Chuck a Rama

Last night the challenges were made, the smack talk commenced and the Gauntlet thrown down.  We had one of our crazy competitions and it was who could eat the most plates of food last night.  Chuck a Rama was the venue of choice.  Keith upped the ante to not just bragging rights but with a $50 Walmart gift card.  You can imagine the excitement.  So to make it a little fair there are some handicaps allowed like in golf.  Out 9 year old got a 2 plate handicap and out 12 year old got a 1 plate handicap.  I managed to eat 7 plates of food.  First 3 plates were the lite stuff.  Salad, jello and shrimp.  Stayed away from the scones and bread, they fill you up too fast.  I didn’t drink anything but water.  I had my strategy, it was sound and how I usually defeat everyone.  I out lasted a Keith and our daughter.  Our youngest tied me with his 2 plate handicap but our 12 year old was a beast.  No more cheating with handicaps for him.  He takes us all down with 8 plates.  Didn’t even need the freebie.  I thought I was going to hurl.  Made it out to the Tahoe and dropped the seat back so I could breath.  The champ wanted to go to Walmart after dinner.  I think all of us were like are you kidding?!   It was fun but clearly there is a new Champ in the house.  I won’t take him on again.  Family…isn’t it about time?  Easily could have been a Mormon commercial lol.  🙂

Sold Out 

Well we made the trek south to see BYU came Gonzaga.  Gonzaga right now is the numbet 1 ranked team in the country you know!  So it was not just the rivalry game, it was an undefeated huge game with potential for an upset on Groundhog Day.  Plus it was packed.  We barely got a parking place and we were early!  

So here is how the trip and everything went down.  We left on Wednesday late afternoon.  Had Thursday to get some things done.  A friend came by and taught my mother in law and I some cool dōTERRA stuff.  We made some blends and on a very personal note we are grateful for her love and encouragement. Keith spent the day with his parents.  I went and had lunch with Sara.  We hit Tucanos and had a big lunch.  They made sure we got plenty grilled pineapple.  After lunch we stopped at Mr Mac and ordered some more shirts, ties and another set of pants for my missionary.  Love that Mr. Mac ships for me.  We then went to Deseret Book and got some new garments for Keith and I.  I needed to get back so gave Sara a hug and off I went.  Keith offered to take his parents to dinner and they wanted Chuck-a-Rama. I was so full from Tucanos I didn’t have much, just a salad and some jello.  Keith was crazy hungry, so they all ate up.  We got to the game early and Sara and I met up and went to find peeps.  She is quite the social butterfly.  We were back and forth all over the place.  Was fun to see friends and even got down on the floor at one point before the game.  I had 4 inches of Cougar Tail and some Kettle Corn.  I was feeling a sugar high like crazy.  Keith bought like 4 Cougar Tails and was sharing them with all the kids around us.  I think he was Mr. Popular last night.  Keith’s parents left when the game was over and we stayed for awhile chatting with friends then a few of us were hungry so decided on IHOP.  I needed some real food again so ordered eggs, toast and sausage with sides of bacon and ham.  This round Keith wasn’t hungry so he just had hot chocolate.  He and Todd kept stealing my bacon.  I ended up having to order like 3 sides of bacon.  Very bad boys.  We finally got home at a little after 2 am.  We had one final stop this morning after sleeping in.  I wanted Lehi Rollermills muffin and cookie mixes.  I told Keith I was going to get a bunch and not to complain after all the Girl Scout cookies he bought.  It was just like nope, don’t say a word.  He just quietly signed the receipt and I am happy again.  

The game was so fun.  Sara and I tried to get on TV, we danced, we played the air drums, we even held up this ladies cute baby.  Nothing worked that I am aware of.  The Marriott Center was loud, like insanely loud.  The Roc section was all the way to the top.  Most I have ever seen.  BYU got to within 6 with about 2 minutes left.  They just couldn’t close the gap.  The Cougarettes gave us their National Title performance of their Hip Hop routine.  Was awesome as always.  I had so much fun!