Game Night

BYU vs Mississippi State.  What a win in double overtime.  It’s 9:35 am and I’m still laying in bed recovering from a Cougar Tail hangover.  I haven’t had one since basketball season and even 4 inches was too much last night.  This year was just impossible to go down for Homecoming week.  With our oldest getting ready to leave for his mission and as much as I have been gone I just didn’t feel I could leave.  Lucky we made game day.  I needed a week at home and it was great.  Next year though I will be there and we will party.  Promise!  What I missed the most.  The cheer practice yesterday morning, the hike to the Y, the pre-game activities, the bookstore sales, alumni dinner.  I think this is the first year I didn’t climb the Y during Homecoming since I arrived at the Y for school.  Ugh I suck!  Dang!!!!  Not sure I can deal with that. 

Last night was sooooo awesome.  I love that we won!  It made the ride back to Park City bearable.  I was so completely tired.  I don’t remember even getting out of the car when we got there.  I think Keith took advantage of me last night.  Ladies be careful with those Cougar Tails.  Voice is gone to.  I cheered and screamed so hard.  I’m convinced I made a difference 😇.  BYU is on the rise again.  I think I spent more time running around chatting with friends than watching the game.  It was so so so so good to see everyone.  💙  Once a Cougar always a Cougar!  I am absolutely convinced that the greatest friendships are forged in college.  No matter how much time goes by it never fades.  What’s next for BYU?  Thursday next week vs Boise State which will be a real test.  I’m sorry I won’t be there for you BYU but I’m sending my hubby and 3 kids to cheer.  Win for me!  Here are a few pics for you.  Rise and Shout!  

Update…I can’t let this go.  I have rallied the troops we are headed to Provo to hike the Y.  

Election 2016

I will probably offend you, so you have been warned.  I am so absolutely sick of Ted Cruz.  He has done everything he can to brand himself as the “outsider” non-establishment candidate.  Watching him play the game of politics and work the system, that is one big cluster in the first place, so clearly shows him to be the politician he wants you to believe he is not.  It’s called being duped by yet again another lying politician.  It’s outrageous to me to listen to him talk about the ceiling Trump is facing at 30-40% (which Trump is and continues to be breaking) and how he can’t break it as if that disqualifies Trump somehow.  I’m not overly smart but there are still 3 guys in the race and Trump is winning.  Love the spin by Cruz though where he has had a ceiling of 20-25% himself.  Cruz calls the idea of a Wall outrageous, yet his own spin of abolishing the IRS and sending our taxes in on postcards is somehow a believable promise by a smooth talking politician.  The thing that drives me the most crazy is how Utah Conservative, mostly Mormon populace, has drank the Cruz koolaide.  It’s like are you effing serious?  Never have their been a more gullible people on the planet, that can so easily be offended as Utah Mormons.  (Leading cause of inactivity and apostasy is being offended). I’m afraid in this case they have embraced the devil.  No it is not Trump.  I’m not saying Trump is a Saint.  The problem is he is not a Latter-Day Saint.  I’m Mormon but thank God I didn’t grow up here with such a backward simplistic mindset.  A people that claim to be thought leaders and immune to the influence of media circulate the same group think propaganda repeatedly through their Facebook feeds.  No wonder there is no way else they can form any other opinion except Trump is evil. To this elite group Cruz is the fulfillment of Joseph Smith’s White Horse Prophesy, so says Glenn Beck, another loon.  I don’t believe, nor ever have, that Cruz could win the nomination.  It is no longer mathematically possible and his own demands a month ago was for Kasich to drop out for the same reason.  Cruz will not drop out because the man does not compromise.  Cruz is going to try and force a contested convention to steal it.  I get that those are the rules so he might get his contested convention.  If he does, I will take great personal pleasure in seeing him lose there as well.  It will be Trump or it will be the parties choice and Cruz is not the GOPs choice.  They all think he is a prick to.  Politically I don’t like people that are the extreme right or left.  They don’t compromise and nothing gets done, especially if they are attorneys, like most Senators nowadays.  For better or worse I want Trump just because I think he will blow the whole damn thing up.  Sometimes when something becomes so broken it’s best to burn it to the ground and start over.  I would love to Cruz on the Supreme Court someday, but definitely not as President.  


