The doTERRA convention 2016 has been so good.  I am glad I got to participate.  I love the new products.  Time spent with friends and among goodness is never wasted.  ❤️

Election 2016

I will probably offend you, so you have been warned.  I am so absolutely sick of Ted Cruz.  He has done everything he can to brand himself as the “outsider” non-establishment candidate.  Watching him play the game of politics and work the system, that is one big cluster in the first place, so clearly shows him to be the politician he wants you to believe he is not.  It’s called being duped by yet again another lying politician.  It’s outrageous to me to listen to him talk about the ceiling Trump is facing at 30-40% (which Trump is and continues to be breaking) and how he can’t break it as if that disqualifies Trump somehow.  I’m not overly smart but there are still 3 guys in the race and Trump is winning.  Love the spin by Cruz though where he has had a ceiling of 20-25% himself.  Cruz calls the idea of a Wall outrageous, yet his own spin of abolishing the IRS and sending our taxes in on postcards is somehow a believable promise by a smooth talking politician.  The thing that drives me the most crazy is how Utah Conservative, mostly Mormon populace, has drank the Cruz koolaide.  It’s like are you effing serious?  Never have their been a more gullible people on the planet, that can so easily be offended as Utah Mormons.  (Leading cause of inactivity and apostasy is being offended). I’m afraid in this case they have embraced the devil.  No it is not Trump.  I’m not saying Trump is a Saint.  The problem is he is not a Latter-Day Saint.  I’m Mormon but thank God I didn’t grow up here with such a backward simplistic mindset.  A people that claim to be thought leaders and immune to the influence of media circulate the same group think propaganda repeatedly through their Facebook feeds.  No wonder there is no way else they can form any other opinion except Trump is evil. To this elite group Cruz is the fulfillment of Joseph Smith’s White Horse Prophesy, so says Glenn Beck, another loon.  I don’t believe, nor ever have, that Cruz could win the nomination.  It is no longer mathematically possible and his own demands a month ago was for Kasich to drop out for the same reason.  Cruz will not drop out because the man does not compromise.  Cruz is going to try and force a contested convention to steal it.  I get that those are the rules so he might get his contested convention.  If he does, I will take great personal pleasure in seeing him lose there as well.  It will be Trump or it will be the parties choice and Cruz is not the GOPs choice.  They all think he is a prick to.  Politically I don’t like people that are the extreme right or left.  They don’t compromise and nothing gets done, especially if they are attorneys, like most Senators nowadays.  For better or worse I want Trump just because I think he will blow the whole damn thing up.  Sometimes when something becomes so broken it’s best to burn it to the ground and start over.  I would love to Cruz on the Supreme Court someday, but definitely not as President.