Why So Serious?

Monday was one of those days. I had some trouble finding my focus. Ended up exercising all day. Did jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpies, jump rope, elliptical, ran outside. Just kept coming back to it throughout the day. Guess I had some stress to work through. Ended the day in the hot tub. Was sore the next day,

Tuesday came across something I liked. After yesterday it was a good reminder to not die exercising. Joking aside, spent a big part of the day at my computer working on a book draft. Started it months ago and made some progress today. Who knows maybe someday future Angie will thank me. ♥️

Wednesday. Took one of those silly Facebook tests to determine who I was on the outside vs inside. The results made me laugh. Maybe Facebook really knows me. This wasn’t so much a revelation more of a spooky confirmation. 😂

Thursday. It has been several days of high winds. It. Just. Doesn’t. Ever. Stop! Normally this doesn’t bother me because of trips. I leave, I come home. Quarantine is now at 9 weeks. Two small local trips for a change of scenery. Other than that we have been here. Probably would have already gone insane if it weren’t for the few non-windy or less windy days Mother Nature has granted us. Any day with low winds we are outside. Do you know how long a night is laying in bed listening to the wind howl? Idaho needs to decide to play something besides wind in the Spring.

Friday Night Cinema is Batman Begins. Broke quarantine etiquette with 15 of us. Weather didn’t cooperate so watched it in the Theater. Christopher Nolan is a great storyteller. Looking forward to watching the rest of the Trilogy this weekend. Ordered pizzas, breadsticks and wings then movie time.

Saturday morning was up early for a video call. Game changer for us. A mix of celebration and terror of what is coming in our lives. Hearts full of gratitude. Last night was also Part Two of the Nolan Batman Trilogy. By far the best of the three. Had Costa Vida takeout for an early dinner then the movie.

Sunday woke up early intending on making a huge breakfast, but fell back to sleep. Last couple of days finally caught up. For breakfast we ended up having celestial toast and orange juice. Mom fail this morning. Church this afternoon, then Keith is grilling steak kabobs for dinner. Tonight the conclusion to the Batman Trilogy.

Mother’s Day & More

Monday Star Wars Day! Movies playing on all the screens, all day. Wrapped up the day by watching the conclusion to the Clone Wars. Epic! The Empire Strikes Back is still my favorite episode after all of these years. Our daughter’s friend arrived from Salt Lake City to spend the week with us. She is so excited to have a guest. Had a fun lunch with her and then she got the Grand Tour.

Star Wars Day 2020
Cookies and Milk for the Clone Wars Finale
Revenge of the Fifth vs Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday Cinco de Mayo. Printed invitations and delivered them to everyone’s pillow on Monday afternoon. Started off with breakfast burritos. Peeps must have been hungry, they were at the table by 8. For lunch we ordered Costa Vida takeout, choice was enchiladas or tacos. Made chicken fajitas for dinner and for dessert Indian Fried Bread with honey & butter. Our Fiesta was a night of Karaoke. It gets a bit insane some nights, I couldn’t stop laughing. Sweet Caroline was the best performance of the night, Keith nailed it. For those of you that follow, you know I love Neil Diamond and pretty much know the words to all of his songs. A memorable night.

We had a Fiesta
Just add honey & butter

Wednesday started with a 5 mile run. Needed to burn off some of that Mexican food. After lunch met up with our friends in Rexburg. Several hours and orgasms later…well let’s just say it was incredible. It had been awhile since hooking up with any friends. Sooooo needed it. Made out with the guys, then with my friend. They watched us have some fun before they joined in. The double ended dildo got in on the action. Keith got to slide in and have sloppy seconds. Lust can be very filling.

Dressed up with no where to go…

Thursday played some Wallyball and racquetball. Keith grilled BBQ ribs and corn on the cob. Made some homemade fries and jello for a yummy dinner. The girls taught me a couple of their dances. Spent part of the evening in the hot tub listening to music. Later after it got dark, pulled out the telescope to check out the full moon.

