Game Day

This has been a busy week. On Wednesday we had a Brunch and Holiday Kickoff for several projects we are involved in. I was asked to speak, but what I personally took satisfaction in was giving an award to a very deserving friend. It was the first of many that will be given to deserving individuals in the years ahead. A cherished moment to tell her story and celebrate her goodness. A bonus for the week is my best friends came up Tuesday evening. Watched the Jazz game and talked late into the night.

Friday spent most of the morning at the Temple. A lot of work to be done. Took names through for Initiatories, Endowment and Sealings. It felt amazing to get some work done. After grabbed some lunch and prepared for a big weekend of Sports.

This week was the First BYU basketball game. Although we didn’t get to go because of Wednesday’s Event I got to see pics. Loved seeing my daughter dance and the excitement of the new season. Go Cougars!

Friday night we had a Game Night here watching the Utah Jazz. Saturday the fun continued with College Game Day. Food was catered and drawings for prizes during halftime of the Alabama/LSU, BYU/San Diego State, BYU/Liberty and Boise State/Wyoming games. You read that right there was a basketball and football game for BYU yesterday! Peeps came and went all afternoon but we had a pretty big crowd during the BYU and Boise State games. At the end of the night there was a drawing for the Grand Prize. A lucky winner got hooked up for Christmas with a Nintendo Switch and games. Wrapped up the night by lighting up the Barn. It was a great weekend. This has been a pretty awesome week.

I was able to catch up with my two very busy college students this morning. Both are working hard and learning to sleep when they can. Made donuts this morning for the younger ones. Caught a short nap myself after Church and Choir. Getting the final packing done for our trip to Hawaii tomorrow. Very excited Keith is coming with. Mostly work but we do have a few days for some R&R. More of this in the days ahead.

Hallowed Eve 2019

It was a very BIG week around here. Started off Monday with a play date with a friend I met last year. We have been trying to get back together for a couple of months, but sometimes it’s hard. Challenging enough making time for your spouse. It takes some serious strategic planning to pull a naughty afternoon off. Bribes and threats are sometimes required to get the cooperation needed. Cunnilingus, I mean being cunning is required. Monday we finally made it happen. Lunch at Costa Vida. I had the sweet pork tacos. She had a chicken one and a sweet pork one. We shared chips and salsa. Then off to a Hotel, travel bag with the double ended dildo and the strap on. Four hours of play later went way too fast. There were orgasms. Really, really good orgasms. I definitely don’t want to wait months for a repeat. She is so good with her tongue. At 6 pm we met our husbands for dinner at Texas Roadhouse and had quite the appetite. Scissoring is a great workout.

Sadly, I ended up with a head cold on Tuesday morning. Not good timing with the Annual Halloween Event on Thursday. I hit the essential oils hard. Miraculously, between the essential oils and sheer will I was feeling better by Wednesday evening. I didn’t even leave the house Tuesday. Wednesday I made it to the Barn and spent some time in the Sauna and had a massage. Spent most of the afternoon in front of a fireplace. The cat loves that.

Thursday morning, Halloween Day. Volunteers arrived for decorating at 8 am. Had some muffins, juice and hot chocolate ready. Then it was Game Time. Wrapped up early afternoon and had enough time to get ready for the Party.

Every year we have a cauldron of Rootbeer on dry ice, also known as Witch’s Brew.

The Witch’s Dance was indoors this year as the weather has been very cold. The evening was broke down into phases. From 6-9 pm was the Ghost Hours for the kids. Some of the activities were a Candy Scavenger Hunt. Ghost Tour, The Runway where judges awarded some great prizes to our winners of the best costumes. Catered dinner with some food that may have been hazardous to your health. We had tees and a Photo Booth.

From 9-11 pm was the Goblin Hours for teens. Many of the families with younger children were leaving by then. During this time was the Monster Mash, the arcade, bowling and laser tag. This year’s movie in the Theater was the Sixth Sense.

At 11 pm began the Night of the Dead. Karaoke and the Sports Bar was open. At midnight we went to the East Lawn for a Witch Burning. It was quite decadent. Wrapped up the evening lighting the Barn. The Jar raised $1134 for the Foundation and our Sponsors matched. It was a successful night with 200 families joining us over the evening.

This year I went as a scary witch and wow did the designer nail the costume. Kids were actually frightened, some adults as well. it was crazy. So much fun wrapped into one evening. I love the vintage coloration. It looks like an old photograph.

