My Hero

Mandy truly saved me this week.  By Wednesday night I had past the point of exhaustion and hit the wall.  It is amazing that years of friendship brings an awareness that is perfect.  Mandy started messaging me in the afternoon and was asking me probing questions.  By evening she insisted her husband would drop her off and she would drive me back to Park City, stay with me and make sure I was ok.  I was like “no I’m fine.”  She was like “no you are not.”  We did the delicate dance of arguing, as friends do, while I fought on the side of independence she fought on the side of rightness.  As exhausted as I was she won, but only because I couldn’t muster a good enough defense.  I tried, oh did I try, but to no avail.  She arrived and at the end of the Christmas party we walked to my car where I didn’t even make it out of the parking garage conscience.  She even had to call Keith to get our address in Park City because she didn’t want to wake me. I have no idea how she got me inside or in bed.  I ❤️ Mandy.  I know I may be a little stubborn.  SURPRISE!  But honestly thank goodness for true friends that on occasion ignore your arguments.  I was starting to come down with a cold and Thursday she even played Nurse.  I got lots of juice and vitamins and rest.  Thursday I had another event that evening and Sara joined us for a girls night.  I got back and they had me the ultimate bubble bath waiting.  I have never seen so many bubbles.   I got about 10 minutes of alone time to relax before they decided to crash my bubbles.  Yes 3 of us naked in a tub but honestly it was just nice, nothing naughty.  We chatted and talked about holiday plans and kids and things.  Ran more hot water a few times and drank juice out of wine glasses lol.  After the bubble bath Sara gave both Mandy and I Aroma Touch Massages with dōTERRA essential oils and we watched a movie.  I fell asleep during the movie.  Loved waking up to my best friends.  Sleepovers are fun.  Sometimes just innocent but always fun.  Thank you for taking such good care of me.  I owe you both.  

Bubble Bath

This has been an unusual winter. I rarely get sick. I mean like maybe once every 3-4 years. This is my third round of sickness this winter. I got sick in November with the flu. Then pneumonia over the Holidays and now the classic head cold. Anyway I pretty much spent most of the day in bed trying to beat it with rest, juice, and water.

I decided to treat myself though with one of my favorite things. A bubble bath! I skipped young women’s tonight because I definitely refuse to introduce anyone else to my pain and suffering. So started the hot water, then added some bath salts and plenty of my magic bubble formula and within a few minutes the tub was a beautiful fountain of slippery bubbles. I applied some breathe essential oil to my forehead and sinuses and chest and breathed in some Ylang Ylang which I love and always make me horny. I lit a bunch of candles and turned on the piano channel on Pandora. Took of my robe and slid into the hot bubbly salty bath.

I have to say here it felt sooooo good.

Just having the candles, essential oils, music and the bubbles was a very nice mixture of pleasure. I almost fell asleep. I know many of you are thinking dang I hope she got off or something but no I just enjoyed the experience….until Keith walked in. I do love my husband but guys a private retreat to your homemade spa is your retreat right? Anyway Keith kicks off his shoes and just climbs in the tub with his clothes on. Bubbles go everywhere and well it was just too silly to stay mad for long. So I did enjoy him tickling my back, sides, and even my breasts. He found all sorts of ticklish places and then we got out of my spa and had some great hot sex. Tonight the older ones were gone to mutual so it worked out. I really needed that! I think he ruined his pants though. Surprises are fun so thanks Keith for destroying my private moment tonight! XOXOXO