Ok I have to be honest here.  Do couples really use the same yahoo to chat or the same phone or the same screenname in a chat room?  I have been chatting a long time and my husband knows about what I have done and when.  We have no secrets from each other…but I wouldn’t share an account.  Not sure I buy in to the idea a couple would share a screen name, it Just doesn’t add up to me.  Even though I have nothing to hide I still would prefer some filter between my chatting and him.  Just because you can’t control what some people say and certain things can cause jealousy or awkwardness or frankly would probably tick him off.  Same for me.  He knows this and we have talked about it.  It’s a little awkward not really knowing who you are talking to as well.  Not saying it doesn’t happen but I’ll call bullcrap on it in most cases.  Discretion is s big deal to us and I respect discretion and moving slow.  I’m not willing to do certain things and don’t ask that of others but this whole sharing of accounts, not buying it.  You would really have to do something special there to get me to believe.  I am more prone to believe your a horny guy just wanting to flirt and that’s ok.  I open up to people that at least present themselves as authentic and real.  I don’t need absolute proof because I respect your privacy but be believable at a minimum.