Friday morning after cleanup had lunch at Red Robin with the volunteers. Watched a Jazz game Friday with Keith. It was a nice night. Saturday morning was our youngest sons last Flag Football game. It was a cold sunny morning. The team and parents went to Chuck-A-Rama after for lunch.

Saturday afternoon we left for Logan and the BYU/Utah State game. Arrived about 5 pm and met our kids that came up from Provo at the Blue Bird. If you have been to Logan you know this restaurant on Main Street. Enjoyed dinner and shakes with the kids and their friends and grabbed some treats to take home.

The game was a bit of a surprise. The weather was cold but no wind. Thankfully it wasn’t raining either like two weeks ago in Provo. Had thermals and layers on and out Royal Blue gear. By the fourth quarter the temp was getting really cold as BYU completed the beat down. I think the Aggie fans were in shock. Was fun watching the mass exodus with about 9 minutes left. I didn’t think they would stick around that long but I guess they thought they might come back. I love staying and celebrating with the team at away games. Here they are celebrating getting the Wagon Wheel back. May it stay in Provo for years to come. The kids and their friends followed us back to Idaho Falls. Got in a little after 2 am. I slept most of the way. I was so tired and didn’t help much telling their friends where to bunk down. I guess they managed. No one was up this morning till after 10 am. Keith had Bishopric meetings and I started on a big dinner. Chicken Enchiladas. Dinner was pretty fantastic I’ll admit. It has been nice having our son and daughter at home. They will be heading out soon for the trek back to Provo.

Jazz Opener

Exciting start to the 2019-2020 season. Jazz over the Thunder 100-95. Great WIN!

Keith’s parents came up from Utah this morning to watch the kids and we made the trek down with friends to see the Jazz game. Left just after 1, arrived in SLC about 4, checked in at the Courtyard Marriott across the street from the Vivint Smart Home Arena and went to dinner at Tucanos.

VIP experience tonight in the suite. Walked away with Megaplex movie passes and the winner of the drawing got a Utah Jazz jersey. Was not us. Good times though.

Incredible Homecoming

One of my favorite weeks each year. I’m just going to run through some highlights of the week. So much awesome it’s hard to know where to start and end.

Cubby’s for dinner with kids and their friends. Love, love, love what they did in Provo! I want one of those street signs!

Our daughter really wanted us to come down on Tuesday for the opening ceremony and the night hike but with kids in school that’s hard to break away for the whole week. Thursday we finally hiked the Y as is our tradition and finished with lunch at Chom Burger. Took our entire group and it was like a Flash Mob at the restaurant. They were good sports. If you haven’t had the food there it is so good. The shakes are fantastic. Go see them and let them know Angie sent you. Here is the website

Enjoyed a formal dinner at the Gordon B. Hinkley Alumni Building and dessert after at Last Course. Here is the website I enjoyed my Caramel Oreo Cookie Dough Shake. It was a fun night. I like to get dressed up and celebrate.

Temple trip with all the kids to do baptisms at the Provo Temple. A busy day with Fall Break but we got a great deal of work done.

Friday included some business in Provo then at dōTERRA. Enjoyed a hike to the Battle Creek Falls and the beautiful colors. Friday evening was the Alumni Cheer Practice for the Homecoming Game. Afterwards several of us went to Chilis for their virgin margaritas and skillet cookies and ice cream.

The 5K Cougar Run on Saturday was awesome. They had a new course for the run this year. I love running through campus. Got the tee and had the blue pancake breakfast. The weather began to turn by the afternoon. Costa Vida catered dinner for our pregame party. Dressed warm and in layers for the game. Thermals included. Didn’t help.

The game was cold, wet and miserable but we kept our spirits up. Cheered loud. Sang the fight song. Huddled close. WOW what a third quarter. It was enough and sometimes that is all you need.

After the game we ended up at Village Inn having hot chocolate and breakfast to warm up. I still am cold but this week has been Epic. So proud of the football team. Loved being a part of halftime and being on the field. Always a treat.


Last. Night. Was. Insane! Boise State had BYU beat in every way except one. Hunger. A cold miserable night that kept a lot of fans away. For those that braved the elements we saw Heart. They did enough to win and hung on for that win. Congrats to BYU. I’m happy for Kalani he deserved this one. Gutsy call on two fourth downs. More of Homecoming to come in a follow up post. Rise & Shout!