Last night was dessert date night.  We met our friends Mandy and Brad at Chilis.  We ordered the brownie skillet and cookie skillet desserts!  Talk about sugar rush.  It took me hours to cum down.  We meet up for dessert at least once a month with friends.  It’s just kind of a tradition.  Some people go out to eat and we do that to, but it’s kind of fun to just go have dessert.  Maybe that is why I like the Chocolate in Orem because it’s all about dessert.  I mean really, the dessert may be the most important part of a date.  If you can’t do the dessert right, then the date is a bust.  I had some of both the brownie and the cookie.  I asked the waiter to double up the ice cream on mine.  Guess what?!   He did it and didn’t even charge extra.  He knows I come in regularly with friends for dessert though, so I think I just got the good customer treatment.  But I got what I wanted.  🙂  I almost think my thrill is more in the game of seeing if people will make an exception for me.  It’s like when they say yes I feel like I won the lottery.  I don’t gamble, but I imagine that’s what it’s like if I did.  If they say no I ask why?  It’s funny because they don’t know what to say.  Then I get to negotiate.  It often escalates to serious negotiation.  No Mikey we don’t use light sabers, but we usually negotiate to a price that works.  Last night though two scoops for no additional cost.  ULTIMATE victory.  We left and had an adventure in car make out.  Extreme car make out.  Noahs is such a great parking lot for fun.  I highly recommend their parking lot.  Just go to the far back.  Lets just say most of our clothes came off so Mandy and I were mostly naked.  We were totally taken advantage of.  I don’t think they are supposed to do those things to married women.  I did very much appreciate Mandy’s gasp.  It was soooooo hot.  What a fun start to June.  

Off to see the Wizard

Last night my friend Sarah and I took our older kids out for a night on the town.  We went to dinner and then we went to Sundance and saw The Wizard of Oz in the amphitheater.  It is such a fun place to see a at or musical.  Dressed warm and with some of my favorite people we had a great time.  After the play we stopped for a treat, took kids home, and Sarah and I had a little adult time in the car.  That was also a great time!  I honestly love to fool around in a car.  It just is so fun to find a place to park and the thrill of it all.  She tasted amazing and OMG she made me cum several times.  She definitely knows how to use her fingers.  

Car Sex

Last night I again had another Christmas party for a client. Only 7 left and then it’s done. I love the work but this year has been brutal. Too many events. Grateful but want to be done. Anyway I left at 9:30 and had a date. Met Mandy at the Noahs in South Jordan and we got in her car and yeah….

It isn’t the first time I have had fun in a car, SUV, truck or generally an automobile. 🙂 I think car sex and making out is one of the most exciting sexual experiences possible. Fogging up the windows, risk of being discovered, cramped space and it not being too easy heightens the whole experience. I actually love the urgency of getting each other off but it being a little awkward to get totally naked with the risk factor. Having to be aware of surroundings but getting lost in the moment all at the same time. Having to work a little harder in a car also makes the intensity of my orgasm so good.

I have played in the car with another couple where we swapped partners and that was fun. Been in the back with a guy before when Keith was driving. That was intense and he was driving in worse than if he were texting. Lucky we didn’t get pulled over. Last night though was awesome. Mandy fingered me and then went down on me. We made out and totally made it about me last night. If you haven’t had car sex lately you totally are missing out. Ignite your sex life with a little adventure. 🙂