3 Nephi 17:16-17

I have pondered this scripture many times.  Imaging how something could be so beautiful they could not write the words.  I think I got a little bit of understanding this week in the Garden of Kauai.  I now know there are things not meant to be captured by words or pics but remembered from experience.  

We left the Big Island of Hawaii Tuesday afternoon and after a stop in Honolulu caught our flight on to Kauai.  We picked up the SUV there in Lihue and headed north to Kilauea where we are staying.  On the way up we stopped for a treat and OMG!  Seriously think I am addicted. 

The property we stayed at in Kilauea had an incredible pool.  We spent all of Tuesday evening outside enjoying a beautiful night and a big chunk of Wednesday as well,  

It was truly like our own resort.  There was even a bar in the pool.  The kids and Keith thought that was the absolute coolest thing ever.  

Fortunately we didn’t have to eat out much on this trip, but when we do, we like to find fun unique places to go.  In Princeville there is a really cool place called Tiki INiki 

I was so hungry i ordered the Grilled Ribeye.  That steak really hit the spot.  Tiki INiki had a great atmosphere.  They were even creative with some non-alcoholic drinks.  

We finally got around to the store after to grab some food for the rest of our stay.  

Thursday was the first day of the rest of our adventures.  We got up early and headed West to the end of the road.  Literally.  Road stops there at Ke’e Beach.  This is also where the Hanakapiai Trail starts.  

Yeah…I will share some pics ahead but they do not do justice to the visual experience you will have if you come here yourself.  

The trail is 2 miles in from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapiai Beach.  The signs are very real and you do not go into the ocean there.  You can totally enjoy the beach and some nearby caves.  The water is beautiful but deadly.  From the beach we hiked another 2 miles to the Hanakapiai Falls.  This was a pretty difficult hike.  Had to cross the stream several times and a few scrapes along the way but we made it.  We went for a swim and cooled off in the Falls.  The size of the Falls doesn’t look very big from the pic but it was huge.  Hundreds of feet high.  Incredible pool to swim in.  Took us about 6 hours to get up and back.  I think we made pretty good time even with the swim.  We spent another couple of hours at Ke’e Beach then headed for an early dinner at the Kalypso in Hanalei.  Ordered a virgin margarita and a pitcher of water to start.  We had fish and chips and burgers for dinner.  Very fun day and a very tired family.  

Friday brought our second day of adventure with the Halii Zip Line.  Another early start and a 40 minute drive to Lihue.  The Zip Line is seven lines of thrill.  First time the kids have done Zip Lines.  Our little guy is 9 and he was fearless.  The others were a little nervous but the we got them settled down.  I don’t think they wanted to get left behind so they found some courage.  We had lunch and a swim at Hidden Falls.  The kids were so glad for that.  It was a hot and humid day.

We got back to Kilauea about 4:30 and enjoyed another evening at the pool.  We had Hoagies and fruit salad for dinner.  
Saturday brought day three of our adventure and the final day of on Kauai.  We had to get up super early because the drive down to Port Allen is like an hour in the best of circumstances.  We gave ourselves two hours.  A friend recommended Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventure to us, so we did the Na’Pali snorkel and BBQ lunch cruise.  They have these 65′ Catamaran Yauhts.  I honestly don’t really have the words, as I mentioned above, when I started this post.  I believe Na’Pali to be a sacred place.  It is a Temple and a Garden.  I have no doubt God is an artist.  Beauty has the capacity to humble us and testifies there is a God.  I have seen the wonder of creation and it truly took some time to process.  Please forgive the pics.  They do not capture truly what we saw.  

The dolphins were such a nice surprise.  Even in the wild they love to play and show off.  Very curious to see what we were up to.  Today was one of the greatest days of my life and I am grateful it was saved as our last for this vacation.  Definitely want to return and see it by helicopter next time.  We ended the day back in Kilauea and we made ribs, steak, potato salad, fruit salad and grilled pineapple for Father’s Day for Keith.  Wanted to treat him to a feast since we are traveling tomorrow evening.

I made a big breakfast for Keith this morning.  He was served in bed.  We went into Hanalei for church.  They have a Branch there.  The Saints are so kind.  I love to attend church when we are away.  We are getting things packed and will be leaving around 5 for Lihue and our flight home.  I am glad we get to fly into Honolulu one for time to see Oahu.  We fly home tonight and will be back to Idaho Falls around noon tomorrow.  Aloha Hawaii.  

Sorry for the long posts.  I’ll cut them back in the future.  So much to share on this vacation though.  Thank you for indulging me.  


Pay attention to moments or like bubbles they are gone in an instant.  A moment is something that is missed if you are not paying attention.  Slow down, look around, be here not there and connect.  I never miss a moment to laugh, I wear a smile as often as I can and despite the busyness of life I put the pause on several times a day.  I will stop and close my eyes and take a deep breath.  It’s amazing how different the world looks when you slow it down.  I definitely pause when my kids walk in the door.  I try and see how much they have changed in the last few hours.  I like playing guess what you did today with them.  That’s where I guess what they did and they correct me.  Amazing how much I learn though.  I also choose to be awed by the every day of life.  So many are caught up in chasing whatever. The most precious moments are mixed in with the mundane.  The greatest word ever.  LOOK…. ❤️