I’m Just Me

I admit I’m a bit shy at times.  Vexing more often.  I am playful but probably not as playful as many would like.  I prefer to be in groups.  Maybe it’s the cheerleader in me.  Probably why I’m not very good in private chat.  My emotion and passion feed off those around me.  I like to be the center of attention.  For better or worse I’m good at it.  I am a flirt even when I’m not.  I think my smile tends to confuse others when it’s mostly my spirit saying hello.  Friendship is priceless no matter where it’s found.  I won’t apologize if I turn you on.  That’s a good thing right?  Forgive me if I confuse you.  Half the time I am confused.  I’m just me and that is all I know how to be.  


Summer is always an adventure.  Mine has been a very full one with so many memories.  A new journey is almost upon us.  Is it really almost time?  I think there is a some moments when you pause and think seriously now?!  Are we really doing this?  Grateful the family is all onboard.  Hard to move with a mutiny.  Appreciative for friends that distance doesn’t matter.  Most of all comforted by that still small voice that has brought such peace to our hearts that we are going where we are supposed to be.  You know amid the turbulence of life, calm waters bring peace.  The best treasures are shared.  Joy overflows because we celebrate together.  

Birthday 4.0

Today was the day.  I would like to say I turned 29 today.  Did not happen.  I have however had a spiritually sexual day lol.  What you say?  I will not tell all….but here are a few highlights.  My adventure started last night.  Keith took me to dinner with some friends to Texas Roadhouse.  I had the filet with shrimp.  Was sooooo good.  We finished up at the Chocolate for dessert.  One of my favorite places on Earth.  Side note here….if you haven’t had their hot chocolate you must try it.  Finished up with a date and enjoyed some fun in the back seat of the car.  

This morning we got up early.  Had breakfast at Kneaders, i had the all you can eat French toast, a side of sausage, hot chocolate and OJ.  We then started at the Mount Timpanogos Temple for initiatory work, next up off to the Provo Town Center Temple for an endowment session.  Thank you to Keith for being so good to run Sara, Mandy and I around all day.  We had a blast!

Tucanos was our lunch destination!  They were so excited to see me.  I got the first slices off a fresh pineapple.  Made me very happy.  I also had like 5 flavors of Brazilian Lemonade.  I love that stuff.  Keith surprised me with a cake.  I have no idea how because he was with us the whole time.  But like magic the cake was there and it was yummy!  

Next up we went south to the Payson Temple to do sealings.  I think Keith was excited to do sealings with all of us.  He would probably love the whole plural marriage thing if he could do it.  Someone had told me about doing a Temple day like this and I will admit it was fun.  We ate well and I got to hang out with my best friends and visit three Temples In a day.  

After we left Payson we went up to Thanksgiving Point and met Shaun for some fun.  I guess you could say it was a Naughty and Nice Birthday.  Ansolutely the best so far.  I did take a load tonight and Keith did get sloppy seconds.  It was a very fun couple of hours.  Very, very.  Shaun left a little after 7,  we went and had dinner at Dickies BBQ.  Todd and Brad joined us and then back to the hotel for more fun.  This is just between us so don’t tell, but I had 5 different guys dip or fuck me in the last 24 hours.  It was awesome!  I’m a little tired and tomorrow will be a busy day heading up to Idaho Falls but thank you Keith for an amazing Birthday!  I loved every minute of the past 24 hours.  The nice and the naughty!  xoxoxo to all that made it special.  

Open Hour on the List

Beginning tonight on Saturdays at 10 pm we invite those on the List to share pics they think are HOT!  Kind of an extension of the Daily Hot Pic just includes everyone.  We have three rules included in the pic below.  We love naughty not so much nasty.  Excited for the new group activity.  Group is so much more fun anyway!  ūüôā  Join us on Kik and Angie’s List for fun chat and giraffing.  


Amanda Schull.  She plays the female lead on the Syfy TV Series 12 Monkeys.  She was born in Hawaii, trained in ballet, ended up in acting.  As many of you know I am a big fan of the 12 Monkeys series.  What an incredible job of retelling a story and making it a totally immersive experience.  Amanda’s character Cassandra Railly has been so interesting to watch evolve.   Losing her innocence as the mission became the only thing that mattered.  At times regaining the empathy and compassion that is her core.  There is something intriguing that comes out in her relationship with Cole.  He seems to be her anchor to who she was when this whole story begins.  Without him she seems to skew more towards Dr. Jones’ fanaticism.  Cole keeps Cassie centered or at least brings her back when necessary.  The vulnerability of last week’s episode (Season 2 episode 7) was brilliant.  Just a continuation of the events happening to her over the past couple of episodes.  You could almost feel her pain at what happened.  Excited to see the impact of last weeks events tonight.  So I love her acting.  I admire her work ethic.  I think she is absolutely stunning.  Here are some pics so you can appreciate her to.  She is definitely my latest girl crush!