For the guys out there.  A few points of etiquette you might consider when chatting or talking.  First I know guys are very visual in how they view the world.  It is ok to ask for a pic or ask what we are wearing once in awhile.  It grows very old very quick when asked every time you start talking to us.  I know I personally do not have the desire to give a play by play of my wardrobe every time I talk to you.  Or feel the price of admission to engage in conversation is a pic.  Recognize sometimes it’s not about just you and what you want. Second the conversation does not always have to be about sex.  I know I am more willing to be sexual when I don’t feel used and it’s just about getting you off.  Be friends and have a G rated conversation sometimes.  Just because you want to show me naughty pics does not mean I owe you one.  Sending me one without warning is a fast way to get blocked.  I may have others around.  Big difference between guys and girls chatting is guys like to do it in isolation. They go somewhere by themselves for privacy.  Us girls rarely have any privacy so we just are more subtle.  Easy to hide text but a pic of your cock.  Yeah not a good surprise unless we are ready for it.  Learn to be OK with a no response.   We all have our level of openness and no matter how charismatic you are I have put more than my share of guys on ignore that believe they can Jedi persuade me.  I have my own set of rules I play by.  Honestly I enjoy making friends and I’m very open.  Rarely am I offended and I don’t have a problem saying no.  The few things that i actually am totally turned off by is asking me my grooming habits, trying to manipulate me, or wanting to cross over into my real life.  I just think asking a girl if they are shaved is crass.  I refuse to be manipulated and I will not give you my Facebook…don’t ask.  Chatting takes a bit of respect and courtesy just like real life relationships.