We were having a fun discussion today on kik chat about Disney and I was telling everyone about watching Disney movies in college.  I thought it would be something those that follow my blog might be interested in.  So it started that year I spent at Ricke College. NCMO was a pretty big thing there and we had lots of fun having non-committal make-outs.  We usually would get together to watch movies and they were always Disney movies.  So eventually we just started calling them Disney movie nights as code for let’s get together and make out.  The Disney movie nights followed us to BYU.  Haven’t used the code name in a long time.  It made me laugh this morning as we were chatting about it.  Totally made me horny.  I think it’s that conditioned response as those Disney movie nights as they were always pleasurable.  Had several orgasms to.  Some of them were also girl’s nights only lol.  🙂  


Welcome to the New Year!  I’m 11 days late but despite my time off I have been busy with family and lots of catch up things that seem to get lost in the holidays.  So after lots of movies, games, sleeping in, food, sex, and just generally fun the new year has begun.  So a few things for this upcoming year.  We are considering a move.  Our oldest graduates this year and we have lived in Utah most of our married life.  We love it here but are feeling adventurous.  We both have careers that we could live somewhere else.  So it may be crazy talk but we are contemplating it seriously.  

Next up is I have been trying to write a post for 2 weeks but have had writers block.  I figured just admit it and write something and maybe it will go away lol.  It’s weird having followers.  I never imagined anyone would actually take the time to read my blog.  It is awesome but intimidating at the same time.  So I’ll try and get my game on and write a few new posts soon.  I just worry my new stuff isn’t as good as the old stuff.  Pressure!  I’ll get over it though.  Always do.

Finally I appreciate those of you that take the time to read my blog.  A few observations to share.  The blog isn’t full of pics and I understand how visual you men out there are.  I am giving you the gift of using your imagination.  Enjoy it. If you do not have the ability to focus enough you may be looking at too much porn.  Something to consider.  Also I have a lot of posts and a part of the blog is flash backs to things that have happened in my life.  There is also a thread of my life day to day that I comment on as well as some follow up to earlier things.  So if you don’t start at the beginning, December 2013,  you are cheating yourself out of the timeline experience.  I always tell people start from the beginning but most…I understand that your men…don’t listen and do it your way.  You only short change yourself.  Ironically women get this concept and fully enjoy the experience with less confusion.  Finally guys in particular please don’t try to fake it.  I don’t really care if you read the blog or not.  It’s there if you want to get a better feel for who I am.  If not I don’t lose any sleep over it.  However to claim you have read it and to continue to ask me questions that you should know really makes you look the fool, confirms that you are a liar and reinforces to me I have no interest in you.  I know that is blunt but I despise liars.  So do or do not, don’t be a faker.  I really don’t enjoy guys that want to have sexual conversations that haven’t read the blog.  It just reeks that your looking to use me to get off and yeah selfish is a bit of a turn off.  On a positive note I enjoy chatting and wish you all a wonderful 2016 and for myself some inspiration and courage to write again.  

Early Fun

When I was a Ricks I was lucky enough to fall in with some fun new friends. I met Mandy and Sarah and we were very close from the beginning. We kind of got into the whole NCMO scene and would often talk about the guys we were making out with and if they were good make out buddies and even had make out parties where we would swap with several guys. Some of those parties got a bit wild in that hands starter wandering under clothes and a few times some exposure and someone would cum. It was very naughty fun. There was a group of us that first semester that kind of were pushing boundaries. Had a few dips had a couple of experiences where the guys would dare us girls to kiss and eventually had some threesome make outs where we started to do more. I guess you could say once you got past that awkwardness that comes from those first kisses and fumbling around we realized we liked it. So the fun kind of continued without the guys. First time I got to suck Mandy’s nipples and make out with our tops off was in one of those threesomes with one of the guys. He was so turned on and everything just felt so good. After he left we ended up getting naked and yeah was a very hot night. Fingered and grinding. Didn’t do oral yet that’s a pretty big step. Didn’t take long for Sarah to get involved she was very into sexual pleasure. We had a few group parties as well those first couple of months. It’s so good to have fun hot friends. I’m kind of amazed that after 19 years we are still BFFs. Love you girls!