Washington at BYU

After coming off the exciting overtime wins the past couple of weeks there was some hope that maybe BYU could pull off another exciting win in Provo. Unfortunately the Mr. Hyde version of BYU Football showed up. It was ugly. Turnovers, penalties and mistakes in all three phases of of the game. Washington is a very good team and a rough day for our guys. I am excited though by the positives I see with this year’s team. There are great lessons even in a loss. Go Cougars!

This week the boys each got to invite a friend for our trip to Provo. They were excited all week and definitely ready for the trip to start. Left around 4 pm Friday and made really good time. Stopped at Wing Nutz in Orem for takeout and headed to the Condo for a night of football with both Boise State and Utah playing. Our son and daughter at BYU both came by with some friends to say hello and have some chicken wings. Boys played video games late into the night.

Saturday morning after a run, prep for Game Day Brunch began. Waffles, bacon, sausage, grape, pineapple & orange juices plus fruit salad. Had a pretty big crowd of friends and family. Headed to the stadium after.

I love the improvements at LES. Spent a lot of time in the Southwest corner of the stadium getting pics in front of the oval Y and chatting with friends. It was fun to see the Cougarettes before and during the game. Always an epic performance.

Yesterday was really fun with perfect weather and the whole throwback theme. The game was a whiteout game but I am maybe a bit too rebellious. I went in my royal blue. Keith said I’m a dork. I just laughed.

After the game we waited out the traffic for about an hour, grabbed our stuff and headed up the 15. Grateful for these days. Win or lose seeing the kids. family and friends is priceless.


This year’s dōTERRA Convention was the best yet! A full week for many of us and much love to dōTERRA for giving us such a gift of learning and opportunity. Not sure there was a bad moment in those three days. Bought two Convention kits. One for me and one to split up as giveaways. I think announcing winners from those not in attendance was the best. Many had followed our daily broadcasts and participated in the challenges. Our winners were so excited to get new products early. Grateful that those coming from the East Coast were safe from the hurricane and that didn’t become an issue.

The team party was incredible! The Game Day theme made for a fun night and our VIP Cosmo was a huge hit with the crowd. There was catered finger foods and desserts plus Karaoke, dancing, giveaways and at the end of the night the Big Splash for the daring. Not often you jump into the pool in your clothes. Glad the Resort had lots of towels for us.

The love and service I witnessed from so many inspires me. We truly cannot so this alone. Together is our culture and story. Can’t believe The week has come and gone, certainly the lessons and relationships will last forever. Moments!

Last Night

Okay first off BYU defeats 24th ranked USC. It was an awesome game. Insanely hot at 85 and had a bit of everything. The Cougarettes performance at the end of the first quarter is always epic. Three interceptions on the USC quarterback, the last in overtime for the win. Cougar Tails, need I say more? The fans rushing the field after the interception. I guess no one was really expecting the win and when it happened, the way it happened, it was an outburst of emotion for us all.

Insane game and the beginning of a really crazy night. Keith and I planned to leave after dinner with friends, but with the win, decided to stay in Provo. Took everyone awhile to exit the stadium after a prolonged celebration. Eventually we made our way to Tepanyaki for dinner up by University Place. One of our big things is the catching of the shrimp in your mouth. Good times and great food!

After dinner we had a private party. I will share this. There were three bedrooms, four men, five women, 20 minutes per round. It was a very wet and erotic evening. I think I had 8 orgasms by the time we ended around 1 in the morning. I also got all 4 cocks. After the past few weeks I really needed to let loose a bit. Nothing like a crazy win to get you excited.

Best. Post. Game. Ever!

Go Cougars!

We. Are. BYU!

Well all the men and boys in the family trekked to Knoxville, Tennessee for the BYU vs. Tennessee football game. Ten of them all expecting a fun time but not the miracle or impossible. I quote Keith “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it.” I was in Park City watching the game with friends and I still can’t believe it. There was screaming and a FaceTime call from Keith and they were screaming. Insanity or Joy. Not sure, but it was awesome. The future only knows what the season will bring, but for this weekend Cougar Nation is enjoying a little pride. Heads up, eye contact and Hope. Definitely nice after the pain of week 1.

I am glad the boys had a great experience. They stayed at the Tennessean Hotel, visited Old City and Market Square. The city of Knoxville and the Tennessee fans were gracious and wonderful hosts. I am glad we won, but I understand the heartbreak. I wish them a successful rest of season.