Friday Night Cinema. First of the season. Younger boys got to invite 3 friends each. Once parents gave approval, the invitations were emailed. Party started at 7 in Flynn’s Arcade. Keith talked me into making a batch of a Scotcharoos to go with the soda, popcorn and candy. Unfortunately the wind didn’t allow for an outdoor viewing so watched The Incredible Hulk in the Theater. Surprised they didn’t pick a Star Wars movie this week. Boys got picked up at 11:30. Good luck getting them to sleep!

The Incredible Hulk over Star Wars?

Saturday I got to choose the activity with it being Mother’s Day Weekend. So loaded up the 4-Wheelers and headed to Palisades to explore & shooting. Marcie’s friend had never shot a shotgun. Always fun sharing something you love with someone new. Picked up KFC on the way back and ate out on the patio. After dinner got 3 sets of volleyball 🏐 in on the sand. Girls swept the boys 3-0. Karaoke under the stars until late. Got to sing several Matchbox Twenty songs! Feeling it last night. Maybe it was the sweep in volleyball 😂

Sunday Mother’s Day. Slept in after 3 AM sex! 😂. Was served breakfast in bed. Watched a video with some sweet messages while eating in bed. Something I never do. Nothing like feeling loved. I am a lucky girl. Looking forward to seeing what they do for dinner!

3 AM
Slept in & got breakfast in bed

Parting thoughts. Not sure why, but this week I don’t necessarily feel things are going back to normal. I believe we are going to start moving forward into this post pandemic life. The two months of shelter is coming to an end. I have felt the stress that has come from being in uncharted waters and have done my best to enjoy this rare, unexpected time. Love this meme. Pretty much sums up all my thoughts.

May Day

Wednesday Keith’s parents arrived and with that a ton of energy released by four kids. They have been showing off their talents and soaking up the attention from Grandma and Grandpa for days. A few of the highlights include the kids singing Karaoke and indoor rock climbing, oldest son riding his dirt bike and shooting, daughter dancing and cooking, second son flying his drone and playing video games, youngest showing off his 🏀 mad skillz and the bow & arrow.

Thursday dōTERRA End of Month. Started working toward this April 20th and happy to report ended with a great month. ♥️ to many that didn’t give up. Thanks to dōTERRA for a truly creative BOGO week. The results were a Miracle.

24% Increase Over March

Friday May arrives. A few friends came by for lunch. Served Southwest Chicken Salad, fresh baked bread and lemonade. So fun catching up and in the same place. Seems so many plans have changed for 2020. Enjoyed hearing how they have adapted and was able to tell our story as well. Perhaps May Day is the beginning of something new as I felt of their Hope. Definitely could use more of that positivity in the coming weeks and months ahead. One friend commented “as we start to move back to normal, let us not lose what we have found.” That really hit home that despite what we lost perhaps we gained so much more. Have we been paying attention?

Southwest Chicken Salad…YUMMY!

The evening brought Pizza for dinner along with a night of Hand & Foot, American Rummy and Sequence. Finished up around midnight. Love playing games around the table.

One of our Favorite Board Games

Saturday slept in after a late night. Ran on the elliptical this morning and made a big breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bacon and smoothies. Keith and the kids took Grandpa out on the 4-wheelers exploring. Wrapped up the afternoon with the shotguns, shooting clay pigeons. Always a blast and all of us are getting better at it! Keith grilled up New York Strip steaks and vegetables. Add sweet potatoes with cinnamon butter and apple pie with homemade ice cream and tonight was a perfect meal.

Rubbed New York Strip

This week I caught up to an album I haven’t listened to in awhile. Sting – Ten Summoner’s Tales. What brought this all up? The song Shape of my Heart is about cards. Made me smile. It’s been 20 years since we saw his Brand New Day Tour in Salt Lake City. Still one of the best performances I have ever seen.

Sting Ten Summoner’s Tales – Shape of my Heart

Breaking Quarantine

Not sure about you, but we are almost done with this charade they call a Pandemic. No question COVID-19 is real. Beyond that, I don’t believe the rest of the bull$hit.

