Cape Cod Spring Break 

The week is coming to a close.  It has been so much fun to spend time with family and friends.  Tonight as I prepare to sleep one more night in this amazing bed I am feeling so much gratitude.  Time with those you love is precious.  We have had an adventure this week!  The kids were so excited to go some where new.  We were a little worried about the weather as this time of the year can be unpredictable in March.  The bonus though is no crowds.  Our best bets for good weather were Tuesday and Thursday based on the forecasts.  After getting in Monday evening we had no food and barely got out in time for some dinner.  Restaurants and shops close early tbis time of year in Cape Cod.  We found this place in Orleans called Sir Cricket’s Fish & Chips.  Here is a pic of the menu.

The fish and chips were amazing.  Even though they were closing at 8 pm they let us finish up eating.  I Totally recommend this place the next time your in Cape Cod.  

Tuesday we had a sunny and warm day that broke 50 degrees.  Totally felt warmer with the sun, not warm enough for swimming, but we did go tour the area in and around Orleans after lunch.  We even went down on a couple of beaches.  

The kids loved the fishing boats and the docks.  It was just incredible to see so much history.  Every where you went were buildings that were from the 1800s.  I am sure some were even older.  We had stocked up on groceries for the week on Tuesday morning.  Jen and I were up and at the store early early!  Made it back and had breakfast made before most everyone was up.  Honestly getting up two days in a row that early was brutal.  On Tuesday night we had a feast.  Bought several kinds of steaks plus chicken to BBQ and made potatoes and carrots Hobo style on the grill in tinfoil.  We even grilled some corn on the cob, even frozen corn on the cob tastes amazing grilled with butter and seasoning.  I tried to stay up to watch a movie but I didn’t make it.  Keith got me in bed somehow.  🙂  

Wednesday I finally got to sleep in.  Rain was expected but never fell.  It was cloudy and cooler all day though.  Kids watched movies, we played cards and I think most everyone got a nap in.  I even had time to get a little reading in.  I had a great view of the water.  
Thursday we had our second adventure day planned.  The weather was a bit chilly and we had two options, going out to Nantucket or up the Arm.  We decided on the Arm mainly because if the weather went bad we didn’t want to be trapped out on an Island.  In driving up the coast we saw Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown.  It was just spectacular.  I cannot even imagine what it must be like in the Summer.  

Beautiful beautiful is all I can say.  I am in love with this place and want to visit often. We had lunch in Provincetown at a place called The Squealing Pig.  I kid you not.  

Pretty quiet day for the shops and restaurants.  I think they were excited to see us.  Definitely treated us like VIPs.  This is another place I would highly recommend.  Great menu and service and so New England.  We had such a fun drive.  At Wellfleet on the way up we got off the main road and took Old County Road up along the inside of the Arm.  Driving through these quiet, almost deserted neighborhoods was surreal.  I think many of these homes sit vacant in the winter and many of these homes are older than the oldest buildings in Utah by decades.  

Friday we had another relaxing day.  It rained most of today so I got a nap in and started dinner around 4.  I made one of my most popular dinners for everyone.  Chicken Enchiladas.  With 9 of us I had to do make double because it’s a popular dish.  There was none left!  Jen made her Key Lime Pie and it was delicious.  

A few highlights of this trip I loved the most.  I got to run 3 mornings and the air you could almost taste.  More humid and at sea level I just felt I could run forever.  I had to will myself back.  The bed was I think the best I have ever slept in.  Maybe it was just the experience being here and everything just felt perfect.  The property sits on a point surrounded by 900′ of private beach which unfortunately we didn’t get to enjoy fully, but stlll made for a great walk and views of the bay.  There is a large flag pole behind the house visible to anyone out in the bay.  There was an American Flag in the house with a book and an invitation to hang the flag each day and recommended a couple of stories about the history of Old Glory in this book.  We accepted the challenge and it was a treasure I don’t think I will ever forget.  The kids got to raise and lower the flag each day and we learned several things.  So much sacrifice has been made for our Freedom.  I took some time to write in the guest book tonight and leave our gratitude.  I honestly think this has been one of those most memorable Spring Breaks we have ever had.  Tomorrow we head back to the Homestead in Idaho.  It has been a good week.  Scones and hot chocolate in the morning before we leave.  #CapeCodIsAwesome 

20th Anniversary Trip

It has been an adventure.  So I’ll give you a quick rundown of all we did.  Keep in mind I did not plan this trip…Keith did.  So he made sure we had a plan but was very flexible.  

We left last Monday morning after having breakfast with the kids.  Our first stop was St. George for lunch.  Went to one of our favorite places Costa Vida.  Drove by the temple to see it then off to Vegas.  First night in Vegas we saw Cirque du Soleil then went exploring.  I was so tired by the time we crawled into bed.  We decided to stay a second night instead of going on to CA right away so I got some time at the spa.  We finally decided on seeing David Copperfield that night.   He was sooooo awesome.  Keith kept saying he didn’t just do that.  It was cute.  We spent a big part of the afternoon at the pool as well.  The Venetian is a beautiful place.  Wednesday after a big breakfast we left for California.  Got in later than expected and had some fun in the room there at the Montage in Laguna.  Thursday we went exploring up the coast a bit.  Had lunch in a local place.  Great burgers can’t remember what it’s called now :(. Friday we ran over to Disneyland for part of the day.  Then relaxed at the resort.  We had a couples massage for 90 minutes.  I did the hot rocks massage.  I swear it was one of the best massages ever.  Saturday we explored down the coast a bit.  Stopped at a few more beaches here and there like before and just had fun.  Enjoyed Pizza and ice cream.  Sunday had a big brunch and headed back.  Got into St George last night and was pretty tired.  Keith went and got Subway which we are in the room then he crashed and I couldn’t fall asleep lol.  So o ended up going for a run.  Today we are doing a little shopping then headed home.  Tonight I get one more surprise before we head home to the family.  Can’t wait!  

So a few highlights.  I got dessert every night of the trip but no jello.  They don’t serve jello outside of Utah I think nor Lemonade.  I had a total of 33 orgasms this past week….so far.  Just saying 🙂  Even a few on the road while we were driving.  Gave head to Keith twice while he was driving.  Bought 4 t-shirts lol.  Yes we did buy gifts for the kids at Disneyland.  We saw 2 live bands that were very good.  I got to dance with a few guys.  All in all a pretty great trip!  Thank you!!!!