Orlando New Years

It has been such a fun week! We caught our flight on Wednesday morning early and with layovers in Salt Lake City where we were joined by Sara and her family then a fast stop in Atlanta. Thank goodness our gate for the flight to Orlando was close. A layover of 30 minutes is just not enough in my mind. We did make it though!

After arriving in Orlando we grabbed something to eat as the kids were starving. Well to be honest I think we were all starving. Chuy’s was awesome! Delicious Tex-Mex food and I highly recommend them. I had the #3 combo. Yummy! Chuy’s Website We got to the Castle a bit before 7 pm and yes it is as cool as it sounds. Over 14,000 sq ft of fun including a heated pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a Game Center, five full suites, secret passages and a theater that blew my mind. The screen was like 14′ wide. The guys were totally in geek mode exploring with the kids. Sara and I went to the store for groceries lol. We got back and joined everyone at the pool for some late night fun.

The bedroom wasn’t too bad either. Although I have never seen a bathroom that big, I swear our whole master suite at home would have fit in that bathroom. The bed was so comfortable.

Thursday we made a big breakfast and the guys took the older kids to Universal Studios. The younger kids watched a movie, Sara played the piano for awhile. She is very good. She played Claire de Lune one of my all time loved songs. Here is the link Claire de Lune We filled the afternoon with a long run and just talked and relaxed. We joined the park goers for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The kids thought it was so cool! The Littles had never been. Tees and souvenirs for all plus plenty of fun till late at Universal Studios. When we got back to the Castle the guys wanted to watch a movie! I fell asleep but somehow ended up in bed so I guess all ended well.

Friday was a day at the Castle. Slept in, guilted Sara into running with me, played games, watched a double feature of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 and 2 plus had a big BBQ and more pool time. Dinner was soooooo good. I ate so much but so worth it. Sara didn’t think coming into their room and dragging her out of bed was fair. No such rules had been called so yeah I did and I got away with it. 😇

Saturday we slept in then ate lunch before heading to Disney World. Spent the day at Hollywood Studios playing. We had dinner at House of Blues. Yeah we like music and burgers so it is always a favorite. After dinner and some shopping caught a few more attractions until late.

Today we were up early for church. I will admit it was pretty hard to get up but we made it…barely. We have six pianists in our group and the Castle has a beautiful baby grand and we had a piano concert after sacrament. Sara and the kids each prepared a number and WOW it was one of the highlights this week. I loved it! We made Philly Cheesesteaks and soup shots for lunch. It was fun and the soup shots were new. Never had done that but we had a bunch of shot glasses here so we made up something new! Tonight we are headed back to Disney World and will spend time in the Magic Kingdom. Frontierland has a big dance we plan on going to and I am sure will embarrass the kids lol. At midnight a huge fireworks show that I have heard is spectacular.

Tomorrow we plan to chill and watch College Football. Roll Tide! Fajitas, chicken wings, chips & salsa plus a chocolate fountain with strawberries, vanilla wafers, Oreos, bananas and cinnamon bears. I am really looking forward to tonight and tomorrow but always as a trip is coming to a close the excitement of returning to the Homestead grows. This road is a quiet one. We don’t get much traffic and when it snows it is pretty impossible to get anywhere without four wheel drive. This road is where my heart is. This is my home and the place everyone always comes back to. It is where my greatest Joy is. I am excited for 2018 and hope you find Joy in the coming year no matter where your road leads. Happy New Year!

Birthday Party 

Well it was fun!  Keith and his helpers were totally awesome last night as the Master Chefs.  I feel bad they were pretty much trapped doing the BBQ all evening.  They worked hard, very hard.  We made a ton of fries but they were gone pretty fast.  Thank goodness for all the chips.  The grilled corn on the cob was very popular, we had 200 corn on the cob prepared.  We ran out of ribs so ended up doing a bunch of burgers and hot dogs for the late comers and we ran out of lemons for the lemonade so glad for all the soda that people brought.  I did get ribs, lemonade and corn on the cob so I was very happy.  Keith’s dad made the ice cream.  We didn’t even come close to meeting the ice cream demand but there was a lot of cake and desserts.  I loved that neighbors, friends and church peeps all came out.  It was just fun having everyone bring their camp chairs and hang out on a beautiful July Idaho evening.  

Unexpected Surprise

My husband is hopeless romantic.  I absolutely love him for it.  He has brought me so much Joy.  I think I smile so often because I from laughing at him over one of a million silly things he does.  He  has captured my heart and continues to day after day.  Once again he has swept me away this week on a romantic getaway and adventure.  I found out late Sunday that we were leaving Wednesday morning for two days.  No warning, just it’s set so clear your calendar.  He does however, offer me 5 clues over the next two days.  Mostly to hint at what to bring and a few insights into what we might be doing.  Friends helped me figure out the where which was awesome.  