Saturday evening had a couple friends over. Keith grilled up some steaks and I made some homemade fries. A salad and lemonade completed dinner. For dessert s’mores at the firepit. Enjoyed viewing the night sky with the telescope and some much needed conversation. Honestly I am so excited for the Summer nights.

Steak, S’mores, Stars

Sunday fresh made donuts, marbled eggs and juice for breakfast followed by Church. Some day we will go back to meeting in our Chapel, but for now this has been a unique experience I have enjoyed. In the afternoon played Hand & Foot, a favorite card game and baked some chocolate chip cookies or dessert with cold glass of milk to dip them in. Another upside to the quarantine. Time to bake and cook.

Hand and Foot!

Monday Keith and our two BYU students left early for the Land of Provo. The time finally arrived to get checked out of the dorms at BYU. Got to spend the day with the younger boys. Played a couple of games on the PlayStation. I am not very good at video games. A friend dropped by and we chatted while the boys watched the first Spider-Man movie. I have so missed people!

Spider-Man the Original

Tuesday honestly didn’t do much. Slept in, masturbated with my vibe, ran three miles and waited on Keith and the kids to get home.

Wednesday has been a little more exciting. Ran 5 miles today outside! Some out on the road and some on a trail. Today was so BEE YOU TEE FULL! Hit 75 degrees and a nice breeze. I would be okay if it stayed like this for awhile. Keith talked me into playing racquetball. Why I don’t know, but I beat him! He had me chasing down balls and I think he got overconfident knowing I was tired, but I BEAT HIM! Does not happen often enough, but the look on his face was priceless. Paying for it now though, super sore! He warmed up some pizzas for dinner and we chilled in the hot tub listening to one of my playlists.

One of our daughter’s teammates is coming to stay next week. She is so excited, actually we all are. Keep thinking of that song from Beauty and the Beast, Be Our Guest. Anyway, it made me laugh as that is how desperate it feels. Maybe we won’t embarrass her. Maybe we will 😂

Be our guest, be our guest!
Our command is your request
It’s been years since we’ve had anybody here
And we’re obsessed
With your meal, with your ease
Yes, indeed, we aim to please
While the candlelight’s still glowing
Let us help you, we’ll keep going

Course by course, one by one
‘Til you shout, “enough I’m done!”
Then we’ll sing you off to sleep as you digest
Tonight you’ll prop your feet up
But for now, let’s eat up
Be our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Please, be our guest!

Beauty and the Beast

Parting Thoughts. Not sure much needs to be added. Enjoy the gift quarantine has brought us, Time.

No Shortcuts


Limitless – Bon Jovi

If you want to enjoy this Anthem of Hope, here is the link Limitless video. Jon Bon Jovi continues to inspire with song and action. The JBJ Soul Kitchen continues to serve many that are hungry through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a link Soul Kitchen to learn more. Personally for me, this continued act of kindness is one of the most charitable examples I have ever witnessed. Loved the concept before but in a time of need they step up even bigger. That is what you do.

I was bummed to hear news Bon Jovi cancelled their 2020 Tour. Keith had concert tickets for the show in Boston on July 16th for my birthday. Would have been fun to see both Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi. Great blessings and sacrifices are plentiful for all this year.

This has been an unusual week. DōTERRA really stepped up big with a creative BOGO. Numbers were off the chart. Started working on end of month early. Getting our ducks in a row. After 60 hours of video calls and phone calls listening, praying and crying with peeps I have one thing I know with a surety. It’s going to be alright. Grateful.

This week brought great lessons from others. How they are finding Peace while the World is paused. One friend shared a particularly beautiful thought. “Look at all the things we are getting to do now. Never in my life have I had all the noise stop. Not chasing things we have to do. I get time with my husband, kids, projects, staying up late, sleeping in. It’s beautiful!” I love her wisdom and paradigm. Below are a few of the best things shared with me. Enjoy!

This morning started the day with some intimate time with Keith. Made some delicious smoothies and caught up with the family. Some exciting things happening in everyone’s lives. Hard to believe May is just around the corner. ♥️