Iron Man Civil War

One of my clients wanted to do their retreat in San Diego this year so I spent most of the week in Cali.  Was fun, not quiet the weather I was hoping for but mid 60s low 70s can be nice.  I did get a hot rock massage at the spa!  

Thursday was a theme day for Cinco de Mayo we had Mexican food and music for the day and a piñata filled with candy, cash, and gift cards.  It was awesome when it was cracked and everyone realized there was money on the floor.  Lol.  I would share the video but can’t here, too risky.  Totally fun.  Yesterday I got back to Salt Lake around 4 and Keith took me to dinner.  Ww then went to see Iron Man 4.  I was given tickets for the family.  I loved it.  If you haven’t seen it just sign the accord and join team Iron Man.  Don’t argue just do it.  Tony wants me… I mean he wants you to join.  

After the movie we caught up with Sarah and Todd and had hot chocolate and then had some fun.  They joined Team Angie last night and yeah.  Yada yada yada…a few orgasms later and it’s 2 am.  Todd got 4 inches last night.  I think I was overly aroused.  Tony does that to me.  Sarah took advantage lol.  I’m happy to be home.  I missed my family.  We have a fun day planned.  Hope the weather holds out.  Enjoy your day peeps.  Oh did I mention the Black Panther….mmmmm.  If I ever do a black guy he would be sooooo it!  


Went on a girls trip with Mandy and Sarah to San Diego.  Not quite as warm as I had hoped.  Arrived Sunday afternoon and spent some time at the pool and had a great dinner and then virgin drinks by the fire.  Went to the room and had as much fun as 3 naked girls can have in a king size bed :). Monday we got up at 8, enjoyed the breakfast buffet then wanted to hit the beach, but it was too cold, so went for a 5 mile run instead.  We decided to do the spa Monday after lunch and all I can say is wow wow wow.  The massage was for 90 minutes and honestly the best I have ever had.  My legs were wobbly lol.  On a side note let me tell you about the suite.  It had living room with a great balcony with seating.  There bedroom had this bed that was so soft and the sheets…OMG it was fun!  The bathroom suite had A huge steam shower and the tub easily fit us all.  It was very cool.  Anyway on with the story.  Monday night we did a little shopping after dinner and another night in our soft bed.  Tuesday another run, buffet, and the beach finally.  It was mid 70s and very nice.  I just love laying out on the sand listening to the ocean.  Not something you can do in Utah.  Pretty easy night on Tuesday.  Just relaxed and more virgin drinks and the hot tub.  The bartender was making us all sorts of tasty concoctions but they were alcohol free.  I can’t even remember the names.  Wednesday flew home then worked to get ready for my second event of the season.  Not as big as last week so it has felt easy.  Anyway I love a girls getaway it was nice.  I will say this…very few things better than having both your nipples sucked at the same time.  Mmmmmm!

20th Anniversary Trip

It has been an adventure.  So I’ll give you a quick rundown of all we did.  Keep in mind I did not plan this trip…Keith did.  So he made sure we had a plan but was very flexible.  

We left last Monday morning after having breakfast with the kids.  Our first stop was St. George for lunch.  Went to one of our favorite places Costa Vida.  Drove by the temple to see it then off to Vegas.  First night in Vegas we saw Cirque du Soleil then went exploring.  I was so tired by the time we crawled into bed.  We decided to stay a second night instead of going on to CA right away so I got some time at the spa.  We finally decided on seeing David Copperfield that night.   He was sooooo awesome.  Keith kept saying he didn’t just do that.  It was cute.  We spent a big part of the afternoon at the pool as well.  The Venetian is a beautiful place.  Wednesday after a big breakfast we left for California.  Got in later than expected and had some fun in the room there at the Montage in Laguna.  Thursday we went exploring up the coast a bit.  Had lunch in a local place.  Great burgers can’t remember what it’s called now :(. Friday we ran over to Disneyland for part of the day.  Then relaxed at the resort.  We had a couples massage for 90 minutes.  I did the hot rocks massage.  I swear it was one of the best massages ever.  Saturday we explored down the coast a bit.  Stopped at a few more beaches here and there like before and just had fun.  Enjoyed Pizza and ice cream.  Sunday had a big brunch and headed back.  Got into St George last night and was pretty tired.  Keith went and got Subway which we are in the room then he crashed and I couldn’t fall asleep lol.  So o ended up going for a run.  Today we are doing a little shopping then headed home.  Tonight I get one more surprise before we head home to the family.  Can’t wait!  

So a few highlights.  I got dessert every night of the trip but no jello.  They don’t serve jello outside of Utah I think nor Lemonade.  I had a total of 33 orgasms this past week….so far.  Just saying 🙂  Even a few on the road while we were driving.  Gave head to Keith twice while he was driving.  Bought 4 t-shirts lol.  Yes we did buy gifts for the kids at Disneyland.  We saw 2 live bands that were very good.  I got to dance with a few guys.  All in all a pretty great trip!  Thank you!!!!

Vacation Fun

Sometimes you take the kids and do the family thing like to grandmas and grandpas or Disneyland. Sometimes you do the romantic getaway like Cancun or a cruise. My favorite vacations are always with friends. Especially my two BFFs! I mean you love your guy and want to spend time with him because he’s your best friend and all. But isn’t it more fun to be in a group? It’s like game nights. A game of backgammon or chess is fun and can lead to strip rounds but game nights with friends can be a hoot. Anyway I’m off topic thinking about strip backgammon…it’s been awhile.

So we went to California in 2012 and was able to get some nice rooms. Had a few days away with just 3 couples. Anyway we did the beach, went dancing, spa, beach, touring, universal studios, beach. (Yes beach repeated 3 times). It was like 4 days and 3 nights. Well honestly I think this was the most fun trip ever. Each of the 3 nights we swapped spouses. So the guys moved rooms. We made them move because we make the rules of the games we play :). So only rule was no penetration. The days were fun and the nights even a bit more. No one could talk about what happened during the nights until after the trip. We didn’t have any group fun at all it was just totally innocent with your spouse from breakfast to dinner or when we called it a night then we swapped. Guys went and got their stuff then we joined them after. I guess you would call it a soft swap. I can’t even begin to tell you what our girls get together was like after we got home. I think we talked about what happened for 4 hours. That was like the opposite of being on the trip where nothing was said to you spill everything. It was kind of strangely hot wanting to ask your husband how it was going? Was he having fun? You couldn’t though. Totally was barred from the topic of nightly activities. We didn’t even get any one on one time together with our spouses for four days. We have never done that again but I think I would like to. Except one change. I think we would rent a beach house next time. Even though rules were no talking about the fun who is to say hearing some gasping and screams wouldn’t be hot. Anyway probably one of the best trips ever. We have done some sort of trip together about every 2-3 years since college with all of us. I have done a couple of trips with just us girls. A few trips with just two couples. Lots of family trips. We did one family trip with all 3 of our families. That was a lot of fun to, but totally innocent, nothing crazy. I am convinced vacation time helps with liking each other. Aloha!