit was you could more easily keep it from going too far as opposed to a couch or bed.  A couple of times in high school we swapped make out partners when out with friends.  Just something really hot kissing and petting with someone new and totally erotic especially hearing the breathing getting deeper and a gasp or two.  The most intense though was when someone cums. I loved the windows steaming up and the smell of arousal.  I made it to marriage with my virginity, but barely.  I still enjoyed a few hot make out swaps while engaged and after marriage.  It was fun to start with someone else then Keith fucking me in the car with friends.  They weren’t having sex yet so I loved the foreplay and the finish.  I considered it education.  I was going to school to become a teacher after all.  The craziest though was a few times there were 3 couples.  The threesome make outs were the absolute best.  Grinding and swapping.  Several sessions went almost all night.  Word to the wise, bring a box of tissues lol.  Happy memories.  Still enjoy some fun in the car when I get a chance.  😇


Not sure how many of you have ever tried a Sybian before but they are awesomely orgasmic.  Video is included below for reference. LOL. So basically yeah.  HMMMM where to start.  Yes Carmen Electra describes it well.  My husband gave it a Star Wars droid name of SY-BN.  We thought it was funny so it kind of stuck.  When Mandy, Sara and I get together every once in awhile…well most of the time the SY-BN cums out.  We have this little competition we often do that is like mechanical bull riding in a bar where you try and stay on as long as you can.  The others or sometimes one of the guys controls the ride.  Yes it can get very intense.  Right now Sara has the record.  The SY-BN causes very intense, wet, multiple orgasms and at times name calling.  Best ever was from Mandy when she cried out “Bitch you did not just do that” as she came so hard she fell off.  She needed Gatorade, she was drained.  It was one of the greatest sexual moments ever.  I so wish I had that on video.  So take it from me, you have to try one of these.  Sybians are not cheap so talk a friend into buying one.  I have been saving for one but honestly I don’t think I would get much done if I had access to a SY-BN daily.  I got horny just writing about one.  😇  I have rarely ever cum so fast as I do when using one of these.  

SY-BN video

Fun Dip

Have you ever experienced Sexual Fun Dip?  The candy produces a sugar high the other a sexual high.  Last night Mandy and I finally got some play time.  We didn’t let Keith join in last night.  He just got to watch.  But this morning we decided to tease him with no mercy.  Sexual Fun Dip is where you have the guy dip the cock and it’s all covered in her juices and you get to lick it off.  If you haven’t tried it your in for a tasty treat…Yum!  Keith didn’t get to dip more than the head, but I made sure to really lick all around it.  Mandy did get to have his cock more sugar coated than I did, but no limits between Keith and I.  It was a very good morning!  Someone may have screamed.  

Tucanos Joy

Ok this is one of my secrets but I hope some of you might enjoy it as well.  Ha it might even boost business at Tucanos.  One never knows.  Ok I do swallow.  Cum kind of has its own unique taste.  Not the most flavorable things in the world but OMG the turn on for guys is priceless so it’s worth it.  But there are ways to make it a bit more enjoyable.  My favorite is a trip to Tucanos and having the guys eat lots of pineapple and those fried bananas lol.  Strawberries are a nice addition to.  Almost like preparing a Cum Smoothie for later.  It’s so worth it!  A Tucanos day makes for a very fun 24 hours.  So guys knock down the citrus fruits and remember a dinner at Tucanos leads to unlimited pleasure, at least in my circle of friends.  A bonus…the Brazilian lemonades are an added delight to be enjoyed later in your cum cocktail.  

Habit of Sex

SEX!  We all love it.  I don’t believe I have ever met or chatted with a single person that didn’t like sex.  I asked some friends this morning if sex for them was a Habit or an Event.  What did they want it to be? Most responded an event.  I get that.  I mean an event is a big deal.  It’s not just the normal.  You dress up, your excited, it’s like Christmas!  There is anticipation that you don’t normally experience.  It’s not just sex it’s sex with some intensity.  Your like going to the event, your going to impress at the event, it’s going to be memorable because it’s the event.  

For me though sex is a habit.  I have found that regular habit sex happens because we enjoy it.  I feel closer to Keith, I’m less stressed, I laugh more, I definitely have a smile.  We flirt more in text messages or around the house.  Romance is alive and kicking due to a habit of sex.  I have found him to be more considerate and I certainly am more attentive.  The real key though is even though a habit of sex may not last as long, be in the dark, always early on Saturday mornings or whatever that makes it less exciting, it is never bad.  Also due to the habit of normal, everyday, less than mind blowing sex comes the spice it up attitude.  So if your getting sex once a month work towards once a week.  If your at once a week try for twice.  If it’s twice why not thrice?   Frequency spawns event sex.  Trust me on this.  So never again complain about habit sex. ❤️