I am seriously considering getting on the pill.  I am not sure taking a morning after pill is the best way to deal with birth control after a fuck.  I definitely want to do bare sex.  Yes I will play safe and only with those I can trust but a condom isn’t as fun for sure.  Guys really hate it.  I have had too many close calls with dips.  I already know it’s very hard for guys to pull out when they are going to cum.  I would think actual sex is even harder to pull out for a guy.  I know there is an IUD and a patch as well and maybe even more options.  I haven’t been on the pill in 8 years so who knows what else has been invented.  I just really need to get something figured out soon.    How do I even have the conversation with my doctor about birth control he is the one that clipped Keith.  I just think he will know my reasons I give are not the truth as to my real reason.  Who would have guessed Keith getting a vasectomy would come back as an obstacle to play.  Irony.  


So everyone I have talked to prefers sex bare. So let’s assume you are going to do it with someone that is disease free. If your not on birth control would you take a chance and have the guy pull out? Or if it was the “safe” time of the cycle would you let him cum in you? I think there is a little bit of excitement with an element of getting knocked up. I mean no I wouldn’t want it but the chance of it is hot. Like I wouldn’t want to get caught by someone walking by the car if I was in the backseat naked but the rush of the possibility is so freaking intoxicating. Keith had the snip after our last guy 6 years ago. I have fooled around a few times and even had a few dips since then and it was very exciting. For me it’s a huge turn on but no definitely don’t want another baby. I don’t want to get back on the pill either. Condoms just take the excitement out of it. So my dilemma for when…