New Religion

Well technically it’s not really new.  Anti-Christs like Korihor have been preaching this new Gospel in one form or another since Religion was invented.  The Millenials have fully embraced this Agnostic spiritualism because it requires nothing and allows for everything.  It is pleasing to the carnal mind and serves self interest.  I call it the Religion of Intellectualism or the Church of Me.  Intellectuals love it because they don’t want a real God.  The concept of humility and rules and time away from those things that give them pleasure are too great a sacrifice.  They much prefer a God that knows and worships them and their greatness.  A church that can be found in an App is preferred over travel and time on a Sunday.  Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die is the rule of the day.  Such a focus on self does little to Sanctify.  There is no Love.  There may be a form of love but it is shallow and has no redeeming quality.  The individual that worships self or self gratification lacks Empathy, Compassion and Patience.  They prefer God to love them but on their terms.  Every Church including our own is losing many of this generation.  It is like a disease.  Many will come back but at what costs?  God will have a humble people or we will suffer.  As I have observed the modern day version of this “New” Religion it is full of deceit and empty promises.  It does not result in more enlightenment or lasting joy.  Those in it love to label those without as old fashioned, uneducated, angry, homophobic, racist, ignorant, hateful.  The list goes on.  This Religion has nothing to offer except to shame others into its membership.  No saving ordinances, no true God, no living Prophets, no Joy.  We are all carnally minded.  It is in our nature, but life eternal is to know the true and living God.  His purposes are to bring about the eternal life of man and that we may have Joy.  Anything else offered is a lie.  Be careful of your pursuits of Religion and Spirituality.  Poor unfortunate souls is not a state any of us wish to end up.  


I loved today.  We attended our old ward here in Utah today.  Keith drove us by our home we left in August on the way to church.  I am amazed at the wave of emotion that washed over me.  It brought tears of joy and a flood of memories.  We were happy here and loved our home and friends.  The desire to leave was like a call we could not refuse.  It has been absolutely the best decision of our lives but so grateful for our ties here.  My emotions may be closer to the surface because of recently sending our missionary off and seeing our home reminds me of the many nights of entertaining him and his friends.  All the pizza and big screen movie nights in the backyard.  Making dozens of cookies.  Water fights that I may or may not have started.  The laughter.  I so miss his laugh.  I am grateful I have some of those memories at the Homestead in Idaho as well.  I think we had enough time before he left to leave his impression there as well.  So many hugs in church today.  I texted our Bishop and warned him I would be there today.  He said they would endure lol.  So happy for friends.  Perfect love is an incredible blessing to experience.  I may not be the best example but I skipped Relief Society and crashed Young Womens.  Ha it was a little chaotic.  I do not apologize.  ūüėá  If my reunion with my fur babies is half as good as today tonight will be epic.  


I have been serving in the Youmg Women for a little while now.  Last week was my second girl’s camp as a leader.  It was also my last week with the girls in my calling. A couple of insights.  

There is no greater calling than serving the youth of the church.  They feel your love and concern.  They will listen to you.  You are an anchor in ways you never expected.  Never underestimate the influence of simply your time.  They want to be good.  Joy is the pinnacle of happiness.  

Girl’s camp is a unique time because there is not a lot of external distractions.  There was time to talk, to bear testimony, to share doctrine, to learn.  I have received so much in this calling.  Way more than I gave.  Thursday night last week I couldn’t even sleep after the testimony meeting around the camp fire.  I had no idea.  No idea at all.  I have never experienced such emotion in being released from a calling.  That has been the single most difficult thing in this move.  I was so excited about their new leader though.  She is awesome and they are in very good hands.  

Thank you Heavenly Father for the privledge of my calling.  I did my best to leave them with more faith, hope, and charity than we all started with.    

Crazy Busy Times

I really enjoy writing and sharing some of my life and interests and on occasion experiences with you. You have no idea how appreciative i am that so many of you have taken an interest in my blog and in me. It is humbling that you would check in and read my posts and that you enjoy what I share. I do my best to be consistent in making regular posts. This year so far has been a real challenging time. Not making an excuse, just hope to explain why I have sucked a bit lately at the consistency thing. I got really sick over the Christmas break with Pnemonia and ended up in the hospital, then a few weeks later ended up down a few days again with a bad cold. I never, I mean never, get sick. This year I have gone 3 rounds with sickness. A brutal winter, despite as mild as it’s been.  I also was asked to be the 1st Counselor in Young Women’s in our ward. It has been such a fun calling but for those of you in the church that have served, you know how time consuming it is. Lots of fun and I love it, but a bit overwhelming as I am learning. The kids have been so busy with lacrosse, basketball, dance, choir concerts, plays, and other school activities. Keith and I often divide and conquer because no matter how good you are you cannot be in 4 places at once. PTA has two major events left, then that will be over. Sundance and other events for work is also always demanding and I need to learn to say no or Keith has volunteered to do it for me. Sundance was really busy this year. Fun but a huge demand of time. Way more than I was paid, so need to rethink that one lol. So for those that have messaged me and asked if I’m still alive or if I’m alright, the answer is yes. Life is full of adventure with 4 kids, a husband and friends. I would have it no other way though. The irony of life is often our decisions in how we spend our time becomes less of a choice between good and bad but the constant choice between so many good things. It becomes turning a good thing down for the best thing. Priorities really have to be the compass of our life. I do enjoy chat and my blog so with a more full schedule I am finding a need to schedule it in. Less time to plan on the fly. So I am not the fly girl social butterfly I thought I was :). Love to you all, thank you for being my friend in however it is in our strange little world.