Amanda Schull.  She plays the female lead on the Syfy TV Series 12 Monkeys.  She was born in Hawaii, trained in ballet, ended up in acting.  As many of you know I am a big fan of the 12 Monkeys series.  What an incredible job of retelling a story and making it a totally immersive experience.  Amanda’s character Cassandra Railly has been so interesting to watch evolve.   Losing her innocence as the mission became the only thing that mattered.  At times regaining the empathy and compassion that is her core.  There is something intriguing that comes out in her relationship with Cole.  He seems to be her anchor to who she was when this whole story begins.  Without him she seems to skew more towards Dr. Jones’ fanaticism.  Cole keeps Cassie centered or at least brings her back when necessary.  The vulnerability of last week’s episode (Season 2 episode 7) was brilliant.  Just a continuation of the events happening to her over the past couple of episodes.  You could almost feel her pain at what happened.  Excited to see the impact of last weeks events tonight.  So I love her acting.  I admire her work ethic.  I think she is absolutely stunning.  Here are some pics so you can appreciate her to.  She is definitely my latest girl crush!