Here are some pics from their fun. Neyland Stadium is huge and they kept saying it was so loud. Over 10,000 Cougar fans attended the game.

One of Keith’s friends was on the opposite end of the stadium and took this before pic during the game and a post pic after the game. You can see Cougar Nation in the corner celebrating. I think I see the boys!!! 😂

Plus my favorite pic of the night. Singing the Fight song and celebrating with the fans.

This is college football. This is why we play, travel, cheer. As is our tradition, if we travel to a game Keith always buys a tee from the other team and brings it home. Can’t wait to get it for the Wall.

As for me. A busy week preparing for Convention. I had a quiet night at home Friday evening. Listened to music and relaxed. Didn’t even realize there was a Boise State game Friday night lol. I’m not much of an Idahoan I guess. I feel some shame…not really 😂.

A few of us left for Utah after lunch Saturday and arrived in Park City in time to unload and order some food for the game. Watched it with close friends, dressed in navy and white and even cheered with my best friends. Lots of laughing and a bit crazy ourselves. It was a blast watching on a very large screen. DōTERRA Convention is next week and looking forward to seeing so many friends.

Labor Day 2019

I have been looking forward to this weekend all year. It was going to be the end of the losing streak to the Utah Utes, along with some other awesomeness for Labor Day weekend. To say I was crushed would be an understatement. I first knew the Cougars were in real trouble when Wilson threw that pick 6 in the first half. BYU had been moving the ball but unable to get in the end zone and then that. Half time arrived, then it all went bad. Coach Whittingham made adjustments, Kalani did not. End of story and 9 losses in a row. What hurt most is it was an ass kicking. Utah didn’t look that great in the first half either but they came out ready to play in the second half. BYU needs to find some fight and pride. Pretty sad that after all Summer that was what they gave us.

Despite all of that we had fun. Left at 8 am Thursday and stopped at Cubby’s at Thanksgiving Point for lunch. Sara and her family met us there.

After lunch we all headed for Provo, dropped off the luggage at the Condo and then to the Y. Friends to see, caught up with the kids and took lots of pics. Loved being down on the field again. Especially with our daughter. Keith’s whole family came to the game. Everyone was home for the first time in a couple years. Fortunately I was able to get enough tickets because I begged for them early and often! We were split up a bit, but not too bad. I rarely settle into the seats until after halftime anyway. Loved the stadium improvements as well.

There was a rain delay of nearly an hour with lightning. Kind of insane but we stuck it out.

Friday morning got up early for a run in the hills of Provo. Running does help relieve anger, disappointment and frustration. Yeah there was plenty of that still coursing through me. After the run began the Big Move-In for the kids. Started with shopping. Our son had most of his stuff but needed to get things for our daughter. They are both living in Helaman Halls this year. She and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and then Walmart. Keith and our son bought her a small fridge and TV. Got both of them moved by afternoon and then took them and roommates to dinner at Chuck A Rama.

The Orem Owlz had a game Friday night so we headed there. After a long day it is just nice to chill at a ball park. I’m not particularly a fan of baseball but the view was awesome and the Owlz had a Grand Slam home run in the third inning. It was awesome! Check out this view!

It was super fun hanging out with their friends and singing Take me out to the ballgame in the 7th inning. That always makes me smile.

Saturday got up early and met friends and the kids and their friends for a hike up to the Y. It was a beautiful morning too! Afterwards stopped at Kneaders in the Riverwoods for breakfast! Was like a flash mob. We are cool like that.

Saturday included a trip to dōTERRA Will Call to pick up all the product for our Team. Had lunch with my besties then joined Keith’s family. Since this was the first time everyone has been home forever we went up to Sundance for family pics. Had dinner up there and then came back for games and fun at his parents house.

Sunday attended Church at our old Ward in Alpine with the younger boys. Was so fun seeing everyone. The Ward has changed so much. Kids all growing up so fast. Sunday afternoon got a nap then headed to Salem for an evening at Keith’s brothers home. Everyone was there and after dinner it was a night of Karaoke. Crazy fun!

Labor Day slept in till around 7:39 then went for another run. Brunch at Keith’s parents around 10. Said our goodbyes and went back to Provo to pack up. Our afternoon has been with our friends from college and their families. Planning on getting on the road around 7:00 for home. It’s been fun just hanging out with my favorite peeps all weekend. The guys have been grilling and we have been preparing the rest of dinner. Finally some good catching up time. Outside of BYU football it’s been a pretty awesome weekend.