Ok outside of totally inappropriate questions that can be asked in an online chat the next most annoying thing is to ask a question to start up a conversation and then not be available.  To say “Hi” or “How are you?” or “What’s up stranger?” and to suddenly be too busy to chat.  Get real!  I have started noticing there are several people with this bad habit.  I can understand if I take 15 minutes to reply you may get busy.  But when I respond in less than a couple of minutes.  Have we become so ADD to be incapable of waiting 1 minute?  Even if I don’t respond to you immediately I do when I’m available.  These same people I don’t hear from again for several weeks or more.  Am I being punished by not beating some sort of 8 second rule?  It has become an annoyance and I may just ignore your @ss in the future.  Manners speak volumes about character.