So here is what went down.  We left early Wednesday morning to catch our flight to Seattle.  A BMW rental car was waiting for us when we arrived.  I did raise an eyebrow, Keith was very excited.  We sped off to the Four Seasons where we checked in, grabbed some lunch, then had a date at the spa.  Couples massages are so very fun.  I got my favorite, an 80 minutes hot rock massage.  After the most relaxing massage of my life we got some pool time in and virgin margaritas then love making before dinner.  

I admit I love sex.  Intimate, naughty, tender, slow, quickie.  It’s all good.  Having time, being alone with your love, no kids to interrupt and having him making you gasp, moving in you and gently kissing your neck, ears, forehead and lips.  I am loved and I feel safe.  He has my heart and I trust him with it.  The best unspoken words ever expressed are from those gentle slow thrusts.  I love you Keith.  

We had dinner reservations at The Butcher’s Table.  As a foodie I give this steak house 4 out of 4 stars.  My Filet Mignon was perfect.  Service and atmosphere were top notch plus the dessert!  They even had live music.  

After dinner we hit the Space Needle.  It’s way way up there to the observation deck.  I love the city lights.  Something about how the light bathes the darkness.  It’s just surreal.  Very beautiful and romantic.  

Thursday we had an extra hour to sleep in.  Climbed out of bed at 7:30 and grabbed breakfast before heading out for our adventure.  We left early to make sure we had time as it’s about 90 minutes out to the Skykomish River.  Nine miles of class III and IV rapids with one section called the Boulder Drop which is class V.  It was insanely fun.  I was laughing so hard.  I managed to not drown yesterday which is a positive.  I did lose my paddle.  These rapids are a bit more extreme than Moab rapids.  I got very very wet.  Not that kind of wet but my teeth were chattering.  Once the adrenaline wears off it was a bit chilly.  They took us back to our meeting place and had a BBQ sandwich for dinner.  We had to get back to Seattle, showered and dressed up for the Seattle Symphony performing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at Benaroya Hall.  The place was amazing.  Got ready crazy fast and there in time to get seated.  We were on the Founders Tier so had a view from above.  Incredible seats.  Here is a pic of Benaroya Hall and of the Symphony with this huge screen with the movie behind them.  It was Epic! 

It was a truly surprising and unexpected 48 hours.  Nice mix of chill, relaxation and adventure.  We flew home and getting ready for the Birthday party tonight.  It should be pretty fun.  Lots of friends.  Ribs, homemade fries, homemade lemonade, several cakes including the soda pop cake, German chocolate and Bad Ass Double Chocolate plus homemade ice cream.  If I have to be 29 I might as well do it in style!  😇

Independence Day Park City 

This has been a very fun July 4th.  Left Idaho Falls around 9:30 yesterday and arrived at 2:00.  Mandy and her family got here just before 3:00 and Sara and her family soon after.  The girls claimed the Guest House, the boys the bonus space above the garage.  They were very excited to have their own space.  This vacation property is amazing.  Over 14,000 sq ft with 9 bedroom suites, pool, theater, game room and just insanely beautiful.  Once settled the kids went swimming while Mandy, Sara and I went for groceries.  The boys grilled up dinner and we prepped the rest.  Enjoyed the pool for awhile then went to Main Street and had some dessert.  Finished the night back at the pool and hot tub. 

July 4th started with 4 am sex then a pancake breakfast at the park.  At 8:00 several of us ran the 5K.  Parade started at 11:00 and was right up Main Street.  I caught a nap after the Parade then we went back for live music, watching volleyball and BBQ.  We did this buffet and OMG it was delicious.  The day ended with an absolutely stunning show of Fireworks.  I think a swim and the hot tub will be a good way to end this very full day.  I want to do a July 4th Party next year at the Homestead.  I got some great ideas today.  We wore the kids out, that is not easy to do.  I hope everyone ate some good food, spent time with peeps you love and enjoyed some fireworks.  

Summer Nights 

One of my favorite things about Summer is the socializing.  We have the time and the evenings are longer.  We probably have 2 or 3 nights a week where it’s just us.  The other nights we invite peeps over or go out and do something.  BBQ is probably our favorite way to cook on Summer nights.  Keith is very good.  We often will invite friends over and grill up dinner and play cards or pull out the telescope after it gets dark and stargaze.  Even just sitting out on the deck and talking into the night is great fun.